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A mobile application developed to make management of golf players, coaches & sco …

Tatvasoft, a prominent iphone application development company based in UK developed a mobile app named “Play Golf” for one of its Sweden-based clients. The client runs a golf academy offering methodical training to players for various national and international tournaments from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The developed application made management and evaluation of golf players, coaches, and scores quite easy and efficient. The system was developed by keeping multiple things in

Plant Guide App Developed To Provide Online And Offline Data Glossary For Plants

TatvaSoft UK recently developed a highly featured mobile application named “Plant Guide” for one of its clients based in Australia. The client is a professional horticulturist who aims to provide a quality online and offline database for horticulture students and home gardeners across the globe. Now some unexpected behaviors were being observed by the client while synchronizing the data online and therefore, they decided to resolve the issue by downloading

An Online School Digital Diary Developed To Transform The Student Diary-Planner …

An ASP.Net development company named TatvaSoft UK recently developed a high school digital diary for one of its client based in Australia. The client is a highly reputable publisher and distributor of religious books and educational materials. They also provide a platform for people to share, connect and learn about their faith and spiritual journey. The importance of a knowledgeable person is immense and keeping this in mind, the client required

A Microsoft based Mining Survey was developed to automate assignments, schedulin …

Tatvasoft UK, a Microsoft ASP.Net development company had recently come up with a web-based solution called mining survey for one of its client in the mining industry. The client based in South Africa is a leading provider of platinum, iron ore and thermal coal. And they aspire to become the world’s largest mining companies by offering high-quality mining assets such as precious, base and bulk commodities. The client required to

Asset Reporting Tool developed to streamline mining operations in effective and …

TatvaSoft UK, a Microsoft ASP.Net company recently developed an application named “Asset reporting tool” for one its client based in South Africa. The client is a leading provider of platinum, diamond and base metals, coal and iron ore across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. The client required to launch an online application that helps to streamline their operational procedures in effective and efficient manner. Now operating and

A sleep baby app to help the parents in understanding the benefits of putting th …

Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of our physical and mental well-being. Many Doctors believe that children who sleep 10 to 12 hours awaken well-rested, attentive, cheerful and are best capable of learning from their surroundings. Keeping this in mind, a mobile app development company named TatvaSoft UK had recently created a sleep baby app for one of its clients based in Australia. The client runs a non-profit

School Information system developed to digitalize the administration work

A Software development company named TatvaSoft UK recently developed an education system based on PHP and MySQL technologies. The Client runs a group of schools and colleges in the education industry and aspired to create a customized school information system. As a result, “School information System” was developed with a wide range of intuitive and exquisite features. The administrative department is the backbone of every organization. And in order to

Hotel Revenue Management System developed to reduce cost and maximize income

Gone all the days when luxury travel was a privilege reserved for the wealthy. In fact, today people have more & more access to such services. TatvaSoft UK, a software development company had recently created an online platform named “Hotel Revenue Management System” for one of its clients. The client provides management, consultancy, and development of information technology products specially designed for the travel and hospitality industry. Hotel e-commerce is growing

Desktop Application Restaurant POS System Developed To Bridge The Gap Between Ho …

Travel and Hospitality are emerging as one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors worldwide. A .Net development company in UK named TatvaSoft recently came up with a Restaurant POS System that eliminates the need of pen-paper and automates all the transactions performed in the chains of restaurants. The client offers IT solutions to several companies in the retail, hospitality and security industry. The client wishes to increase their

Vehicle Maintenance Manager to overcome the ever expanding need for maintaining …

TatvaSoft UK, a web application development company had come up with an innovative approach to automate the entire vehicle maintenance services offered by one of their clients. The client comprised of a group of empowered organizations which offers benchmarked vehicle maintenance services on the contractual basis and also tends to deliver client-focused innovation, analytics, and technology service in high-risk environments. Due to the ever expanding need

Birthday Android App That Also Serves As A Guide To Its Users

TatvaSoft UK, a mobile application development company recently developed and designed an android app for one of its clients in the tours & travel industry. The UK based client runs a digital agency and develops high-end websites and applications featuring cutting edge videos, augmented reality and 3D animation. The main objective was to create an application that would enable the users to get accurate information of Laugharne while having their

E-Education- An Unusual Approach To Promote E-learning

TatvaSoft UK, a web application development company based in London had recently come up with an innovative approach named e-Education that has a potential to transform the entire education industry. The client based in New York, USA already provides education as well as different course materials to teachers, students, and parents required a comprehensive application which meant to offer the learners a complete accessibility of course materials at any

A system that manages procurement procedures across several geographically discr …

TatvaSoft UK, a renowned software development company designed and developed a procurement management system for a reputable waste management company based in Australia. The waste management company comprises a fleet of almost over 1200 vehicles to carry out more than 1,500,000 household collections per week. The prime objective of creating this online system named E-procurement was to:- - Automate organization workflow - Coordinate easily with other departments (managing trucks and

Injury management system to capture, track and manage various claims

Established in 2001, TatvaSoft UK is the number one .Net development company that designs, develops and implements qualitative IT solutions for its clients. A renowned health insurance company in London chose TatvaSoft to develop an effective Injury Management System in such a way that it reduces the need for paperwork and excel sheets. Now, first of all, let us understand what is an Injury management system? In today’s world, all

Equipment Monitoring System that’s invaluable for the Mining Industry

Today, a leading firmware development company that’s based in India has developed an equipment monitoring system for the health industry. The system is a must for the client. They wanted a solution that perform analysis as well as interpret mining information and data that’s obtained from various equipment, monitor working condition of the equipment and minimizing breakdowns. The key challenges in the implementation of the system include the following: 1. Calculation

Task Management System created by a SharePoint Development Company in UK

SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CREATES A TASK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY The hospitality industry is one of the leading users of new technology to meet the evolving needs of people far and wide. The particular client of the SharePoint consulting Services Company or the service provider in UK provides consulting services to manage the implementation of MIS systems, which serve local as well as international sectors. Moreover, the client requires

Book-e-café E-commerce website for selling used books

TatvaSoft UK, a leading software development company based in London, developed and designed Book-e-café software for one of its client who is the largest seller of used books with the commitment to provide quality used books at lower cost. They have grown their marketplace which includes partnership with the third party vendors that offers certain affiliates programs and also connected with the several libraries. The developed system increased the international presence

Emergency Dispatch Guide to manage various business operations

TatvaSoft, a leading software development outsourcing company, had developed an emergency dispatch guide - a desktop based system for one of its client. The client is one of the leading providers of emergency dispatch services and protection requirement for more than a decade. They have a professional emergency services portfolio to be used to address various facets of crisis management. The client has decided to develop the windows based application

Hospital Management Software to effectively manage the processes

TatvaSoft UK, a leading software development company based in London, developed and designed Hospital Management Software for one of its client who is a solution provider in the healthcare industry. They help their customers transform healthcare in the area of clinical intelligence, quality patient and family centric care, disease management and research. This comprehensive software managed to provide a complete solution for the client’s requirement. Some of the challenges for developing

A Foreign Exchange Solution to optimize the foreign currency value and control

The transaction of foreign exchange greatly depends on the current exchange rates. To ensure the stability of the currency value, our Sweden-based client required a Foreign Exchange Solution that administered the transaction of the various currencies in an organization. TatvaSoft had developed a Windows-based Application that controls the currency sell and buy, current currency value, and administer ledger by imposing the branch specific validations and rules. A large amount of foreign

E-Monitoring open-source project to provide knowledge to the veterans

TatvaSoft UK, a leading software development company based in London, has developed an E-monitoring project for the professionals, students, veterans to improve the learning skills and increase knowledge. This project was developed for the client in the USA and New Zealand who is actively involved in various mentoring programs worldwide. It is designed to create a strong corporate mentoring and learning environment for providing the valuable information. Taking every key

Gravel Pack solution for oil companies to ease the operations

TatvaSoft UK, a leading software development company based in London, has developed a gravel pack solution for one of its client. The client has a sand control consultancy which is focused on maximum reliability through impartial and accurate engineering. The system was developed with the main aim of providing the oil companies, a capability to simulate, evaluate and optimize under the complex scenarios easily. In a gravel pack solution, the

SaaS based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Middle East Market

With the billions of software being developed in the world and tough competition hitting the market, there is a big requirement to meet end-to-end demand of the customers. To land with the definite solution and serve the customers world-wide, TatvaSoft, a global software development company based with an office in London, UK had developed a centralized web-based business process management solution integrating all the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features. The traditional

Web-based platform to help fight against the cancer

TatvaSoft, a leading software development company, had developed a Cure Cancer – a web-based system for a client based in Brazil. The client runs the chain of the different hospital which specializes in the treatment of cancer. Millions of people are affected by the cancer disease every year as the 100% curable medications are yet not developed. The Client very well understands that during such time constant support of someone

Tourism management system to optimize the central web-based system

TatvaSoft, a leading software development company based in London UK, has developed a Tourism management system for a client based in Middle East. This client is a world-class event destination as well as a high-quality tourism destination for leisure, business, education, and sport and thus evolving in the tourism industry. The client wanted to streamline the centralized web-based system for state security bureau and tourism authority. The main goal to

Optimized Planning Solution for the Emergency Dispatch guide

TatvaSoft UK, a leading software development company based in London, developed and designed windows based application for the client that act as a planning solution for all the facets of emergency responses. This comprehensive business system managed to provide various business operations related to emergency dispatch services. As client already provided the professional emergency services portfolio to be used to address various facets of crisis management, there occurred the need

Online lead generation & marketing system for real estate industry

TatvaSoft UK, a leading software development company based in London, has developed a lead generation web application for one of its client based in real-estate industry. The client wished to create a highly enhanced and graphical featured website which enable the users to upload the multimedia files and information. This system was developed with an aim of providing every detailed and updated information related to the property for the better

A global eCommerce platform developed to drive sales and excel business

With the billions of shoppers in the world and a tough competition hitting the market, there is a big requirement for the retailers to meet the end-to-end demands of their customers. To land with a definite solution and serve global consumers, TatvaSoft, a global software development company based in London, UK had developed an eCommerce web application for its client, that combines end-to-end solution for buyers and sellers. Having a

An eCommerce platform to redefine business strategy and boost sales

TatvaSoft, an eCommerce solutions development company based in London, UK has developed an eCommerce platform to streamline online purchase and boost sales of one its client’s. The application was developed to feature the wide array of PowerPoint products, including the charts, 3D visuals, icons, etc. This online platform was a solution to the ever increasing customer demands who wanted to shop anytime and anywhere. The eCommerce development was done on

A Coffee Gourmet app to help the coffee enthusiasts find the finest flavours

TatvaSoft, a leading iPhone app development company from London, UK had developed an iPhone app to help the people locate their nearest coffee shop and look what is famous around. This app was developed for a client who wanted to help the coffee lovers to find their best cup of coffee in their nearby location. To the increasing coffee lover’s crowd, this app worked best to provide ways in searching

TatvaSoft developed an eCommerce website by implementing a new concept of social …

TatvaSoft, a web development company based in London, UK, has developed a unique eCommerce website for one of its clients. The client wished to have a shopping portal created with an innovative concept to incorporate socialisation and collaboration. This shopping portal is developed to facilitate exciting features that made it different than other existing traditional shopping portal. TatvaSoft has leveraged its expertise to provide Biztalk Development service in order to develop

TatvaSoft developed a Pension Management System to automate pension processes by …

TatvaSoft, a leading software development company based in London, UK has developed a Pension Management System for client based in Ghana Africa. This application was developed by complying Government of Ghana Act 76.. The application focused on streamlining, simplifying and automating the pension processes. The system has easily handled the member’s pension accounts and automated the process by replacing the paperwork or excel files, thus got rid of the hurdles

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