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New dynamics in monitoring diagnostics in leukemia

Dresden/Germany Diagnosis leukemia and stem cell transplantation The diagnosis "leukemia" for patients means to undergo several stressful therapeutic interventions. If chemotherapy is not effective, stem cell transplantation mostly is the last chance for healing. However, a sudden graft rejection or disease relapse can always occur despite the successful transfer of the hematopoietic stem cells from donor to recipient. Therefore, the regular quantitative assessment of the donor and recipient cell-portion in the blood

Can quantitative chimerism monitoring serve as surrogate marker to predict clini …

A promising method indicates success Allogeneic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is an effective therapy for hematopoietic disorders such as Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) or the Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). However, imminent relapse remains a serious problem. Routinely, monitoring of minimal residual disease (MRD) by diseases-specific markers such as FLT3, NPM1, BCR-ABL, AML-ETO and others is performed to signify threatening relapse as early as possible. However, a high number of patients lack

Summer is Holiday Time and Fungal Infections are Advancing Fast

Don’t miss out. A multiparameter PCR-analysis for differential diagnostics of dermatophytosis (also ringworm, athletes foot) will become available as full in-vitro-diagnostics. Dresden, Germany, July 18, 2012 -- Today, Biotype set the 1st of August as date, on which its latest product, Mentype® MycoDermQS, will be launched as full In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD). On the recently held 18th ISHAM in Berlin, Germany, Biotype has initially introduced its multiparameter analysis. This product represents the

Specificity and Quantification in Chimerism Analysis

Deliberate assortment of genetic markers is required, tailored product-design is mandatory Biotype Diagnostic offers a commercially available multiparameter analysis for specific chimerism analysis Dresden, Germany, June 26, 2012 -- Chimerism analysis is compulsory to examine the therapeutic success of stem cell transplantation and to estimate the potential risk to suffer a relapse. Through this analysis, relative ratio of donor - and recipient - derived stem cells is quantitatively displayed and explicitly

New Application Note on the Differential Lysis to Provide Autosomal DNA Profiles …

A novel economic and universally applicable approach constitutes the mini spin-column format. Sampletype i-sep® DL has the potential to decrease the forensic DNA analysis backlog of sexual assault cases by circumventing time-consuming conventional differential extraction procedure. Numerous gradual extractions in the same device allow an immunological pre-test using the identical sample. Thus improves all over efficiency and ensures a subsequent differential lysis will be meaningful. Dresden, Germany, May 10, 2012 --

No Chance to Camouflage - Molecular Imaging Explicitly Pictures Dermatomycosis C …

Registered medical doctors, hospitals as well as medical laboratories can now reduce the time consuming diagnosis of dermatomycosis from 4 weeks to a single working day approach and counteract the risk of appearing antimycotic resistances and adverse reactions elicited through broad-spectrum medication. Dresden, Germany, April 26, 2012 -- Biotype Diagnostic has recently launched its new multiparameter analysis Mentype® MycoDermQS that specifically detects genomic sequences of dermatomycosis causing pathogens. Registered medical doctors,

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