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10 Interesting Tasks for a Translator in America

Translator in America

Translator in America

When most people in America think of translators, they think of requiring them once they are in a foreign country or possibly while on the phone with distant business partners. However, the translator market is booming in America with many thousands of translators busily keeping international and multicultural relationships strong across the language barriers. Right here within our borders are communities, families, and businesses in which the primary language used is not English and the best way to communicate with them is by respecting their culture and language. This means that both domestic and international businesses are constantly seeking out and contracting with translators to do a truly interesting variety of jobs. If you are a translator in America wondering about what there is to do, here are some of the tasks you might find yourself working on:

1 Social Media Analyst

Social media popularity is a very cultural phenomenon. Being able to tap into the spirit of your online target audience with comments, articles, jokes, and discussion topics that catch fire and increase the influence of a business can be difficult enough without worrying that these messages will be lost in translation for customers from other countries. For translators that are very culturally savvy and enjoy hanging out on Twitter, companies are always looking for someone to translate their social media messages into similar ideas that would be equally appealing to the target audience of the translated content.

2 Corporate Culture Training

When a company is preparing a group of their employees to go overseas, they often put them through a crash-course in culture training. During these courses, employees and executives will drill themselves and each other in conversational French or German and practice not looking at anyone for too long in the eyes (a notorious problem for Americans in Europe). While much of the material they seek can be found on language learning tapes and in books, translators are often hired as cultural advisors to offer guidance and give real feedback on the progress of those in training.

3 Tour Guide

America has no shortage of tourists from other countries, and for a translator that means almost infinite job opportunities. Many translators working with touring agencies make a respectable living narrating culturally or historically notable sites in one or more alternate languages. This is a wonderful service for tourists who are relieved to hear at least some of their vacation content spoken in their native language.

4 Video Game Tester

Video games are an international market, meaning that games translated from English need to be reviewed before they can be sent out to other countries. Therefore gaming studios that ship out titles internationally will need a supply of bilingual players who can let them know if any of the translations slipped and make no sense within the context of the game. They can also be called in as game localization advisors, invited to identify cultural and regional differences in each market and make suggestions as to how those might be addressed for translatable game content.

5 Creative Copywriter

Like social media, companies write their advertising campaigns, promotional content, and slogans with their home culture in mind. A more global approach is difficult to enforce on artists, and marketers during the design period but often translators are needed after the fact to make sure that there is no terribly embarrassing mishap in an all-too-literal translation. For translators that have a sense of humor and a comprehensive understanding of the culture they are translating for, this job can be a lot of fun, but also bears the weight of responsibility. If you slip and let an almost-dirty or nonsensical slogan through, your company will take the hit.

6 Event Coordinator

Destination weddings are one of the most lucrative sections of the tourist industry. These brides know exactly what they want and are willing to spend big to get it. A translator in America may find themselves employed by someone on either side of the equation with either an American bride seeking a romantic Italian or English wedding or a foreign bride hoping to get married in Aspen or Las Vegas. Either way, you will end up on the phone with a lot of venues, caterers, printers, florists, and seamstresses preparing for an ultimately bilingual big day.

8 Staffing Specialist

When a company wants to increase the number of multilingual people in the ranks, they often need to consult with a linguistic specialist, ie: you the translator. Many translators who find themselves comfortable in the corporate environment will end up managing the multilingual side of American HR. From there you have the ability to screen and bring in an entire fleet of translation-capable employees who will bolster the multicultural and multilingual qualities of your company culture.

9 Legal Contracts

Conscientious and legally trained translators are a vital part of the business and legal industries as they ensure that contracts drawn up between two parties of different linguistic background are mutually legally binding. In this role, you will translate not just for meaning and intent, you also must be able to accurately represent the law in both governments relevant to the translation.

10 Family Reunions

Many families are big and span across multiple countries. Often when this happens, a family will want to meet and get to know each other but a language barrier has grown between the two halves. There are often bilingual family members but they don't want to spend 100% of their time at the reunion translating for the rest of their family. Therefore some families will hire a translator or two to help out during the truly huge reunion parties.

Being a translator in America provides you with an amazing number of option to work independently or in groups of other translators. One of the most popular forms of translation work is with B2B service companies that pride constant, reliable translation services to the international businesses big enough to need them. For more information about Translators in America, please contact Teck Language Solutions today.

Teck Language Solutions Inc. with seat in Miami, FL, offers professional translations in numerous language combinations, including all languages of the EU and all major languages. More information:

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