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09-30-2019 11:14 AM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

Press release from: JURAVIN RESEARCH (Don Karl Juravin)

JURAVIN RESEARCH, in collaboration with Don Juravin, the world’s number one weight loss expert, found that people who are afraid of aging don’t need miracle drugs. The best remedy for feeling younger is an exercise routine, which will revitalize both body and mind. Instead of spending millions of dollars on promised remedies, people should simply exercise a little bit every day.
What is the best way to stay young and healthy?
Juravin answers that the best way to maintain a healthy mind and body is through consistent light exercise.
10,000 steps is the old recommendation made for steps necessary per day.
It is more doable for Americans to walk 4,000 steps a day--which is all they need
Consistent light exercise over the course of 4 years will help people become healthier.
Juravin advises those suffering or fearful of aging not to fall for the scams that promise to retain youth. Exercise is something that more and more people will need as they age. The movement prevents muscular atrophy, which would make aging far more painful. It also helps keep joints active and prevents them from falling apart.
Many activity trackers come with 10,000 steps a day as the default goal, but it's not clear where that number comes from — there seems to be nothing scientific or meaningful about it.
It likely stems from the name of a pedometer sold in 1965 in Japan called "Manpo-kei," which translates to “10,000 steps meter” in Japanese, the study noted. A researcher also once told Lee that the Japanese character for the number 10,000 looks like a man walking, and a journalist told her 10,000 is a lucky number in that country.
Some experts say even that goal — the equivalent of about 5 miles — isn't enough to be fit or lose weight. However, the goal isn’t to lose weight, according to Juravin.
Any Sort Of Exercise Will Do
For many people, taking 10,000 steps a day may not be doable — with the average count for Americans closer to 4,000-5,000 steps a day, Lee said.
For reference, the average hour long walk takes about 5,000 steps. If one walks for two hours a day, that’s 10,000 steps. But in a day where people work for 8 hours and spend time with their families, there simply might not be enough time.
Lee was curious whether older people really needed that more ambitious goal, or whether they could still benefit from steps taken during house work or gardening. Previous studies have found every bit of exercise adds up to a longer, healthier life.
The study is based on data from 16,741 women who wore step counters for a week. The participants, who were on average 72 years old when the study began, were followed over the next four years.
Juravin noted that women need constant exercise because it helps prevent osteoporosis, a common affliction among middle-aged women.
When they were divided into four groups, from the least active to the most active, it turned women in the group second from the bottom — who took about 4,400 steps a day — were 41% less likely to die during the follow-up period than women in the least active group who took about 2,700 steps a day.
The mortality rates progressively declined with more activity, but tapered off at 7,500 steps a day.
Why Exercising Works
Another study found that exercising forced all parts of your body to communicate. Tiny particle filled molecules traveled around the body.
Stepping intensity didn’t make a difference: In other words, when two people took the same number of steps per day, but one stepped slower and the other faster, it didn’t seem to matter. What counted was the number.
The findings likely also apply to older men, but it’s not as clear whether they would apply to younger people or those who are more active, Lee said, adding that more research is needed in those groups.
The average able-bodied person usually gets to about 2,500 steps a day just by doing basic daily functions like going to the bathroom, walking around the house, getting mail and so on.
Adding just 2,000 more steps to that routine — equivalent to walking 1 mile throughout the day — is very doable and can significantly benefit your health, she said. Experts recommend moving every 30 minutes for at least one minute to reduce the harm of sitting all day. Walk around the garden, do more housework, play with your pets. Make moving around a part of your daily routine. It’s something you have to do, no matter what.
“When you get up in the morning, you don’t think about: Should I brush my teeth or should I not brush my teeth? Once you get into the habit of not sitting around so much, but walking a little bit more, people will be surprised by how easy it is to get the extra steps,” Lee said.
“Of course, there are people who will get to 10,000 steps — I’m not saying do less. If you want to do 10,000 steps, more power to you… I cheer for that person.”
Another study offers both hope and a subtle nudge to anyone who has slacked off on exercise in recent years. It finds that if people start to exercise in midlife, even if they have not worked out for years, they can rapidly gain most of the longevity benefits of working out.
But the reverse is also true, the study finds. Stop exercising and those longevity benefits shrink or evaporate.
Author: Don Karl Juravin
Bella Collina, Florida

Research by: Don Karl Juravin ( ♥️ USA)



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Juravin Research
1266 Cobble Pond Way
Vienna, VA 22182

Juravin Research is helping people one piece at a time to live their happiest, healthiest life!

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