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Sales Page (© golubovy /

Sales Page (© golubovy /

A sales page is the section of your website where the product or service is pitched to the customer. These may refer to a single product (such as with affiliate sites) or the actual product page of an ecommerce site.

Sales Page

A sales page is an important part of a website that is selling a product or service. That’s because a sales page is an integral part of what is called the sales funnel. The sales page, which is often called a sales landing page, is a part of the website that contains sales copy that is intended to convince someone to buy your product. The best high converting sales pages contain various elements that have been proven through numerous case studies and through social proof. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that are going to be present on a good sales page.

Target Audience: You’ll be  designing your sales page so that it is perfect for your target audience. That’s the first step in designing a good sales page. You have to know what problem your audience is having and present them with the solution. You have to be able to speak to them on their level and convince them that you alone have the solution to their problem.

Success Stories: The best sales copy has lots of success stories included with it. Success stories give people confidence that the product or service that is being used actually works. If people can see that others have had success from the product or service that you are pitching, then they are going to be much more willing to try it themselves and accept it as the solution to their problem.

Call to Action: The CTA button is a vital part of any sales page. You have to call your visitors to action or they will not take action. In fact, you should be calling them to action several times. A call to action asks the visitor to do something, whether that is simply to watch a video pitching the product or actually making a purchase. You’ll use calls to action to get people to go through your sales funnel.

High-Value Product or Service: The more value you can provide with your product or service; the harder it will be for people to say no to; and the more you can charge for it. The way that this is usually done is by providing more than just the product that you are pitching. Have you seen those commercials on TV (where everything seems to cost $19.99 plus shipping and handling) that always give you bonuses to get you to buy. That’s exactly how value building is done.

Reasons to Buy: There are lots of reasons to buy a product or service. If you want your conversion rate to be high then you have to know what the reasons are that people buy things and use them to your advantage. These psychological reasons are taught in marketing and advertising classes in college. They include things like greed, fear of missing out, bandwagons and more.  

Using Sales Page Templates

You can use a template to write a sales page if you want. There are lots of templates out there that are basically “fill-in-the-blank” that will give you a full sales page for your product or service without having to create it yourself. There are sales page templates that you can use in whatever program you are building your webpage with – such as WordPress – as well as more general templates that you can use with any platform.

openPR tip: If you cannot find exactly what you need, then simply choose a sales page that someone else has already created, and that you know is doing well, and use it as inspiration for your own sales page.

How to Get People to Your Sales Page

One of the things that you’ll have to do if you want to convert visitors into buyers is to get those visitors to your page in the first place. There are lots of different methods that you can use for this purpose. Let’s talk about four of the most common ones here.

Email Lists & Email Marketing: Email marketing is probably the number one method that is used to get people to visit a sales page. The reason for that is that it is relatively easy to get someone to enter their email address and then you can use as many emails as you want to develop a relationship with that subscriber and sort of “soften them up” for a pitch to buy the product or service.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is the process of publishing content on the internet in order to become more visible in search and for more keywords; in this way, content marketing allows you to drive traffic to your website and get them to navigate to your sales page from there.

Social Media: Social media is also a terrific way to get visitors to come to your sales page. If you can get visitors to follow you on social media by providing them with valuable content, they might be willing to check out your sales page as well, and convert into an actual customer.  

Blog Posts: You can use blog posts to attract people to your sales pages as well. The way that this is typically done is by creating a useful blog and building a following that will return regularly to check out your new posts. When they read your posts, you can include subtle methods to get them to check out your sales page.

Expert Tips: How to Create an Amazing Sales Page

You definitely want to create an amazing sales page in order to have a conversion rate that is as high as possible. The tips and techniques that were mentioned above are all great ways to create a sales page, and including the elements listed there are going to go a long way towards getting conversions. But there are also tips on creating sales pages that you might not be aware of. Here are a couple of expert tips that will give you an even greater advantage over the competition when it comes to drawing people to your sales page, guiding them through your funnel and getting them to convert.

Study Other Sales Pages: You can study other sales pages to find out what they are doing correctly. If you see that a sales page is doing well, analyze it and find out exactly why. Then use those techniques to build your own sales pages.

Use Beta Testers: You can also use beta testers when you actually create a sales page. These beta testers can read the page and tell you what their thoughts were. Using this method, you can get a pretty effective review of how well your sales page is constructed.


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