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Trusted Links in Marketing definition

Trusted Links in Marketing (© /

Trusted Links in Marketing (© /

Link building is an essential part of marketing. There are several types of backlinks that marketers can build, and while all of them offer benefits, the most important is the trusted link. As the name implies, trusted links link to trusted sites and pages.

Link building is an essential part of effective search engine optimization and search engine marketing. For search engines like Google that crawl the virtually limitless space that is the web, links serve as the streets that connect pages together. By using advanced link analysis, search engines can determine how web pages are related (or linked) to each other, and in what ways they are related.

Search engines view links as votes that indicate the importance and popularity of the countless pages that can be found on the Internet. In the early days of search engine optimization, there really weren’t any guidelines for links. Website developers and marketers could place virtually any type of link on their sites. The lack of governance over links lead to a lot of spam and even links that could spread malicious software. Furthermore, sites that weren’t authoritative and useful to web users were receiving high rankings, despite the fact that they were using unreliable links.

openPR-Tip: To help make the Internet a better place and help users find the useful information that they were seeking, search engines started providing guidelines for links and monitoring them. Of all the different types of links that advertisers can build, trusted links are the most valuable.

A trusted link is any link that directs readers to an authoritative, useful, and pertinent site. In other words, these links aren’t spammy and they aren’t purely advertorial; rather, they aim to offer specific benefits to web users.

Trusted links have a direct link on the trust score of a website. Sites that contain a large amount of trusted links are viewed as trusted sites. Search engines reward these sites with higher page rankings, which further establishes authority and increases brand awareness. Trusted links also helps to boost the overall success of a website, and in turn, the success of the business that the site is related to. In short, building a site that contains trusted links is regarded as a best SEO practice.