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A press review refers to a briefing of all the stories in the press. In fact, this can sometimes be called a press briefing. Basically, a press review gives you a rundown of the news by summarizing several different articles. This is very useful in PR because it can give you an idea of where the public interest lies. Let’s explore the press review in detail.

When you are in public relations, you have to have a relationship with the media. That means that you have to know what the media is saying. The media can be both an enemy and a friend, so you want to make sure that you know what is going on at all times. That’s why a press review can be so helpful. It can give you an overview of what the press is saying within a specific industry or about a specific topic.

This allows you to change your PR tactics according to what is going on in the world. If you can get regular press reviews about the industry that you are in, you will have a much better chance of getting good press coverage for your company and avoiding any bad press coverage. You have to be informed and ready to act.

Public relations departments large and small should make use of press reviews. They can be formal or informal, extremely brief or more involved, but they definitely should be used, because they are an extremely powerful PR tool.

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