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Page Views (PV) definition

Page Views (© SFIO CRACHO /

Page Views (© SFIO CRACHO /

Whenever a person visits a web page, it is referred to as a “page view”. Page views are tracked by applications that monitor websites and record the amount of traffic that a website receives. The more page views a website receives, the more traffic it has. In this article, we provide a brief overview of page views and why they are important in terms of marketing.

Page views are part of the Traffic

Every time someone visits a page on the World Wide Web, it is referred to as a “page view”. These views are tracked by applications that monitor websites to keep tabs of the amount of traffic a website receives. The amount of page views a website receives is a reference to the amount of traffic the website itself is receiving.

Often, people confuse page views with website hits; however, there is a distinct difference between the two. Every time something loads when a page is viewed, it is referred to as a hit. For instance, if a page on the internet has a reference to HTML and three images, four hits will be recorded with each page view.

openPR-Tip: Page views are very much like impressions. Impressions are often tracked by online advertisers. The two may be exactly the same if a single ad is situated on every page. But, if several ads are placed on every website page, the amount of ad impressions will be more than the amount of page views.

Measuring Page Views

Most people rely on specialized tools to measure page views, such as Google Analytics. These tools have the ability to measure the amount of pages on a site, which allows users to receive an estimate regarding the number of page views on a website. While Google Analytics is one of the most popular page view measurement tools, there are literally tons of options available.


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