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LED Lighting Market definition

LED Lighting Market (© sdecoret /

LED Lighting Market (© sdecoret /

The LED lighting market is looking at some incredibly fast growth with a CAGR of 25.8%. This puts it ahead of many other rapidly growing industries and makes it an area that is definitely worth watching out for for investors.

But what does the LED lighting market involve? And why this sudden growth? The LED lighting market has an overall expected CAGR of 25.8% and in 2015 it was measured at 38%. This is huge growth and makes the area a crucial one to watch.

LEDs are light emitting diodes. You’ll find these in a range of electronics and this remains one of the big drivers for the market. LEDs can act as power indicators, signal indicators and more. But LEDs are increasingly popular with end-users and that’s thanks to an increasing number of ways that these energy efficient, cost-efficient and versatile lights are being used.

Commercial Uses for LED Lighting

LED lighting is an efficient and versatile form of lighting that you can use in your home in many different ways. LED strips are fantastic not only because they're flexible meaning they can be used in many different settings and even wrapped around multiple items, but also because they don't get too hot meaning that they can be used in places where normal lighting might cause damage or even cause fires.

In order to make the most of LED lighting though you need to have a little bit of imagination and creativity. If you have a flare for interior design and for making your properties look great then you will probably be able to do this, but here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Mini Bar

If you have ever been observant in a pub, then you might have noticed that the drink bottles assembled at the back are often lit from behind in order to give them a kind of neon glow. This makes the drinks look a lot more interesting and it works well with the vibrant colours of many of the bottles. If you have a mini bar then it can be fun to make this feel as much like being in a pub as possible – and one way to do this is to use some LED lighting behind the drinks to make them glow and to make your mini bar feel more like a real bar.

Tables and Display Cases

You can also use LED lighting inside your tables and display cases and this is a fantastic way to really showcase an item you're proud of. A display case can show off an item at the best of times, but if you use some blue LED lighting to light it from underneath then this will make it look like an item from the future and help to show off any reflective surfaces. Have a model car? Then use LED lighting underneath it and you can make it look like it's the Batmobile in the Bat Cave.

LED Light Strips

The more common way to see LED lighting used around the home is in the form of light strips that are attached to televisions, to computer monitors and to other technology. This creates an almost ‘sci-fi’ glow and there is a big demand for this look at the moment. This is one of the driving forces behind the increase in the LED market.

Lighting for Surfaces

You can also use your LED lighting to light small surfaces and areas. In the kitchen for instance attaching some LED lighting to the bottom of your cabinets can be great for illuminating specific areas of your work surfaces, while at a desk this can similarly be useful for highlighting an area where you are going to work.

In the Pool

LEDs are often used outside due to their safety and their water-resistance. They are ideal for lighting plants and garden areas but also for some more inventive purposes…

LED is a form of lighting that uses a small amount of electrical charge in order to light up a small bulb and often these will be in a particular colour. As such LED pool lights are of course small coloured lights that work in this way for your pool If you have a swimming pool then using LED pool lights is a very good way to make the most of it and to turn your pool into an even more scenic and exciting feature for your home.

The main reason for this is that LED pool light will normally go inside your pool rather than on the top of your pool. This then means that the lights are under the water and this creates a highly beautiful and even otherworldly effect. What happens here is that the light will shine through the water as it ripples and shimmers in the light, and this will cause the whole pool to look as though it is actually glowing and it will create an incredible dancing light around the whole garden.

This then creates an incredible kind of lighting for your garden that seems almost to be alive and that is far more interesting that just having a still light.

Furthermore, the water itself will glow and this is an incredible look that makes you want to just jump into it and that makes it more interesting when you swim around inside it.

However more important it also draws attention to your pool and this makes sure that people know it’s there and so won’t fall into it. If you don’t have an LED pool light of some sort, then you might risk someone falling into your water when they enter your garden and this in turn can be very dangerous if they are not the strongest swimmers or if they get caught under your pool cover.

Smart Home Gadgets

We’re also seeing LED lighting being used in conjunction with smart home solutions and IoT set-ups. This allows rooms to light up in response to various inputs and offers more convenience and wow-factor than a switch. With IoT and smart homes being hot buzz words, we should expect the demand for LED lights to continue growing well-past the next 5 years.


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