Layer Ads (© tovovan /
Layer Ads (© tovovan /

Layer ads are a tool that can be used by business owners and creators to drastically increase sales and to get more people to sign up to their emailing lists. In fact, creators like Tim Ferriss have praised layer ads as being among the most important tools for their businesses when it comes to numbers. Read on to learn what they are and how they work.

Back in the earlier days of the internet, the term pop-up was something that everyone was familiar. A pop-up was an ad that would open in a new window of your browser and then sit annoyingly on your desktop or potentially block what you were doing. It would slow down your computer and you’d end up ‘hunting’ them around the screen to close them.

Today, pop-ups are largely a thing of the past. This is partly thanks to better security features in browsers which prevent such abuses but also partly because the strategy has become so transparent and unpopular.

The layer ad is a similar concept but with some distinct differences. Sometimes, this type of ad is also referred to as a pop-over, suggesting the subtle difference.

Instead of opening in a new browser, a pop-over ad will appear within the browser but over the top of the text. This doesn’t frustrate the reader to the same degree, because it doesn’t get in their way or require hunting – it only impacts on their experience with that specific page. At the same time though, it is fantastic when it comes to getting attention and making sure that the audience sees the message. It can’t be missed and they can’t continue reading your page until they have dealt with it.

These pop-overs are also sometimes referred to as lightboxes and the reason for that is that they tend to dim the rest of the screen around them.

Pop-overs like this must be handled with care. If you use them too liberally, you can end up frustrating your visitors and forcing them to leave. The best layer ads then will appear only when the user has been on the page a certain amount of time or has scrolled a certain distance down the page.



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