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Dialogue Marketing definition

Dialogue Marketing (© pressmaster /

Dialogue Marketing (© pressmaster /

Dialogue marketing refers to a specific type of marketing strategy that involves developing a friendly rapport with prospective customers. If done properly, dialogue marketing could not only land new customers, but it can also create repeat customers. The word dialogue means a conversation that is held between two or more people. When applied to marketing, a dialogue involves businesses and consumers conversing with each other.  This type of marketing came onto the scene in the early part of the 21st century when companies began engaging their customers in ongoing conversations in order to build more powerful and lasting relationships. Since its inception, many businesses have had a great deal of success with dialogue marketing.

How Dialogue Marketing Works

With dialogue marketing, marketers and sales professionals determine the particular interests and needs of a business’ targeted audience. They then focus on those needs and interested, encouraging conversations with potential customers, and working to keep those conversations going. In order to do this, advertising channels that have a response element are used.

This process allows businesses to measure the response of their potential customers. Customers offer their responses in a number of ways. For example, they might click on an advertisement, call a phone number that they are provided with, or snap a picture of a QR code. The type of interactions that dialogue marketing offers varies widely and is based on the medium that is being used.

Methods of Dialogue Marketing

Several methods can be employed in dialogue marketing. Some of the most commonly used methods include:

In order to begin a dialogue with prospective customers, it’s important for businesses to make it as easy as possible for people to respond to ads.

Goals of Dialogue Marketing

The primary goal of dialogue marketing is to allow businesses to gain a better understanding of their potential customers. It also aims to create positive attitudes toward a business or a product, increase brand recognition, and build loyal, repeat customers.

Press releases

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artegic Becoming a Member of the Direct Marketing Association
Online CRM technology and consulting provider artegic AG is joining the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). With over 1000 members, the DMA has been the largest organisation for data-driven dialogue marketing in the UK since 1992. Its members include agencies, dialogue marketing specialists and Blue Chips, such as BT, Sainsbury’s and Lloyds
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