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Press Releases from Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH (22 total)

CONTROL 2016 - New Z-LASER products with high attention

Leading automotive companies interested in new Z-LASER projectors | Presentation of new OEM ZX product line | Z-LASER goes Industry 4.0 | new ZX laser production line receives award Stuttgart (Germany) | Recognized by exhibition visitors and even the competitors, Z-LASER presented itself at this year’s CONTROL 2016 not only in a new look, but also only with new products. Thus there had been several tech-talks with leading automotive companies

Z-LASER presents its new laser projector at the JEC World Composites Show 2016 i …

Z-LASER presents new, multicolor laser projector in Paris | Z-LASER as member on the booth of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg | First fiber combined laser with red and green source in one device | Fiber combined laser with enhanced laser beam quality | Output rating from 7mW up to 40mW | Optics focusable by 0.5m up to 7.0m, additionally up to 14.0m | Fast driver card less flickering projections Freiburg/Paris:

30 years Z-LASER

Since Z-LASER’s founding in 1985, the company has been an innovative manufacturer of intelligent laser technologies. Since its inception, applications in the fields of metrology, industrial machine vision, positioning, and medical technology have been developed. Z-LASER’s products are exclusively developed and manufactured in Freiburg, Germany and serve as illumination for high-quality 2D and 3D camera based applications as well as a visual positioning aid in various industries. Besides high performance

Z-LASER launches the 3rd generation of ZM18 machine vision lasers

Freiburg, Germany. After having established the innovative lightning ZM18 machine vision lasers five years ago, Z-LASER now provides even more powerful versions of ZM18 – the ZM18S3, ZM18H3 and ZM18DM53. The new driver electronics will offer significantly improved power stability over the whole temperature range. The future ZM18H3 series provides a new standard: blue and green emitting laser diodes come now with an Automatic Power Control (APC). A temperature-related performance

Laser solutions in intra-operative diagnosis

Freiburg, Germany. Emerging from the ZFSM Series, Z-LASER manufactures an OEM fiber-coupled laser platform for diagnostic and intra-operative medical applications. The platform can be configured for integration into standard and intra-operative diagnostic devices, as well as in surgical and therapeutical equipment. Z-LASER offers a specific configuration of its ZFSM platform that projects a calibrated matrix in the 780nm wavelength which in turn can provide a defect map of the visualized area.

Z-LASER: New laser supplier STEMMER IMAGING

Freiburg, Germany. The industrial laser illuminations from German manufacturer Z-LASER are now available from STEMMER IMAGING in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. STEMMER IMAGING and Z-LASER have signed an agreement for the distribution of Z-LASER´s industrial laser illuminations over the STEMMER IMAGING Benelux offices. The innovative Z-LASER products have been available from the 1st February 2014 from Europe’s largest imaging technology provider, for customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. STEMMER IMAGING’s

Laser projector LP-HFD is available with ZFSM (fibre-coupled laser technology)

Freiburg, Germany. As of March 2014, the manufacturer of laser systems Z-LASER will equip all LP-HFD laser projectors with its fibre-coupled laser systems ZFSM. The recently developed ZFSM systems utilize the inherently superior optical properties of optical fibres. This new product is especially suitable for applications with the highest requirements in projection accuracy. The ZFSM system separates the optics from the laser source via an optical fibre with an electronics harness.

Movable Line Laser System Z-MLLS will be launched for the first time at TIRE 201 …

Freiburg, Germany. Z-LASER, leading manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, presents for the first time its Movable Line Laser System Z-MLLS at Tire Technology Expo in Cologne. The name Z-MLLS is the acronym for the first letters; it is a special development for tire building machines. The laser system is mounted above the tire building machine and the laser lines are used for fast and precise material placement. Housing and

Circular laser with adjustable projection diameter simplifies alignment

Freiburg, Germany. Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, introduces the ZKV laser for positioning applications with round objects. The ZKV laser projects a red circle on any desired surface. The diameter of the projection can be modified using a joystick (with fan angles ranging from 15° to 70°, which from a distance of 1m amounts to a diameter of 27cm to 140cm). The ZKV laser considerably simplifies

Z-LASER: Successful business year / Homepage relaunch

Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH is proud to announce a successful business year in 2012. "The turnover has grown 15% more in comparison to last year", declared the CEO Stefan Randak. Additionally the development in the first three quarters of 2013 is a reason to be optimistic. "We witnessed an important rise of turnover compared to the same period last year", informed Randak. Another contribution to this success is the

Lasers for medical applications

Z-LASER is an internationally known manufacturer of line lasers and laser projectors for positioning applications and instrumentation. One of the key areas of expertise is based on years of experience in special requirements and difficult applications where custom solutions are needed. For over 25 years in the medical field, Z-LASER in close cooperation with leading manufacturers, has developed products for medical laser systems, modules, customized solutions for patient positioning, dermatology, radiotherapy

Positioning laser ZT accelerates textile sewing, cutting and placing processes

Freiburg, Germany. Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, presents at Texprocess convincing laser positioning systems for the textile industry. The correct positioning of textiles is facilitated by using lasers such as our ZT product family; also using lasers can explicitly accelerate advanced working processes. Laser model ZT – also announced as “The textile pro“ – has been especially developed for the textile industry. No matter how different

Compact laser modules ZM12 with optic head evolution – enhanced optic variety …

Freiburg, Germany – The range of small industrial laser modules ZM12 of Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and positioning systems, is designed to be a complete OEM laser solution. The laser modules fit for industrial manufacturing processes such as laser marking or machine vision applications, where superior quality and performance are elementary. The ZM12 product family of small lasers has been presented at the VISION 2012 show and

ZFSM - Fibre-coupled laser technology

Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, presents fibre-coupled laser systems. Its newly developed “ZFSM” laser systems utilize the inherently superior optical properties of fibres. This new product is especially suitable for applications with highest requirements in projection accuracy that is demanded in industrial machine vision and medical application. Optical properties of fibres are superior compared to bare laser diodes in terms of the beam

Z-LASER opens new sales office in China

Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER OPTOELEKTRONIK GMBH announces the start of a new sales office in China/Shanghai. The German manufacturer of laser modules and laser projection systems, which is prosperous for more than 25 years, enlarges its worldwide sales operation activities since October 2012 with a new sales office in China/Shanghai. In addition to the already existing subsidiaries in North America and Italy, as well as the international sales office in the

Assembly with laser projector, do work steps faster

On the upcoming MOTEK Z-LASER presents laser projector LP-HFD with red or green laser source, as well as the new 3D-measuring and projection system Z3D-Control with integrated stereo cameras, and how lasers can be used as an optical guiding system through the assembly process. To use positioning lasers in manufacturing is not exactly new. The laser projection is already being used during assembly instead of technical drawings in a watch manufactory.

Laser projector supports the assembly of rotor blades (wind turbines)

Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and systems, offers the laser projector LP-HFD with red or green laser source performance up to 40mW. In the manufacturing sector 2D/3D laser projectors are used in various production steps in the lay-up processes. Due to the size and the materials many work steps are still effected by extensive hand lay-up. An important point in such applications is precision in the production, in

Z-LASER for the wood industry: longer red an green lines and laser projections

April 17, 2012 – Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of lasers and laser projector system LP-HFD presented its range of products on the exhibition Holz-Handwerk 2012. Especially the advancements of the existing product families ZM18 and ZM12 offer advantages in increased work quality as well as cost reduction. Red lasers, or green lasers for a better visibility, with long line projections up to 20m are applicable for all applications

LED technology for homogeneous surface lighting by Z-LASER

February 28, 2012 – Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH now offers customized OEM Moodlight components (like electronics, customized LED solutions, plastic components) for different industry branches (medical technology, furniture industry, architecture solutions). The usability and the well-being of the patient or end customers link themselves in an ideal way with a design variety of free selectable colours of user-defined housing surfaces. An important aspect of the homogeneous colour surfaces is

Z-LASER – our future is green

February 2012 – Freiburg, Germany – at the Tire Technology Expo 2012 Z-LASER’s focus on GREEN had two purposes: First to introduce green positioning lasers which are gaining a strong foothold in the tire industry because of their high visibility, long life-times and attractive prices. Second to highlight Z-LASER’s adoption of a strong green policy in our own company to improve the quality of life of our employees, our neighbours and our

ZQ laser source family offers higher power and outstanding beam quality for mach …

January 11, 2012 – Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of lasers and laser systems, is announcing the release of the re-designed ZQ family of laser sources. The new versions offer higher power and outstanding beam and laser line quality for several types of projections: fiber, homogeneous lines, collimated beam, and structured light. “The temperature-controlled laser source improves wavelength stability,” explains Christoph Schlägl, Development Engineer in Microsystems Technology, ZLASER.

Z-LASER achieves 5% homogeneity with improved Powell lens for the ZM12 and ZM18 …

January 2012 – Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of lasers and laser systems, is pleased to announce that its ZM12 family of small lasers now supports homogeneous light distribution (HLD). Following the successful integration of the new Powell lens technology into its ZM18 laser family, Z-LASER has adapted the improved HLD technology to their ZM12 family of lasers, which were previously only available with Gaussian light distribution. Encased in a 45

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