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Press Releases from Chipkin Automation Systems Inc (10 total)

Chipkin Product Announcement - New Protocol Gateways Available for the Honeywell …

Vancouver, BC, Canada - April 25, 2019 - Chipkin has developed a custom driver for the Honeywell HUS CCTV System. This ethernet driver allows a Honeywell HUS CCTV System to be driven to camera presets based on data sent from an external system. This will allow for the automatic operation of a CCTV and Surveillance system by providing an interface which allows the DCS Control System to perform automatic actions on the HUS. By

Chipkin Product Announcement - EKM Metering Protocol Gateways Now Available!

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. is proud to announce a much-anticipated product release. We have developed a custom driver for EKM Metering which allows other drivers to access the EKM Meter data and serve using other protocols such as BACnet and Modbus. Vancouver, BC, Canada - March 13, 2019 - Chipkin has developed an EKM Metering serial driver that connects to a trunk of 1 or more (v3 and v4) EKM Meters

BACnet Router Upgrade - New and Improved BACnet Router for only $255 during the …

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. is proud to announce a much-anticipated product upgrade and introductory launch price for the BACnet Router. It is now available with a faster CPU, more memory, built-in BACnet Explorer, a sleek new look, and more! Vancouver, BC, Canada - March 19, 2019 - Chipkin and Sierra Monitor Corporation are proud to announce a major hardware & software upgrade to the BACnet Router. The following major

CAS BACnet Wireshark Report Tool – A Free Utility for Automation Professionals

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. has developed the CAS BACnet Wireshark Report Tool to help automation professionals to quickly locate intermittent issues and errors within a large Wireshark log with BACnet traffic. Vancouver, BC – The new CAS BACnet Wireshark Report Tool has been released by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. on September 11th, 2018. This release provides a valuable support for any BACnet system that uses Wireshark. Automation professionals

Smart Building Solutions by Irisys IRC 3020 People Counter

Vancouver, BC (November 25, 2013) - People Counting Technology is a simple system that automates counting the number of people entering through an entrance or exit. People counting solutions have been in the market for over a decade with major retailers, casinos, shopping malls, building management as well as libraries using this technology to understand: • Conversions • Traffic Patterns • Justify funding requests and usage • Modify product placements / pricing • Launch promotions • Plan staff deployment Why Count in Buildings: • Understand

Chipkin Automation Systems Becomes A BACnet International Silver Member

Vancouver, BC, Canada – March 01, 2013 - Chipkin Automation Systems (CAS) has recently joined BACnet International as a silver member as part of their efforts to increase the quality and visibility of their BACnet enabled products. CAS has attended the annual Plugfest to test its software and to connect with the developer community since 2009. CAS produces software tools, gateways, data clients and sells and supports its MSTP, IP

CAS Releases UL Approved BACnet and Modbus Data Clients

Vancouver, BC – The new UL approved CAS BACnet and Modbus Series Data Clients, manufactured and distributed by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. have been released in March 2012. The products are safe, easy to use and configure. Each data client serves data to other applications using XML or HTTP and the log files can be uploaded for later review. Automation Professionals can view the log and current data using the

New Product Release: CAS BACnet Object Monitor

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. proudly presents its newly developed software named CAS BACnet Object Monitor to the automation world. It is launched in January 2012, a Windows-based software for the automation engineers to test and monitor the connections to BACnet IP devices easily. CAS BACnet Object Monitor is extremely simple to use. A user can configure BACnet data points either manually through a configuration screen or by importing a configuration file.

New Feature Added to CAS BACnet Explorer: Export to EDE File

CAS BACnet Explorer is every automation professional's favorite tool for discovering, exploring, documenting, testing and monitoring BACnet networks and devices. It is simple enough to be used by someone without any BACnet protocol knowledge. Today, CAS BACnet Explorer includes a new feature that allows it to export to EDE file. Report says that many engineers love to use CAS BACnet Explorer, a third party software, as there is no switching between

Chipkin Automation Systems Releases Mitsubishi UPS Gateway Device for UPS Monito …

A new product “Mitsubishi UPS Gateway Device”, launched by Chipkin Automation Systems this September now helps the automation professional to test, configure and debug Mitsubishi UPS’s with ease. The device cycles though a list of pre-configured tasks to request values from Veeder Root devices. The values are then stored in an internal database. The values can be served in several formats, including BACnet IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and Web Server. Mitsubishi

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