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Press Releases from Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH (12 total)

Johannes Hübner Giessen presents its intelligent electronic rotary cam limit sw …

A particularly striking feature of mechanical rotary cam limit switches used in heavy industry is the high level of manual maintenance they require. That leads to long plant standstill times and increased costs for the companies. In response Johannes Hübner Giessen is now introducing onto the market the new ERC 40, an intelligent electronic rotary cam limit switch with as many as 15 relay outputs. This makes it possible to

Johannes Hübner Giessen is introducing a new incremental encoder for explosive …

Explosive atmospheres are a special field in heavy industry subject to stringent safety requirements. With this in mind Johannes Hübner Giessen developed the incremental encoder Ex FG 40 for applications in extremely harsh environments and stringent explosion protection requirements. These include explosive gas environments such as in the production of oil and gas on platforms and offshore drilling rigs, petrochemical plants, oil and gas processing, paint shops in the steel

Absolute encoder with SIL-CL3 certificate

Johannes Huebner Giessen presents the new series of absolute encoders with SIL CL3 certificate for deployment in applications requiring certified compliance with functional safety requirements. Specifically developed for heavy industry the AMP(H) 41 (PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS DP) and AMPN(H) 41 (PROFIsafe via PROFINET IO) are certified to DIN EN 61508 up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) CL3 and to EN ISO 13849 up to Performance Level (PL) e. Utilizing these

Incremental encoder for standard motors to be showcased at the METEC 2015

As the specialist for customized encoder solutions in heavy industry Johannes Huebner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH now offers an incremental encoder for standard motors, auxiliary drives and secondary drives in the form of its FG(HJ) 2. The FG(HJ) 2 not only combines the customary benefits of Huebner devices such as a long service life and high levels of reliability, it also meets the technical requirements of machines operating in normal

Johannes Huebner Giessen now offers looper encoders with incremental output

The Johannes Huebner Giessen encoder specialists have developed a looper encoder with incremental output for the specific requirements of steelworks and rolling mills. The FGL 40 captures the rotating angle of the looper and feeds the collected data back to the control system in real time using the new incremental interface in order to optimise tension control of the metal strip between the rolling stands. The precision electronics enable up

TÜV Nord grants Huebner generator IEC 60079-0 /-15 Ex certification

Huebner Giessen is taking another step in its mission to develop custom solutions for specific needs. The provider of drive and encoder technology now offers its DSG P 112.14-6 Ex three-phase synchronous generator with IECEx certification for explosion protection. This certificate confirms that the generator meets international standards for technical work on explosion-proof products and can be used in explosive atmospheres. The device does not generate sparks, reducing the risk

Huebner upgrades series 40 and 60 for extreme operating conditions

Johannes Huebner Giessen has taken the series 40 and 60 of its absolute encoders to the next level and modified them to withstand use under extreme operating and ambient conditions – as can be found in steelworks and rolling mills, mining, ports, and crane systems. Compared with current models, the new series are equipped with larger ball bearings with a higher dynamic load rating and so the absolute encoders are

Absolute encoder with SIL 3 certification

At this year’s SPS/IPC Drives, Johannes Huebner Giessen is set to present to the industry and public two new absolute encoders with SIL certification. Specifically developed for heavy industry, the AMP(H) 41 (Profibus) and AMPN(H) 41 (Profinet) are certified to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 in accordance with German industry standard DIN EN 61508 and to EN ISO 13849-1 up to performance level (PL) “e” . As of spring 2013, these

Electronic overspeed switch for fault rectification with no time lost

“Safety Limited Speed”, slip control and maintenance work carried out under voltage are operating conditions found in heavy industry which present particular safety chal-lenges for people in the immediate environs of a plant. The operators of heavy indus-try plants face downtimes and increased maintenance costs when it comes to servic-ing and maintenance work, and the elimination of faults. Johannes Huebner GmbH is responding to these challenges with the newly developed

Huebner Giessen advances magnetic encoder technology

The new magnetic encoders MAG(-G) 50…1200 from Johannes Huebner GmbH can be installed without bearings or housing. The system is resistant to shocks and vibrations and transmits interference-free signals even under extreme conditions. It adds an alternative to the standard optical scanning principle, which has to be protected in a closed housing with a bearing-supported shaft. The magnetic scanning principle of Johannes Huebner GmbH uses a stationary sensor that records magnetic

Innovation for heavy industry

Novel encoder promises an exceptionally long service life As of December 2011 Johannes Hübner GmbH, based in Gießen, Germany, will be introducing a worldwide first to the market in the form of its looper encoder ALS 40 K. Thanks to unique design characteristics this special encoder offers twice to three times the length of service life usual to date. In hot rolling mills loopers have two tasks to fulfil: they measure and

FG 40: Robust incremental encoder designed for heavy industry

For rolling mills, mining industry and crane systems: Johannes Hübner Giessen developed the incremental encoder FG / FGH 40 to meet the needs of heavy industry. It has been designed for use under extreme conditions. The robust aluminium housing of the FG 40 (solid shaft) and the FGH 40 (hollow shaft version) exhibits very high resistance to vibration and shock loads. Thanks to the axial shaft seal the device not only

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