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The Explosive Bible – When Will Ratzinger Disassociate Himself?

Short description: When the Holy Scriptures are used to justify violence, wanton killing, terrorism and the like, most citizens are quick to condemn such actions, but few stop to question their source. Perhaps we should consider those who glorify the Holy Bible and make differences between believers and unbelievers as dangerous fundamentalists. We might even have to question allowing such fundamentalists as the pope to address parliament and other democratic assemblies

Ireland wants to break the power of the Catholics Church

Description: Ireland is aghast following a revealing report in which far more than half the cases of child abuse within the Catholic Church were never reported. But in Germany, the instigator of this cover-up is expected to address the German parliament at a high cost to the taxpayers. When will we wake up?! Press Release “Follow Ireland’s Example!” “Ireland has woken up – but Germany is still sleeping!” With these words, Dieter Potzel, spokesman

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