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10. Industry forum on the future of pipe processing

Pipe processing: Experts meet at the transfluid Innovation days for the tenth time Progress thrives on the exchange of knowledge. This is also the conviction of transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH and it cannot be described more aptly than by the Albert Einstein quote above. With its Innovation days the company has been offering the pipe processing industry a platform for more than ten years already, with the objective of developing new perspectives

transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH – the solution for tubes

When the hare arrives, the tortoise has already been there. The fastest way to the best results doesn't just rely on speed alone. The optimum tuning and interplay of different systems is where processes can really be made efficient. That's especially true when we're talking about powerful automation systems for pipe processing. transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH has developed specially tuned automation systems into efficient standards. They permit the accurate, rapid separation

Efficient tube machining with Large-screen TV

Documents the manufacturing process by camera - fully electric system (t motion) from transfluid Go to work in the morning and switch on the TV first thing: It sounds like a dream, but transfluid makes it the heart of an intelligent tube machining system (t motion) with its camera-controlled, fully electric manufacturing cell. In fact, the large screen installed above the system does not broadcast the latest news into the

The new standard for quick tube processing: tu go

tube bending and tube forming machines: transfluid wraps up new technology package for customers in a hurry Providing tea "to go" is a standard service in fast-food outlets and the concept has now made a surprise leap into the world of advanced tube processing machines. The established standard at transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH with its customized solutions has become a characteristic drive to develop more and more advanced technologies. But because decisions

Why travel and tube processing are so exciting

Answers in your luggage – 7 questions for transfluid Travelling broadens your horizons – and lets you get to know a country and its people. It can also be a challenge if you happen to be globetrotting in the name of tube processing. For instance, you might find yourself wrestling with a huge selection of food on the hotel buffet, wild animals might be hissing past outside and the mobile

The Secure Solution for New Tube Forming Geometries

transfluid prototyping - new developments for up to 45 mm pipe diameter Surprises are often seen as pleasant things, but those of a more irritating nature should naturally be avoided right from the beginning of the development of a new product onwards. That this is in particular a real challenge in the area of tube forming technology, is of course due to ever more complex requirements and smaller tolerances. The

Efficient shipbuilding: new tool-independent pipe forming

transfluid technology: forming pipes of up to 325 mm diameter for economical shipbuilding Complex requirements that place increasing demands on efficiency are mission-critical challenges for tube forming applications too. This is particularly true for shipbuilding. The high investment in the tooling needed for forming machines has been an unnecessary cost driver – until now. A corresponding tool had to be available for every possible combination of tube geometry and diameter.

transfluid combines speed and precision for the tube forming with t form

The high-power tube forming machines from transfluid impress with powerful and economic efficiency – visit transfluid during the Hannover Messe 2013: April 08-12, 2013, Hall 17 / Stand B 71 If you want to gain a competition, you must be in excellent form. This required to sports as well as in the tube processing, where fast and exact processes are. Therefore transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH from Germany design individual solutions for the

Efficient tube bending machines for every application

Hannover Messe (Germany): Tube bending at the highest level for the best results with the t bend tube bending machines from transfluid For specific challenges only tailored solutions bring the best results, especially when intelligent and economic technology for tube processing is in demand. The specialists for tube processing machines and tube bending machines offers versatile options to customize the machines for the special requirements of industrial applications. For optimal manufacturing processes transfluid

New hybrid drive system for tube processing machines

Pipe bending machines and pipe forming machines: advantages of electrical and hydraulic systems in a newly developed transfluid-solution combined Compromises in many areas of everyday life might often be a good way. When developing new technologies they prevent often the best solution. In tube processing this applies especially to the selection of the drive system for pipe bending machines and pipe forming machines or manufacturing cells for tube processing. Electric

Servo electric or hydraulic drives for tube bending?

The right drive is not a basic question for pipe bending machines: transfluid checks requirements and offers the right solution Which one is better for tube bending and tube forming: fully electric or hybrid solutions with pneumatic or hydraulic clamping axis? There is no general answer. The experts of transfluid sees a lot of advantages in compact and powerful hydraulic drives for tube bending and tube forming of tube diameters

Pipe bending: Cost-efficient bending of hose fittings

Tube bending maschines: transfluid offers two fast processing systems for different sizes Special solutions are required for special requirements – or just one efficient, customisable solution. For one-part hose fittings the german transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH has developed such a "twin" pipe bending solution and will equip its tube bending maschines systems with different modules depending on the application, varying mostly in the loading system. The challenges: Fittings are mostly mechanically processed,

Pipe forming: Safe shaping instead of expensive welding

transfluid's process integration for spherical head sealing on steel and stainless steel tubes In the automotive industry spherical heads are used as sealing and connecting elements for pressure tubes. Up to now, these sealing elements have been produced mechanically and subsequently connected with the respective tubes through welding or soldering. This process is not only cost-intensive, but can also result in weak points in the welds. Facing this challenge, transfluid Maschinenbau

transfluid develops efficient tube bending process for smallest bending radii

pipe bending machine: Intelligent solution for single bends with tool-related bending angles between 10° and 180° A small bending radius is easier to produce than a big one. A world turned upside down? The supplier of solutions transfluid exceeds the possibilities of conventional processes in the development of a new tube bending technology. Usually, bending radii can rarely be assembled smaller than 1 x D with higher tube diameters. transfluid has

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