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How to House-train Your Puppy

Everyone loves a new puppy but training him to do the things he has to do outside rather than on the living room carpet can be something of a challenge. Here pet product manufacturer Rolf C. Hagen offers some helpful advice to make the process easier for both you and your pet. Dogs learn best by repetition so it’s important to get him into a routine. First decide where

Cats Like Running Water Best

Providing a good supply of fresh clean drinking water for cats is essential for their health and well being. A cat’s body tissue is made up of around 70% water - which is about the same as the prey they would catch in the wild - but for domestic cats, especially those on a diet of dry cat food, extra water is needed to prevent dehydration. Although canned pet

Pet Care Manufacturer Donates to Comic Relief

Over 300 retailers and their guests from Britain’s pet trade enjoyed a two-day mix of business and entertainment, at pet care manufacturer Rolf C. Hagen’s annual exhibition held at the Chesford Grange hotel, Kenilworth, on 4th and 5th of September. After the hectic business dealings of the day a Gala Dinner was held with entertainment from top comedian and Comic Relief founder Lenny Henry. As promised, Hagen donated £5.00

Pet care specialist urges dog owners to check their pet’s teeth

Pet care specialist Rolf C. Hagen is urging dog owners to regularly check the condition of their dog’s teeth to help avoid the development of serious dental diseases. Just like humans, dogs need to keep their teeth clean and healthy to keep them in top condition and prevent bad breath. Bacteria resulting from poor dental health can also lead to other medical problems affecting organs including the kidneys and heart,

Scientific trial shows Nutrafin Max produces significantly higher growth rates a …

A trial carried out at Sparsholt College National Aquatic Training Centre in Hampshire to establish the nutritional qualities of the UK’s top selling tropical fish foods has concluded that Nutrafin Max made by Hagen Aquatics produced significantly higher growth rates than its two main competitors. The study also showed that fish displayed more vibrancy and utilised the protein in the food more effectively than the other two leading brands tested.

Turkish feet nibbling fish bring unexpected sales for aquatics manufacturer

Managers at aquatics and pet products manufacturer Rolf C. Hagen were puzzled recently by a sudden, sharp upturn in the sales of one of the company’s most powerful Fluval aquarium filters. A little investigation revealed that one of their wholesalers had started supplying special tanks to salons offering the latest craze in health and beauty - Turkish feet nibbling fish - and was using the filters to keep the tanks

New Generation Puzzle Feeder Keeps Cats Alert and Healthy

A new puzzle feeder for cats that promises to beat boredom and promote healthy digestion has been launched by pet care products manufacturer Rolf C. Hagen. The Catit® Design Senses Food Maze is the latest in a series of new generation toys designed to enrich a cat’s life by stimulating his senses and encouraging an active lifestyle, even if he spends most of his time indoors. After loading the maze with

Study shows hamsters prefer smaller houses

A detailed study into the domestic habits of hamsters by animal behaviour and welfare student Sarah Caunt has concluded that they prefer the latest modular designed accommodation to the more traditional wire cages. The study aimed to identify the amount of space preferred by the hamsters and how they used it in their everyday lives. Two types of cages were used in the study: a traditional rectangular wire design; and

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