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Global Beachfront Awards - Thailand's 1,250 beachfront hotels beat all famous be …

Riding a crest in humanity's age-old love affair with the beach, Thailand has risen so high it now outpaces traditional beach destinations including Spain, Mexico, USA and Greece. Now it has taken the No 1 spot in the new Global Beachfront Awards. Thailand, a world away from the traditional beach countries of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, now rides a rising wave of beach tourism that has seen it take

Life’s a Beach

Fashions change, technology advances but when it comes to a holiday chill-out, the beach is still the number one destination. By 2020 international arrivals are expected to be a mere 1.6 billion a year and around 0.4 billion – give or take a few – will be long-haul visitors. Given that 50% of travel is related to leisure and a third of all holiday destinations are beachfronts, the need for

The Real Truth…About the World’s Beachfronts

Around 7000 hotels can be found on nearly 1600 beaches in just over 110 countries according to a newly launched on-line tool for holidaymakers. The Beachfront Club has over 2000 interactive maps which plot the size, shape and location of every hotel found on every beach in the world. The site is set to become a global authority on true beachfront hotels, offering beach-lovers access to where to stay and

The Beachfront Club – hi-tech mapping protects beach-lovers & consumers worldw …

New global authority on ‘true beachfront’ hotels will protect the unwary from misleading advertising, and find them hotels directly on the beach where they want to be – with just a few clicks of the mouse. Ever booked a ‘beachfront’ hotel, only to find yourself crossing roads and dodging traffic to get from your hotel to the beach? Countless thousands have, and many of them were angered or felt

New technology penetrating the hotel industry

New–era web technology has made a yet deeper foray into the hotel industry with the release of the highly-interactive website The Beachfront Club. Smart use of the latest technology has enabled this new website to bill itself as the ‘new global authority on true beachfront hotels’, a claim that its detailed mapping of the beaches of the world supports. This hi-tech site is principally a new-look, targeted hotel club

Techno-tsunami about to hit the beaches of the world

A techno-tsunami is about to wash over the beaches of the world – but this time it won’t be the hotels closest to the sea that suffer most damage. The biggest victims of this wave of high technology will be all of those hotels ‘just a few steps from the beach’ – those that claim to be right on the beach, but aren’t – plus all those hotels

Don’t be fooled by misleading advertising again - hotels claiming to be ‘bea …

Have you ever booked a beachfront hotel and headed off with dreams of holidaying right on the beach – only to find out that you were sleeping with the sound of traffic, not waves? If you haven’t been burned this way, you probably know someone who has. Millions have been. This problem can now be overcome with a few clicks of the mouse, thanks to new technology. The

New Global Expert on 'True Beachfront' Club

By certifying ‘qualified’ hotels as ‘true beachfront’, and giving visitors detailed proof of their absolute beachfront locations, The Beachfront Club seems set to stir up hotels and bookings along the beaches of the world. The first-ever global authority on beachfront hotels has emerged, awarding ‘true beachfront’ qualifications to hotels that meet its stringent criteria: no roads or traffic between the hotel and the beach. This hi-tech newcomer, The Beachfront

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