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WELTEC BIOPOWER Develops Innovative Analysis Procedure for Biogas Substrates

Research Project: Tracking Down Inhibitors Together with renowned partners, the biological department of biogas specialist WELTEC BIOPOWER in Vechta, Germany, is developing a quick test for identifying inhibitors in biogas substrates. Input mass may contain substances that prevent efficient biogas production. For example, a small amount of mould is sufficient to cause such an adverse effect in silage. Ammonium, copper, zinc, drugs and disinfectants are often identified as inhibitors in slurry

French Hospital Warms Up to Biogas Alliance

WELTEC Builds another Plant with Heat Concept in France Alliances generate benefits for all involved – as in the case of the French heat alliance between an agricultural biogas plant and a psychiatric hospital. The "Méthavigne" project merits a second glance, especially because society and the environment also benefit from this union of a public institution and a private company. Together with the partner Domaix Energie, the German manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER

WELTEC Management System Wins Biogas Innovation Award

Award-winning ProMOS Bio Ensures Profitable Biogas Operation On 3 June 2015, the biogas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER received the "Biogas Innovation Award of the German Agriculture" in recognition of its ProMOS Bio management system. Using this software, operators of all biogas plants can easily collect, check and analyse their operating data. The award in the "Economy" category honours particularly trend-setting technologies. The award was bestowed for the sixth time at

Green Vegetables Gas Up

WELTEC BIOPOWER Builds 500-kW Biogas Plant for Vegetable Producer In January 2015, WELTEC BIOPOWER started building an anaerobic digestion plant in Loughgall, Northern Ireland. The customer and operator of the 500-kW plant is the vegetable producer Gilfresh Produce. The enterprise produces numerous field-grown products and processes them into food. "For WELTEC, this is the third plant in Northern Ireland and thus the eleventh in the UK", says Kevin Monson, sales manager

Plant Management from A to Z

New ProMOS Bio Software Guides Biogas Plants into the Future Stringent conditions for biogas plant operators underline the need for innovative management systems. Moreover, economic efficiency is becoming increasingly important. WELTEC BIOPOWER has developed a comprehensive application in order to enable technically reliable, profitable operation. The ProMOS Bio software contains the bundled know-how of the biogas manufacturer from Germany. Accordingly, it is suitable for all plant types and classes, even those of

Biomethane for France

WELTEC Receives Order for Biogas Project with Gas Processing French agriculture has a wealth of raw and waste materials that are suitable for biogas plants. However, only half of the available materials are presently used for energy production. Thus, ambitious development plans have been drawn up: By 2020, the biomass share in the field of renewable energies in France is to rise to about 50 percent. No wonder that that the number

South America Opts for Green Energy Made by WELTEC

Kickoff for Biogas Currently, the world is locked on to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Though they have already reached a high technical level as far as football is concerned, the South American countries still have development potential in the fields of biogas technology and renewable energies. In the interview, Aguinaldo Ramalho of the German biogas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER talks about the potential, experiences and opportunities that exist in

British Investors Rely on WELTEC BIOPOWER (UK) Ltd.

Agricultural and Industrial Biogas Plants Go Online For the roll-out of their biogas projects throughout the United Kingdom, agricultural and industrial operators rely on the long-standing experience of WELTEC BIOPOWER (UK) Ltd. No wonder: WELTEC is one of the pioneers in the field of AD plant building in the British Isles. The first two WELTEC plants in the United Kingdom, which were established in 2006, were among the first 15 biogas plants

WELTEC BIOPOWER Develops 1.6 MW of Green Energy in France

Implementation of Four Biogas Plants with Partner Domaix Energie Biogas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH has made the next step in its successful export strategy: Together with the partner Domaix Energie in Alsace, the company from Germany has started rolling out four agricultural biogas plant projects in France. Apart from agricultural substrates, the biogas plants, whose construction has already started, will use sludge and food leftovers. This documents the trend that French

WELTEC BIOPOWER Accomplishes Market Entry in Belgium

Biogas Plant to Generate Power and Heat for Textile Industry The Belgian investor and project developer NPG Energy has requested WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH from Vechta, Germany, to set up a biogas plant. The investor will also serve as the operator of the 2.4-MW plant, which is to go live in spring 2014. This is the first order that the German manufacturer WELTEC has received from the Kingdom of Belgium. The biogas plant

WELTEC Biomethane Plant in Arneburg Feeds in Gas

Gas Refinery in Germany Supplies 5,000 Homes From the economic, ecological and technological perspective, biomethane is the energy source of tomorrow. The commissioning of the biomethane refinery in Arneburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, underlines this statement. The plant, which reflects the entire know-how of the industry, stands in stark contrast to the abandoned nuclear power plant building site next door, a vivid reminder of an era of conventional energy production. After a building time

WELTEC BIOPOWER constructs 1.8 MW plant in Finland

WELTEC BIOPOWER biogas plant construction company from Vechta (Germany) builds a biogas plant in Jeppo (Finland). The company from Lower Saxony is implementing this project jointly with its Finnish project partner, Doranova. As early as autumn 2013, the plant will produce biomethane refined to natural gas quality, which is suitable for all consumption paths and as such also suitable as fuel for the growing network of Finnish natural gas stations. The

Weltec Client Wins “AD Output Award” at prestigious Organics Recycling Award …

In late March, Weltec Biopower customer, Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd. were awarded with the ‚The AD Output Award‘ at the prestigious REA Organics Recycling Awards for their Anaerobic Digestion facility in Piddlehinton, Dorset. The Weltec Biopower supplied biogas plant impressed the jurors with the best overall concept. Weltec Biopower planned and built the facility, which was commissioned in 2012. The plant utilises 20,000 tons of food waste a year and generates

WELTEC BIOPOWER Builds 500-kW Plant in France

Contract signed at EuroTier For WELTEC BIOPOWER, the participation at the BioEnergy Decentral part of the EuroTier proved very successful. Thus, the biogas plant manufacturer from Vechta, Germany, was also able to use its booth as a platform for signing a contract for the establishment of a 500-kW plant in Saint-Varent in western France. The French project developer Methaneo is the contracting partner of WELTEC. The Paris-based company has elaborated its own

WELTEC BIOPOWER Builds 3-MW Biogas Plant in Uruguay

A milk powder producer from Uruguay has engaged WELTEC BIOPOWER for the construction of a 3-MW biogas plant. The building work at the site north of Montevideo will begin in January 2013. In the first development stage, WELTEC will set up an 800-kWel plant. The full output of 3 MW is to be installed by 2015. Due to factors such as the high requirement profile and the needed quality standards for

2.4 MW Biogas Plant: WELTEC BIOPOWER Pulls Off Market Entry in Poland

In September 2012, Vechta-based WELTEC BIOPOWER started to build a 2.4 MW biogas plant in Darżyno, Pomerania, Poland. At the plant site 80 km west of Danzig, the substrates will be fed into the four 4,438 cubic metres stainless-steel fermenters via four storage tanks and a 50 cubic metros dosing feeder starting from summer 2013. Apart from maize and liquid manure, which will be supplied by farmers from the vicinity, the

WELTEC Client Wins „Best AD Project“ Award from the British Anaerobic Digest …

In July, WELTEC BIOPOWER client Fernbrook Bio won the 2012 UK AD & Biogas Associations (ADBA) industry award for “Best Biogas Project”. The 1.5 MW biogas plant impressed the jurors with its efficient operation and overall concept, which provides for use of a biogas facility as a waste utilisation plant. The facility near Kettering, Northamptonshire supplies approx. 3,000 households with power by utilising approximately 30,000 tonnes per annum of biowaste and

WELTEC BIOPOWER: Hungarian Partner INWATECH Installs Spherical Gas Storage Tank

In the future, the storage of energy in the form of biogas will play an increasingly important role around the globe. WELTEC BIOPOWER has implemented a trend-setting, innovative solution with the Hungarian partner INWATECH. Where an investment for a biogas processing system with biogas feed-in station is not feasible, the intermediate storage of raw biogas is a smart alternative. The example of the 1-MW plant of WELTEC BIOPOWER, which has been

WELTEC BIOPOWER Builds Plant in France

In early 2012, WELTEC BIOPOWER started building a 526-kW biogas plant in Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre, Brittany, about 60 miles northwest of Nantes. The plant is equipped with a fermenter of 3,052 cubic metres and separator, solid matter dosing feeder, two storage tanks, digestate storage unit, pump station, control, and drying. The plant is to be commissioned in October 2012. According to operator, the fermenters are fed with pig manure, waste from the food

WELTEC Opened Sales Office in Magdeburg

In September, WELTEC BIOPOWER opened a sales office in Magdeburg. The new office in the „House of Agriculture“ in the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt enables more customer proximity for improved local customer care. Like the headquarters in Vechta, the Magdeburg office also offers the entire bandwidth of customer care, from initial yield estimates, offers, and feasibility calculations to support for the grid access, gas sales, and financing. Moreover, Magdeburg is

WELTEC: Barsikow Up and Running

Biomethane processing has started at the biomethane refinery in Barsikow, Brandenburg: Since- mid October, the power generated by the micro gas turbines has been fed into the public power grid. The first biomethane is expected to flow into the public natural gas grid from mid-December on. Every year, the plant will produce about 4.3 million standard cubic metres of biomethane. This means about 1,000 standard cubic metres of biological raw

Czech Republic: WELTEC BIOPOWER Builds Biogas Plant in Record Time

By 2015, biomass is to become the Czech Republic‘s primary source of renewable energy. Accordingly, there is a high demand for biogas plants among investors and operators, especially from manufacturers who have international experience and an extensive service network. With its 10-year history, Vechta-based WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH is an experienced German biogas plant manufacturer. This summer, it established its fifth plant in the Czech Republic. The construction of the agricultural biogas

WELTEC Builds 1 MW Biogas Plant in Hungary

In April, WELTEC BIOPOWER started building a biogas plant in Szeged, Southern Hungary. The client and operator is Zöldforrás Energia, a subsidiary of the Hungarian power supplier DÉMÁSZ. The 1 MW plant, which comprises two CHPs with an output of 600 kW/h each, will generate power and heat from pig manure and maize silage starting from end of 2011 on. The substrate will be supplied by farmers in the vicinity

WELTEC BIOPOWER Builds Biogas Plant in Latvia

WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH is establishing its second biogas plant in Latvia in Limbaži, a city located about 50 miles north of Riga. The EU-subsidised 500 kW plant with its fermenter of 3,500 cubic metres will feed in power starting from July 2011. The final storage tank has a capacity of about 6,000 cubic metres. Plans for expanding the plant with another fermenter are already under way. The 88 cubic metres stainless-steel

WELTEC BIOPOWER Coaches Hessia into Age of Regenerative Energy

WELTEC BIOPOWER is the producer of the entire process technology including the gas feed-in and gas processing technology for Central Hessia's largest biogas plant in the municipality of Ebsdorfergrund. Construction of the 1.5 MW plant started in March 2011. Starting from early 2012, biomethane is to be fed into the natural gas grid of ESWE Versorgungs AG Wiesbaden and Giessen PU, generating power and heat for about 3,000 households. Apart

WELTEC BIOPOWER Employs Microturbines from Greenvironment at Barsikow Biogas Par …

In January, WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH from Vechta, world market leader in the production of biogas plants from stainless steel, ordered the first microturbine CHP plant from Greenvironment GmbH for the biogas park of 24,000 square meters in Barsikow, Brandenburg, Germany. From the summer of 2011, the technology will be used to produce an annual volume of about 8,4 million standard cubic meters of biogas and 3 million standard cubic meters

WELTEC Biogas Plant Certified by DLG

WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH, from Vechta, Germany, has received the ”DLG FokusTest” certification from the German Agricultural Association (DLG). A key objective of the test was to check how effectively the biogas plant degrades organic dry substances and thus total carbon for producing biogas. The calculated biogas yield was compared with the maximum possible biogas yield. The organic dry substance degradation rate amounted to 83.9 percent, and the specific gas yield to

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