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Shuttle XP 1000: easy handling of heavy loads

Neuburg/Kammel, 11.11.2013. There is a new addition to the successful Shuttle XP storage lift series from Kardex Remstar. Besides the 250, 500, and 700 models, the dynamic storage system now also includes the Shuttle XP 1000 model. Parts weighing up to 1,000 kg per tray can be stored using the new unit. The new solution from Kardex Remstar allows even companies with heavy goods to organize their work processes more

Kardex Remstar To Display Expanded Product Line At Modex 2014

The Kardex Remstar product line continues to grow with industry demand. Kardex Remstar will display an expanded product line of Shuttle® XP Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and Megamat RS Vertical Carousels at Modex 2014 in Atlanta, GA March 17-20 in booth #9323. The extended product line fit into a variety of new applications, improving efficiencies and increasing profits. Now, the Shuttle XP VLM ranges from light duty storage in the

Kardex Remstar To Feature New Software Kiosk Function At NADA 2014

A Shuttle® XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) featuring a new kiosk picking function will be on display in Kardex Remstar booth #2601 at NADA 2014 in New Orleans, LA January 24-27. The new kiosk function available with Power Pick Global software simplifies the picking process to keep automotive dealership parts departments at maximum performance - improving productivity, saving floor space and increasing accuracy. Using the kiosk function, items are inventoried

Value Drug Mart Adds Value to the Supply Chain

In 1978, thirteen pharmacy owners centralized their purchasing and distribution power to compete with the big chains, while still maintaining the spirit of independent ownership and community focus that neighborhoods had come to depend on. Today, there are 32 member shareholder stores under the Value Drug Mart banner, as well as 11 Apple Drugs stores, 8 Rxellence Professional Dispensaries, and approximately 300 affiliated stores—all served by a central distribution center

Ergonomics Improves the Work Environment

Repetitive actions such as bending, reaching and stooping over long periods of time can cause serious injuries which lead to serious worker compensation claims. These claims are no joke and can create hefty labor costs that can be prevented if ergonomic improvements are made. The Lektriever Vertical Carousel from Kardex Remstar creates an ergonomic work station for all users. When all files and items are 100% accessible for everyone, productivity

Improve Throughput and Productivity with Power Pick Global Hot Pick Module

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for many organizations. Providing the right parts to the right person at the right time is key. The Hot Pick Module from Power Pick Global increases customer response time while improving employee productivity and system throughput. The Hot Pick Module allows operators to suspend a batch picking operation in progress so individual items or orders can be picked from the storage and retrieval system.

Controlled Environments within Kardex Remstar Storage Systems

Kardex Remstar has developed industry specific solutions including: temperature controlled units, clean room storage units and dry room storage units. Companies are always looking for opportunities to speed up intralogistics processes and increase productivity in these unique applications. Storage at Constant Temperatures Many stored goods are vulnerable to temperature changes. This applies to a very vast range of products, from frozen food articles to hospital supplies to pharmaceutical products, all of

The Vertical Carousel – A Look Back In Time

First introduced in the 1950’s the vertical carousel is probably the most well known automated storage and retrieval system. Some critics might say the vertical carousel is “old” or “outdated”, but that’s simply not true. Besides, don’t most things get better with age? Like a fine wine that gets better each year, so does the vertical carousel. The vertical carousel on the market today is not the same

13 Ways To Do MORE With Less in 2013

With slow growth predicted for many industries in 2013, organizations are taking a minute to review their current material handling strategies and operations, asking themselves “how do we do more with less?”. A little more of “this” and a little less of “that” can be the perfect recipe to maximize material handling efficiencies; leading to reduced operational costs and higher productivity rates. Here are 13 tips to help

New Light Pointer Increases Pick Accuracy in Shuttle VLM

The light pointer now available with a Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM) from Kardex Remstar directs an operator to a specific part location using a laser or LED spot. This new pick to light system can increase accuracy, productivity and overall picking speed. The light pointer consists of an LED or laser light mounted to a slider that moves horizontally on a guiding system. Located inside over the access opening

Kardex Remstar To Display New QuickPick Technology at Promat 2013

New QuickPick® Light Pointer technology from Kardex Remstar will be on display at Promat 2013 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL January 21 - 24 in booth #3623. The light pointer consists of an LED or laser light mounted to a slider that moves horizontally on a guiding system. Located above the access opening in a Shuttle VLM, it navigates the operator to the exact part to be picked

Megamat RS Vertical Carousel Dual Access Now Available

The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel allows multiple departments or work zones to maximize material handling capabilities by consolidating all materials into one system using multiple pick windows. Consolidating inventory into one system with access on multiple floors or zones eliminates wasted time transporting and searching for material; increasing productivity, enhancing material flow, and reducing overall costs. Further, the ability to add an additional pick window post installation provides organizations the

Christie Provides Custom Built Solutions In 24 Hours By Improving Manufacturing …

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the visual displays created with Christie visual display solutions are immeasurable. Combining innovative engineering, advanced manufacturing and eight decades of experience Christie has a reputation of delivering superior, dependable visual display solutions and providing unprecedented levels of customer service and support. Christie is a global visual technologies company offering diverse solutions for business, entertainment, visual environments and medical industries. With over 100,000 projection

New Megamat RS Vertical Carousel Heavy Duty Model 650 Now Available

For operations with heavy parts, Kardex Remstar introduces the new Megamat RS Model 650 Vertical Carousel. With a carrier weight capacity nearly double the Megamat RS 350 unit, the Megamat RS 650 holds up to 1,433 pounds per carrier with a total unit load of 41,887 pounds. Available in a variety of widths from 10.42 feet to 13 feet, depths from 5.14 feet to 5.62 feet and heights from 7.75

Kardex Remstar Helps Meet Executive Order 13423

The year 2015 is fast approaching and federal agencies are required to be in full compliance with Executive Order 13423. Instated in 2007, Executive Order 13423 – Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management is all about sustainability for the future. By the year 2015, Federal Agencies are required to improve energy efficiency and utilize sustainable building design to reduce the current carbon footprint. With only three years left, federal

OSHA Standards Create a Smart and Safe Work Environment

OSHA Standards focus on designing a safe, productive and efficient work environment. Creating a safe work environment in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Standards can improve ergonomics resulting in an increase in productivity and efficiency and a reduction in labor costs. OSHA Standards should be implemented in all areas of a facility including manufacturing, distribution and administration. Designed with worker ergonomics in mind, dynamic storage systems

Dynamic Storage Keeps Inventory At Your Fingertips

From small parts to large, heavy tools and dies; keeping inventory accessible and easy to locate in a compact footprint can be quite the challenge. Dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar allows organizations to retrieve inventory with the push of a button, increasing accuracy up to 99.9% and recovering up to 85% of currently occupied floor space. The Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) and the Megamat RS vertical

FastPic5 Software Makes VLM’s Even Smarter

FastPic5 inventory management software saves time, increases efficiencies and maximizes storage density by managing height and weight restrictions. While the unit can control these features, FastPic5 inventory management software is designed to proactively supervise this function resulting in an even smarter Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM). Using the height restriction feature in FastPic5, each tray can be preset with a maximum height for stored goods. To maximize storage density

Kubota Fulfills Parts Promise To Customers Keeping Parts Available for 20+ Years

Kubota Canada has been introducing groundbreaking tractor and utility vehicles for construction, commercial and residential use for 36 years. With an industry leading reputation for equipment that lasts; Kubota’s parts promise is what keeps customers coming back. Kubota is committed to keeping parts available for 20+ years; assuring the local Kubota dealer has quick access to the parts their customers need. That’s great news for Kubota customers, but presents

Office Space That Works Harder… or Hardly Works?

Given the economy today, everyone is being asked to do a little more and work a bit harder. The same should be expected of the storage space – it should be working a little harder too! Kardex Remstar dynamic filing solutions can optimize office space creating more meeting rooms or work stations to increase efficiency which can pay dividends in the long run. Two main factors to consider when analyzing current

Automate Accuracy with FastPic5 Cycle Counting

Keeping inventory accurate is always a challenge, especially in a fast paced work environment. No matter how your materials are stored, cycle counting is necessary to ensure accurate inventory. FastPic5 Inventory Management Software from Kardex Remstar offers a cycle counting feature to quickly and easily verify the physical inventory. Regular cycle counting minimizes inventory discrepancies and prevents inventory shortages. FastPic5 inventory management software has a built in cycle counting feature allowing

Kardex Remstar Launches New Website

Kardex Remstar has just revised their website: With an updated design, the website is easy to navigate and provides visitors with current information on storage and retrieval solutions offered by Kardex Remstar. Visitors can easily navigate through Kardex Remstar solutions, products, services, support, customer references, industry sectors and recent news. Solutions and product pages contain videos of Kardex Remstar products in use. For more detailed product specifications, visitors can

Picking 52 Million Pieces A Year Is No Small Task For Children’s Hospital Colo …

Managing the supply chain in any organization can be a tough job, but at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, CO the materials management department is directly related to patient care; making it a critical function within the hospital. With 298 beds, getting supplies to the right place on time takes coordination, teamwork and a little technology. With the help of three Kardex Remstar horizontal carousels integrated with pick

Measuring Sustainability & an Organizations Impact on the Environment

Planet – People – Profits: also known as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) captures an organizations sustainability by measuring the impact of its activities on the world around it. A positive TBL reflects an increase in the company’s value, including shareholder value and its human and environmental capital. The affect an organization has on the planet can be measured through the environmental impact the organization’s activities have on the air and

5 Ways To Increase Productivity In A Picking Operation

Organizations often implement new picking techniques, new order picking equipment or new processes in an attempt to gain productivity in their operations. While these endeavors are successful and lead to big jumps in productivity, there are ways to achieve smaller productivity gains without revising your entire picking operations. Here are five ways you can improve productivity in your picking operation today. Slot Your Parts. A fast moving SKU can become a

Kardex Remstar Solutions Solve Warehouse Overcrowding

Dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar can solve warehouse overcrowding. Warehouses become overcrowded when organizations experience rapid growth, slow sales cycles or seasonal trends. An overcrowded warehouse makes doing business difficult and can have a serious negative impact on an organization’s productivity, ergonomics, accuracy, warehousing costs and inventory control. Using vertical storage technology such as vertical lift modules or vertical carousels provides true floor to ceiling storage, maximizing warehouse space. When

Zone Handling Provides Inventory Control, Improved Productivity and Ergonomics

The zone handling feature of FastPic5 inventory management and control software from FastPic Systems offers inventory control, improved productivity and ergonomics. The zone handling feature allows users to define zones within a warehouse or storage unit and then assign specific inventory to the defined zones. Zone handling is different than dedicated storage. With dedicated storage a specific part is assigned to a specific location. While this maximizes control, it decreases storage

Intelligent Drive Design Provides More Reliability With Less Maintenance & Lower …

The new Megamat RS Vertical Carousel features a new intelligent drive design, providing operations a more reliable vertical carousel requiring less maintenance and lower energy requirements. The new intelligent drive design is made up of a drive track, carrier arms, transportation chain, drive motor, drive chain and hand crank. Working together these components reduce the wear and tear on the unit and require less energy to move the carriers

Goods to Person Principle Increases Productivity and Ergonomics

Changing the order picking process to utilize a goods to person principle can increase productivity by 2/3 and improve worker ergonomics. Dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar brings the work to the worker; eliminating the time spent to walk to the specific location to retrieve the item. Using a standard shelving system workers walk up and down the aisles searching for the items they need, very similar to grocery

Expand Operations Internally Without Construction

The newest addition to the Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Module family, the Element™ VLM , saves up to 80% floor space when compared to standard shelving. Designed with simplicity and quality at its core, the Element VLM allows operations to expand internally without construction or relocation. The Element VLM squeezes the wasted air space out of shelving, providing increased storage density. An enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction

Automotive Service Departments Plan for Service & Maintenance Growth

As consumers gain confidence and return to showrooms, parts and maintenance departments are planning for the added service and maintenance work that follows sales growth. In order to maximize service profit associated with the steady increase in car and vehicle sales, dealerships and service centers are looking for ways to increase service technician efficiency, improve customer service and reduce the costs of operations. Very often a change or reorganization in parts

Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage and Retrieval Systems Help Medical Device Compan …

The Food and Drug Administration’s concern for the safety and effectiveness of Class II and III medical devices is described in 21 CFR Part 820, which details quality system regulation for medical device manufacturers. Record keeping requirements and mandated quality control processes are described in Subpart L, Handling, Storage, Distribution and Installation. These sections direct medical device manufacturers to establish and maintain procedures to ensure that mixups, damage, deterioration, contamination

Parallel Picking Improves Order Picking Efficiency and Accuracy

Parallel picking is an order picking technique that can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy in order picking operations. Parallel picking is often implemented when standard picking methods become too slow or constrictive. Using the parallel picking method, the warehouse is divided into multiple picking zones. When orders are requested, stock keeping units (SKUs) are picked from each zone simultaneously, in parallel, and transported to order

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