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Have a Prosperous New Year - 2011 with Indiandiabetics

Some Annual Resolutions: • See your doctor two to four times a year, even if you feel well. • Make sure your doctor performs a comprehensive foot exam once a year. • Keep moving. Regular, moderate exercise can turn your body into a sugar burning machine. Start slowly - even a leisurely walk around the block is a step in the right direction. • Follow your schedule for checking blood sugar. • Take a look at your

Christmas Celebration with Indiandiabetics

Enjoy Christmas, it is a time for celebration and eating for everyone…a little of what you fancy over Christmas will definitely do you good…an odd high glucose reading shouldn't affect your long term control or health or health. 1. Stick with sugar free or diet drinks, or fresh fruit juice only with meals. Fresh fruit juice has lots of natural sugar which will send blood sugars high if taken. 2. Save your selection boxes

World Diabetes Day celebration with Indiandiabetics.

On the occasion of successful one year of operation, Dr. Ambrish Mithal stated “Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and is managed by diet, exercise and medication in that order. Empowerment of the patient and family is the best way to manage Diabetes. Every patient should be aware of his ABC – A1C, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol“.

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