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04.01.11 - IndianDiabetics

Have a Prosperous New Year - 2011 with Indiandiabetics

Some Annual Resolutions: • See your doctor two to four times a year, even if you feel well. • Make sure your doctor performs a comprehensive foot exam once a year. • Keep moving. Regular, m... mehr

23.12.10 - IndianDiabetics

Christmas Celebration with Indiandiabetics

Enjoy Christmas, it is a time for celebration and eating for everyone…a little of what you fancy over Christmas will definitely do you good…an odd high glucose reading shouldn't affect your long t... mehr

15.11.10 - IndianDiabetics

World Diabetes Day celebration with Indiandiabetics.

On the occasion of successful one year of operation, Dr. Ambrish Mithal stated “Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and is managed by diet, exercise and medication in that order. Empowerment of the pa... mehr

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