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Lanner Adds NCA-1011 to Expand Its vCPE, Edge Security Product Lineup

The increasing deployment of virtual CPE (Customer Premise Equipments) has driven the demand of desktop fanless platforms for branch office and retail environments. To provide hardware solutions for enterprises, Lanner launches its NCA-1011, an Intel Bay-Trail driven compact desktop appliance to expand its vCPE and edge security product lineup. NCA-1011 is packed with Intel Quad-core Celeron J1900 SoC CPU, five RJ-45 LAN ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one console port

Lanner Introduces World First Industrial Grade Appliance LEC-6032 with Advanced …

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) play a crucial role for a nation’s critical infrastructures. Since ICS facilities are usually deployed in remote, unmanned and harsh environments, Lanner introduces its new industrial grade appliance – LEC-6032, with capability to operate under wide temperature ranges, advanced LAN bypass (Gen.3) for failover recovery and rich connectivity to communicate with PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface). To ensure reliability in critical infrastructures, LEC-6032 supports

Build IOT-ready Devices with Lanner COM Solutions

Lanner today announced the release of the latest COM Express® Computer-On-Modules solutions. The VES-220 (type2) and the VES-270 (type 6) are highly integrated Computer-On-Modules (COM) that support system expansion and application-specific customizations. These two CPU modules are designed to work with the evaluation boards the VES-8X2 and the VES-8X6 respectively. They each complement the other, making available two embedded solutions that are highly customizable and flexible. Both CPU modules are COM Express®

IEC 61850-3 Certified IPC for Power and Energy Cyber Security

Lanner today announced the addition of another fanless industrial PC, the LEC-6230, to the LEC-6000 Series, which is designed for a full range of industrial automation and power and energy communication applications such as ICS cyber security. The LEC-6230 is an IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certified industrial grade cyber security gateway for power substations. Designed with high availability for withstanding the most challenging conditions, the LEC-6230 operates over a broad

DIN Rail Industrial Communications Computer with Wide Temperature Support

Lanner is pleased to announce the release of the LEC-3013T, a DIN rail-mounted industrial communications gateway with extended operating temperatures. Designed from the ground up for the power and energy sector, the LEC-3013T is available in three SKUs, each with different I/O options, but all are equipped with not only 15kV ESD/surge protection for the serial COM ports but also 1.5 kV magnetic isolation protection for the Ethernet ports. “The LEC-3013T is

All-New Industrial Communications Gateway for the Power and Energy Sector

Lanner today released the LEC-3013, a DIN rail-mountable industrial communications gateway. Designed from the beginning for the power and energy sector, the LEC-3013 is available in three SKUs with different I/O options, all of which include 1.5 kV magnetic isolation protection and 15 kV surge protection on the serial COM ports. “The LEC-3013 is the next stage in our DIN rail-mounted communication with the Atom D525 CPU,” said Jeffrey Wang, Senior Manager

Network Appliances from Lanner to Utilize the Next-Generation Intel® Atom™ pr …

(Taipei, Taiwan - 4 Sep 2013) The announcement today of the next generation Intel® Atom™ C2000 processor family from Intel is exciting news for Lanner, as the targeted networking performance of this new processor is perfectly fitted for use in network and communications devices, offering excellent packet processing performance with strong gains in energy efficiency. Lanner has designed three new products to take advantage of the gains achieved by this

Firewalls for Extreme Environmental Conditions

Today sees the release of the LEC-6020, a rugged hardware firewall designed to cope with challenging conditions at extreme temperatures. With its fanless design and selection of I/O options, this DIN rail-mountable unit based on the Intel® AtomTM N2600 CPU is ideal for deployment in protecting networks in power generation and other industrial environments. The LEC-6020 is available in two configurations for increased flexibility. The LEC-6020A has 3 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45

Lanner Network Appliances Now Supporting Intel® 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge) Pro …

(Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 12, 2012) Today, Lanner Electronics Inc. announced the support of Intel’s third generation processor technology, Ivy Bridge, with its FX-3210, FW-8865, FW-8758 and FW-7582 network appliances. The 2U rackmount FX-3210 is engineered to meet challenging security system management requirements. By combining storage and high-end network processing capabilities, this network appliance is the ideal platform for log management, SAN, compliance reporting, event management, real-time monitoring and incident management. Ivy

Lanner's Cost-Effective, Fanless In-Vehicle Computers with Intel® AtomTM Proces …

(Taipei, Taiwan, Nov, 12, 2012) Today, Lanner Electronics Inc. unveiled the LEC-5530N and LVC-5550S, two cost-effective, fanless in-vehicle computers utilizing the Intel® AtomTM processor. The LEC-5530N features the Intel® AtomTM D525 1.8GHz, while the LVC-5550S has the Intel® AtomTM D2550 1.86GHz. Both are designed for in-vehicle remote tracking/monitoring, computer-aided dispatching, public transportation surveillance, infotainment, emergency medical services and fleet management. “The LVC-5550S is a great value for its price point,” said

1U Serial Communication Relay for SCADA and Electrostatic Discharge Environments …

(Taipei, Taiwan- November, 2nd 2010) Lanner Electronics, Inc. has just released a 1U serial communications platform designed for electrostatic discharge environments and SCADA systems. It features a completely cable-less interior and 10 isolated serial ports, 8 of which feature onboard auto-flow control. The QORE LEC-3100 is the center piece in Lanner’s array of industrial automation and power control products. Our QORE series of serial communication platforms has been implemented in China

Cost-Effective Intel Atom Based Network Appliance With 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

(Taipei, Taiwan October 28th, 2010) Today, Lanner Electronics, Inc., a global manufacturer of network appliances, released the FW-7539, a desktop appliance made for network communication. This SFF platform comes with 4 GbE LAN ports with optional bypass and uses the 1.66 GHz D410/D510 Intel Atom processors. “Providing high quality, cost-effective desktop platforms are key to Lanner’s business,” said Terence Chou- Network Appliances Product Planner, “with today’s emphasis on cloud computing and

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