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07.01.11 - Airex AG

WOW! Experience the SUPPORT of our AIREX® YogaPilates 190 mat

If you want to be a champion in the field of body & mind activities, you have to do three things above all else: exercise, exercise and exercise. To achieve your goal there are no shortcuts or magic p... mehr

03.01.11 - Airex AG

If it lasts a long time, it does not need to be disposed of for a long time either.

Some manufacturers are increasingly orienting the quality of their products on a short service life from the outset. And things are no different with gymnastics mats: Cheap products from the Far East ... mehr

03.01.11 - Airex AG

AIREX® training programs: Download for free and the training can start right away

AIREX® training programs: Download for free and the training can start right away AIREX® gymnastic mats and Balance products can be used everywhere: in sports and schools, in clubs and leagues, in ... mehr

03.01.11 - Airex AG

BeBalanced! Tai Chi for body, mind and spirit

With its training program BeBalanced! Tai Chi, Airex AG – the manufacturer of AIREX® mats and Balance products – offers another program especially developed for the AIREX® Balance-pad Elite. BeB... mehr

23.12.10 - Airex AG

On AIREX® gymnastics mats you can do a lot for your health. And in fact in two respects.

The range of sporting activities on offer is wider that ever today. That makes it all the more important to create the optimum conditions for every type of training. AIREX® products make a crucial co... mehr

22.12.10 - Airex AG

AIREX® and BeBalanced! – Like a Workout on Clouds

Body & Mind activities attain a maximum training effect with a minimum expenditure of energy. In this respect the BeBalanced! product line AIREX® opens completely new possibilities. The BeBalanced! t... mehr

22.12.10 - Airex AG

An entirely new sensation: Balance with an automatic foot massage

The AIREX® Balance-pad Elite makes an immediate impression as a result of the sophisticated waffle finish of its surfaces. Not only does it make the pad non-slip, but it also provides effective stimu... mehr

22.12.10 - Airex AG

AIREX® Balance-beam: Maximum training possibilities

AIREX® Balance-beam is the name of another multi-functional Balance product from the Swiss manufacturer Airex AG. The Balance-beam offers effective support in reaching therapy and training goals. Th... mehr

18.12.10 - Airex AG

AIREX® gymnastics mats now have the hanger system that they deserve.

AIREX® products have long had a firm place in fitness, aerobics, yoga and Pilates studios, as well as in club and leisure sport. The manufacturer Airex AG offers a clever hanger system for its mat pr... mehr

18.12.10 - Airex AG

Buoyant, all-weather, robust: You can't keep AIREX® products down.

The well-known AIREX® fitness and therapy products from global market leader Airex AG are not only buoyant on the market. They also prove their worth in aqua-fitness, in aquatic therapy rehabilitatio... mehr

17.12.10 - Airex AG

Certified and recommended: AGR quality cachet for AIREX® products

More and more people suffer from backache. The association AGR Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) awards a quality cachet for products that promote a healthy back. AIREX® mat... mehr

14.10.10 - Airex AG

AIREX® Balance-pad XLarge: Balance training in a new dimension

Experience balance training in a new dimension: Approximately 98 cm or 38½ inch in length, the options for using the Balance-pad XLarge are virtually endless. Therapeutic and training goals can be a... mehr

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