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ALTLED Unveils New Light version T8, compatible with ALTLED Power Supply & Dissi …

Aeon Lighting Technology (ALTLED), a leading LED lighting solution provider, has dedicated itself to develop energy saving & highly efficient lighting solutions since establishment in 2007, has its own outstanding patented heat dissipation technology & High-performance driver design that makes ALTLED has obtained great reputation from the clients from 120 countries worldwide for superior products stability, durability, safety and high-quality customer service. This year is the tenth anniversary of ALTLED

ALTLED Anti-Explosive Lamps Aim to Secure All of the Unnoticed Extreme Working E …

Millions of U.S. citizens are suffering from industrial causes every year. According to United States Department of Labor, closely 5 thousands fatal workplace injuries and nearly 3 million nonfatal ones happened in the year of 2014. Being one the leading LED manufacturer, ALT strongly feels the desire and responsibility to contribute in industrial security and guarantee our technicians’ safety. We believe taking the initiative will bring up the awareness of

Outstanding Patented Dissipation Technology Enables ALTLED to Achieve High CRI w …

In LED lighting industry, it has long been an intractable issue to enhance high CRI displays and meanwhile maintaining high luminance. Through its outstanding patented dissipation technology, ALTLED overcomes this obstacle and maximizes the lighting efficiency of chipsets with high CRI. CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a crucial index to evaluate the quality of light source. The higher the CRI, the nearer the object approaches its original color

ALTLED Successfully Lit up Taiwan Int’l Lighting Show

High power LED manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) successfully attracted many visitors at 2016 Taiwan International Lighting Show between April 13th and April 16th. With “Integration & Revival” as the topic, ALT showcased various types of high quality energy saving LED lamps and drivers at the exhibition. To respond to some extreme circumstances, LED lamps should be designed with special structures and mechanisms. ALTLED has been famous by showing how ALT

ALTLED Square Downlight Earns UL Certification

To ensure product’s quality and user’s safety, ALT is continuously trying to acquire various worldwide safety certifications for all product lines. Following the pace of MR16, BR30/40, and PAR30/38, ALTLED downlight series and square downlight series also have earned UL certification this February. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a worldwide well-reputed third party conformity assessment unit. For manufacturers, UL label represents the most convincing and authorized indicator of product safety around the

ALTLED® improves energy efficiency of national badminton court in Ehime Japan

(2015.06.2 – Taipei) A national badminton court located in Tobe, Ehime, Japan has installed with all new ALTLED® lightings to create a more energy saving and standard compliant sports venue for national competition. It is also the predefined venue for the badminton item in 2017 national sports festival of Japan, equipped with 10 badminton courts. The court’s ceiling is 16 meter in height, and the court’s total area is at least

ALT introduces Suspended Fixture with Contemporary Design

(2015.4.24 – Taipei) Taiwanese high power LED manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) introduces a suspended LED T8 fixture that exhibits of slim and simple elegance, along with an impeccable internal LED heat-dissipation design optimized for illumination and its output consistency. This type of suspended fixture uses silver anodized aluminum exterior, giving it a smooth surface and an appealing color design. The fixture is also equipped with light diffusing panels, providing an

Aeon Lighting Donates LED bulbs to sponsor the Earth Day

(2015.04.17 – Taipei) Taiwanese high power LED lighting company Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.(ALT) sponsors the Earth Day Taiwan organizer “Taiwan Environmental Info Association(TEIA)” with a earth day campaign. Once the donation is complete with TEIA, donator can get one ALTLED® bulb free of charge. The ALTLED® bulbs provide uniform light pattern, long lifespan, and high consistency in every aspect backed by many international certifications. ALT’s CEO James Liang said ”The

ALT Orion series Recessed Lights Evolves to High CRI, Creating Vivid Representat …

(Novemner 21, 2014 – Taipei) Aeon Lighting Technology, a Taiwanese high power LED manufacturer, has enhanced its Orion series by increasing CRI and brightness. In addition, it also allows customized patterns on panel lights, which can make commonplace panel lights more creative and appealing. All these new features not only can greatly boost the brightness, but also can render the colors of objects more naturally and faithfully. And they can

Oslon Square used in ALTLED Lodestar series

(November 7, 2014 – Taipei) ALT –Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. has launched a new Floodlight utilizing Osram Opto Semiconductors’ new Oslon Square chipset. ALTLED new Lodester Series have enhanced heat dissipation, color stability and a longer lifespan at higher wattage; which would include the high wattage lamps from 200W to 500W, that are powerful, robust, and super bright. Additionally, with Oslon Square’s improved efficiency, the LED lamps will also reduce

Aeon Lighting Technology’s UNIQUBE™ LED Square Downlight Design takes home C …

(October 27, 2014 – Taipei) Taiwanese high-power LED manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) is attending the biggest Lighting Fair in Asia「2014 Hong Kong International Light Fair」,displaying superior LED brightness and its leading tech in the industry. The product that gained the most attraction was the Uniqube™ Square-design Downlight which won two of the awards, the Commercial Lighting-Design and Eco-Design awards from 「My Favourite Lighting Products Award 2014」. One of the

Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) - Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn) …

(2014.10.17 -Taipei) Taiwan’s High Powered LED illumination company, Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT), is set out to attend Asia’s biggest light fair - the 16th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn). For the first time, ALT will be stationed in the Hall of Aurora, a hall that rounds up all other well-known international lighting companies. To prepare for this event, ALT will be combining its top LED technologies and innovations, in

ALT Coastal Cleanup Day

(October 9, 2014 – Taipei) ALT (Aeon Lighting Technology) employees with friends and family participated, on October 4, in a beach clean-up organized by and between North Coast with Guanyinshan National Scenic Area and ALT. ALT staff and family members spent a joyous afternoon cleaning up the Laomei Green Reef Beach in the northeastern coast of Taiwan. The result was positive: over 200 kilos of waste and garbage were collected.

ALTLED® Aluminum Plus Panel Light

(September 30, 2014 – Taipei) The ALTLED 46W panel light is a sleek panel light which emits beautifully distributed light without glare. The product is equipped with premium aluminum thermal management which quickly dissipates unneeded heat generated from the chipset. The product adopts side-lighting type backlight module as opposed to the conventional direct-lighting type backlight module, which may be brighter but a lot thicker and provides uneven area light source,

ALT Takes up Ice Bucket Challenge

(September 15, 2014 – Taipei) Ice bucket challenge? Not a problem for ALT!! Before the “Ice Bucket Challenge” craze, ALT products have already been known to feature products that work in the harshest environments. Remember the PAR38 lamp cooking in boiling water? This time, the challenge is for the lamp to work and operate in ice cold water. Please see video for the ultimate ice lamp challenge here: The standard

ALT Partners with Realty Developer for Quality Lighting & Living

(Sept. 3, 2014 – Taipei) Other than work, the home is where most people spend most of their time. It is a place of comfort and relief, where people go back to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. Which is why safety and the quality of materials used in building your home is so important. Lighting is something people generally overlook, but is nevertheless one of the

ALTLED Orion HPF T8 Tube Passes LVD

(Aug 11, 2014 – Taipei) Other than FCC, RoHS, and CE, ALTLED’s HPF T8 tube has most recently passed LVD laser testing. The LVD ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits both provides a high level of protection for European citizens and enjoys a Single Market in the European Union. Although Low Voltage Directive (LVD) safety testing is perceived as much simpler than EMC or environmental testing, it should

New - ALTLED IP65 Waterproof T8

(July 16, 2014 – Taipei) The ALTLED IP65 Waterproof T8 tube is high-quality, durable and especially good for bright and evenly spread illumination. Unlike traditional fluorescent T8 tubes which are fragile, the ALTLED T8 tubes are impact-resistant and shatterproof which makes it difficult to break either accidentally or through vandalisation. An IP65 Ingress Protection rating in this ALTLED IP65 Waterproof T8 tube provides evidence of its dust-tightness and complete resistance to

The Truth about LED Lifespan

50,000 hrs? 60,000hrs? 10 years? 20 years? What is the real deal? Typical incandescent bulbs last 1,000 to 2,000 hours; LED retrofit replacements are quoted to last around 25,000 to 50,000 hours. But why 25,000 or 50,000 hours? This is measured by the light emanating from the product to be 70% of the brightness from when it was new. This became the standard because lighting industry engineers believe that at this

The Designer’s Newfangled Downlight

(May 15, 2014 – Taipei) ALT (Aeon Lighting Technology) has recently launched the ALTLED Uniqube SQUARE downlights. The Uniqube series is categorized in the Orion series as they are recessed downlights with superb heat dissipation technology that will guarantee product and lighting quality. The ALTLED® Uniqube™ is the brightest luminaire-in-one downlight in the market, featuring pure aluminum heat sink built into the fixture. Its translucent frames emits colored lights according

Dimmable IP68 Weatherproof ALTLED® PAR38, Now UL and PSE Listed

(May 8, 2014 – Taipei) One of ALT lighting’s biggest advantages is the achieved numerous worldwide safety certifications from third party conformity assessment units. Most recently, ALTLED® PAR38 (IP68) has passed Japan’s Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Material (PSE) safety regulations, which is mandatory for enterprises that manufacture or import products in Japan, as stated by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law. Japan is one of the most stringent when

LED Lighting for British Royalty

(April 28, 2014 – Taipei) When it comes to quality and safety, ALT puts priority over the two above all else. Therefore it comes as no surprise that even the Queen of England opted for ALT’s products. About 1,100 pieces of ALTLED® Metis dimmable chandeliers in warm white are installed in a Grade 1 Listed building in Central London next to Buckingham Palace, Lancaster House. Lancaster House was used during

ALTLED® T8 Tubes New Option - Linear Fresnel Lens

(February 19, 2014 – Taipei City) To better serve ALT’s customers, ALT has adopted the use of linear Fresnel lens for the ALTLED® T8 tube series. Fresnel lens has the ability to effectively collect and concentrate a significant portion of the lamp's overall light output and direct it as a tight beam. Alternatively they can be used to collimate a linear lightsource (such as a strip of LEDs). Using the

ALTLED® New Product – Luminaire-and-Light in One Downlight

Aeon Lighting Technology expands its Orion Series of LED retrofit recessed lights with the introduction of a new 4-inch downlight (20W). The new model is for existing sites, new construction and remodel installations. The ALTLED® 4-inch LED downlight is a luminaire-and-light in one which does not require extra lighting fixture and replaces inefficient incandescent light sources. The fixture can be installed in existing housings, as well as in new or renovation

Super Powerful - ALTLED T200 Floodlight

(Jan 6, 2014 – New Taipei City) ALT’s all-new T200 High Powered LED Floodlight produces a bright light output of an incredible 21,000 Lumens. It is 100-240V AC standard with 90 to 277V tolerance / 12V DC and 24V DC optional. Incorporating CREE’s XT-E chips, the T200 is offered in various beam angles (15゜- 130゜) for various requirements. The housing is constructed with aluminum alloy to ensure anti-corrosion. Optimal cooling

Light Up Hope – ALT LED Light Donation Project

(December 26, 2013 – Taipei) As part of ALT’s corporate social responsibility, ALT sponsors several foundations and orphanages in Taiwan, donating high-quality LED lights for children and providing them a better lit environment. ALT dispatched lighting experts to the Foundations and evaluated each condition and the type of lighting products suitable. Below are a few of our successful projects: Rong-Guang Social Welfare Institution The orphanage provides a home for 2-18 year-olds,

Defective LED Lights Pose a Serious Risk of Personal Injury: ALT Safeguards Cons …

Last month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall on 99,000 LED light bulbs that were sold in the US between October 2012 and May 2013. These light bulbs were manufactured in China under a leading lighting company. The main problem was potential shock hazard caused by a lead wire in the bulb’s housing with improper fitting, which can electrify the entire lamp. Recall of LED light bulbs

ALT receives UL for the new ALTLED® PAR30

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT) continues to push the boundaries of what's possible with its UL certification for its widely applicable ALTLED® PAR30 LED light bulb, reaching 2,000 lumens of light. This will be good news for current clients, as well as users who haven't quite decided on which LED product to choose, around the world. ALTLED® PAR 30 can perfectly replace traditional 100W and 120W PAR30s, saving a lot

ALT's Outdoor Lighting Series Has Just received DLC Certification

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT) has just received Design Lights Consortium (DLC) certification for its Outdoor lighting series—Lodestar—through its partner L.E.D. Rite, LLC, located in Illinois, USA. ALT has continued to raise the bar with constant innovation and improvement in high power LED lighting, becoming the leader of innovation in the LED lighting market. Receiving DLC certification is another testament to this fact. Design Lights Consortium (DLC)—an organization funded by,

ALT will present the newest product of 2012 in Messe Frankfurt Light + Building …

(April 9, 2012 Taipei) Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. has been performing greatly in the European market since last year. Therefore, ALT announces its plan to participate in Messe Frankfurt Light + Building 2012, which is the largest lighting trade show in the world and only held once every two years. Mostly the newest light products will be presented and viewed in the show during April 15th to 20th, 2012 in

ALT, the first manufacturer put CREE’s MT-G LED into mass production

Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT), the leading high-power LED lighting manufacturer in Taiwan, has announced the agreement with CREE (Nasaq: CREE) in May to reserve production capacity of its latest LED chip—MT-G, in order to compete the leader position of the market. As expected, from June ALT has dramatically grown up in sales, and received large quantity orders from Australia, Germany, and United States. That means ALT has great success on

ALT Plans Dramatic Price Reductions For LED Luminaires Based On New Production M …

The leading LED manufacturer in Taiwan, Aeon Lighting Technology, announces today that due to tremendous sales increasing and adapting new product method, ALT will dramatically drop all products price, up to 40%, to rebate to all customers and prepare for new LED lighting generation. ALT CEO, James Liang, says that, last year-end the company and all employees have set up a goal to grow up 10 times bigger than before.

The Beautiful Convergence of Nature & Technology--ALT’s Taiwan Aboriginal Plan …

(Jun 22, Taipei) The largest LED light Show in Taiwan—Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2011—has been completed on June 16th. This year, the exhibition has attracted 220 LED exhibitors from domestic and oversea. The number of visitors is over 40,000. The event host, PIDA, says that the number of both exhibitors and visitors this year has been higher than previous years ever. Contrast with previous years, all LED exhibitors has showcased

ALT Asteria MR16 Wins 2011 Red Dot Product Design Award

The Taiwan leading high power LED lighting manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) proudly announced to win 2011 Red Dot Product Design Award by Asteria MR16. After winning M Technology and iF Design Award, ALT, once again, is recognized by international design institution through excellent quality and stability design. Outstanding from more than 60 countries and 4000 competitors, ALT has become the first LED lighting manufacturer in Asia to acquire top

Global Safety Certification Alignment, ALT Acquired KCMark & C-Tick

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.(ALT), the leading high power LED lighting company in Taiwan, has recently acquired KCMark from Korea, and C-Tick from Australia, and become the first LED lighting manufacturer to acquire these two certifications in the world. It is also a surely approval from Korean and Australian governments to sell products into these two countries. First in the world, safety approval from Korean government Since 2009, Korean

The First LED Lighting Manufacturer Passed ITRI LED Street Light Inspection, ALT …

The leading LED lighting company in Taiwan, Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), has hold a huge product launch press conference on December 1st in Taipei World Trade Center. On the conference, ALT has officially announced the latest 2010 Q4 products, including new generation LED T8 tube; high-brightness LED candle light; one to many MR16 GX5.3 dimmable series; the latest small lens angle BR indoor lighting series. Additionally, to celebrate ALT

Higher Brightness, Better Efficiency, LED Revolution once again! ALT Shocked H.K …

The largest Asian light fair—H.K. Int’l Light Fair has been perfectly completed on October 30th. This year the number of exhibitors and buyers has broken the record. The total buyers have reached to 30,000; the total exhibitors have reached to 2,000. All buyers from national-wide have packed the venue, even though the event holder—HKTDC has largely increased the area of exhibit this year. Especially the latest hot industry—LED and save-energy

With launching most brightness bulbs, ALT is standing on a peak of LED lighting …

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), a leading global manufacturer of high power LED lighting products, has proudly introduced its most bright products—the Aurora™-series V5 LED MR16 and the Apollo™-series LED BR40 with the highest lumen output in the world for their product class. The Aurora™-series V5 7-watt LED MR16 produces 720lm and the Apollo™-series 35 watt LED BR40 produces 2600lm. Besides class-leading lumen output, the average lifespan of the Aurora™ series

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