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Press Releases from Exhilway Finance International (15 total)

Exhilway Plans To Launch Global Virtual Offices For SME

Exhilway Private Capital Market (EPCM), India’s largest trading platform for the unlisted private companies has planned to launch virtual offices for the small and medium businesses (SME) worldwide. EPCM plans to invest US $5 million or INR 27 crore in the new venture. “The property prices are soaring but the new business ideas are coming up with a rapid pace. EPCM encourages small business to grow, the latest technologies, if implemented

Exhilway Private Capital Market to invest US $20 million in US, create 5,000 job …

Exhilway Private Capital Market (EPCM), India’s first private capital market empowering small and medium sized businesses to raise capital from the private equity and retail investors will invest close to US $20 million in the United States (US) and will create 5,000 job opportunities. The company said in a report issued to the media. EPCM will outsource some of its India based operations to the US officials like communicating with the

Exhilway Private Capital Market CEO gets US $1 million pay pack

Rahul Malhotra, the youngest CEO of the India’s first private secondary market platform will pocket US $1 million or INR 5.5 crore annual pay package. The salary package constitutes of less cash in hand and too much equity which the CEO can sell only after five years of his tenure. Exhilway Private Capital Market (EPCM) which charges its clients equity stake in their respected companies in lieu of helping them

Exhilway slaps INR 9 crore fine on CandyDate Jobs

Exhilway, India’s first private secondary market for emerging businesses in India has slapped INR 9 crore fine on CandyDate Jobs for intentionally changing the date of its job portal launch. The matter was reported by an investor who was caught in the rapid swing of its share price as the company revised the product launch third time on the last moment without any prior information. The investor who bought shares worth

Exhilway Private Capital Market To List 60 Companies

Exhilway PCM which turned operational in April this year has seen over 100 private equity investors taking keen interest in the companies listed on it. The amount committed for investment on Exhilway PCM was seen at mind boggling US $2.9 billion or INR 15,600 crore. “The stock markets are down, even IPOs failed to generate adequate returns then the last option is to favour the market where growth is seen. The

Exhilway Private Capital Market Launches Milestone Emerging Fund

Exhilway Private Capital Market, India’s only secondary market for private companies has launched India’s first e-commerce fund named Milestone Emerging Fund. This fund will invest in stocks or membership units of emerging private businesses and will strive for an annual return of 30-35%. The fund will also offer capital protection along with fixed annual return of 12% per annum or 1% monthly. Milestone Emerging Fund is also the India’s first no

Exhilway to launch Emerging India Business Fund In June

Exhilway, India’s first private capital market will launch Emerging India Business (Venture) Fund this June to finance the growing businesses from India and transform them into a successful enterprise and make them ready to go public. The fund will handpick the best performing companies listed on its platform and will raise a minimum of INR 1,000 crore or US $200 million within 90 days of its launch. The investor will invest

India’s first pre-IPO exchange to be up on April 9

India’s first pre-IPO exchange will commence trading on April 9 next month with a listing of 7 private companies which may have a combined valuation of little over US $500 million or INR 2500 crore. This will be the India’s first pre-IPO exchange which will enable private companies to perform secondary market transactions of their stocks without fulfilling complex formalities, even the partnership firms will be able to raise funds

Exhilway to launch India’s first online private capital market solution next m …

Exhilway, the India based leading wealth management consultant will launch India’s first online private capital market next month. This will be somewhat similar to United States based private exchanges like sharespost and secondmarket. This online platform will help India’s fastest growing companies to raise capital and build market capitalization without going for the initial public offering. The cost of raising funds on Exhilway’s private capital market will be one tenth

Exhilway to hire 7,000 people in India, plans US $2 billion investment

Exhilway, the Canada’s 6th largest wealth management company, will hire 7,000 people in India this year via the best known social networking mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Exhilway intent to expand aggressively in the financial sector in India, over Rs 500 crore or US $100 million is already invested in infrastructure and setting up of branch offices nationwide. Exhilway will also apply for memberships of the Indian stock exchanges

Exhilway turns bearish on gold, sells US $1.69 billion of holdings

Exhilway, the Canada’s largest wealth manager and the world’s most successful managed futures company, has sold their US $1.69 billion of gold holdings ahead of bearish sentiment in gold and a recovery in the world economy. “We are bullish on gold but we do not see immediate rise in gold prices. Gold is now being driven emotionally rather than fundamentally and we will not remain invested in gold under this kind

Exhilway to lure and hire top brass of financial companies in India

Exhilway, the Canada’s largest wealth management organization, in an attempt to expand its wealth management business in India have decided to hire the best top brass of other financial companies in India. Exhilway which carries a huge investment corpus have already started approaching the directors of the competitor companies in India with a hefty pay package and the better designation. “Exhilway is cash rich enterprise, money is not a problem

Exhilway seeks SEBI Approval for its Managed Futures Accounts in India

Exhilway, the Canada’s 6th largest wealth manager, with $3 billion of assets under management is seeking the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approval for the managed futures accounts which they sell in India. Under the current Indian norms, it is optional for a foreign asset management company to get themselves approved from the Indian regulators. Managed futures accounts which provide risk reduction through portfolio diversification by means of negative

Exhilway Wealth to hire 10,000 from India

Exhilway Wealth, the Canada’s 6th largest wealth manager with over US $3 billion of assets under management will hire 10,000 people from India within next 3 years. Exhilway Wealth will also foray into the Indian financial markets with launch of its highly selling offshore investment product known as Managed Futures, an alternative investment vehicle which trades in different asset classes at over 120 stock exchanges for a potentially higher return. David

Exhilway Finance deputy CEO resigns

Calgary: Exhilway Finance International (EFI) said today that Franklin Thomas resigned as deputy CEO of the company. Sara Worth will replace Franklin. According to insiders, Sara is hired on an annual package of US $2.6 million, 25% higher than Franklin. Franklin resigned due to Exhilway's dismal growth in Gulf countries. The resignation highlights increased sensitivity among wealth managers to annual growth. EFI which is the world's sixth largest wealth manager

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