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28.02.11 - Capital Visas

Labour Government Attracted Record Numbers of foreign Immigration to UK: MigrationWatch Report

United Kingdom, 28th, February 2011 - The latest information shows that the previous Labour government has attracted approximately three million more people to the UK during its time in power. Migrat... mehr

31.01.11 - Capital Visas

UK Visas Availability Assured To Indian Skilled Workers

United Kingdom, 29th, January 2011 - The UK business minister announced the availability of UK visa for Indian skilled workers despite of the planned cap on visas. Dr. Vince Cable, UK business minist... mehr

28.01.11 - Capital Visas

Foreign Students Overstaying UK Visas after Their UK Visas Ran Out

United Kingdom, 28th, January 2011 – According to an estimate from a UK lobby group, around 32000 foreign students failed to leave Britain after their UK visas ran out. Around 32000 foreign student... mehr

02.12.10 - Capital Visas

The UK Government has Announced the Full Details of the UK Immigration Cap

The UK immigration cap announced by the government features a range of tight restrictions and drastic reductions in UK visa numbers. The UK Government has announced a permanent cap of 21,700 on skil... mehr

02.12.10 - Capital Visas

UK Visa Applications Fees Increased

The fee hike was announced by the UK Border Agency in September as a response to “budgetary pressures” caused by the Government’s public spending cuts. Some UK Visa’s prices have more than do... mehr

02.12.10 - Capital Visas

New Type of UK Visa - UK Entrepreneur Visa

The UK Government is expected to announce a new type of UK visa – the “Entrepreneur Visa”. A new Entrepreneur Visa is to be introduced in the UK, for the people who have innovative business ide... mehr

01.11.10 - Capital Visas

Now UK Immigration Appeals Require Fees to be Paid by Applicants/Candidates

It was revealed yesterday that applying for a rejected UK visa application will now incur a fee. United Kingdom, 29th, October 2010 All the applications for leave to remain, leave to enter or for tra... mehr

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