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GHOST Festival of the SPANNUNGEN:artists

Lars Vogt and 15 of his artist friends, who in fact were originally invited to this year’s Heimbach-Festival, have organized together with the broadcast stations DEUTSCHLANDFUNK und DEUTSCH-LANDFUNK KULTUR the Ghost Festival of the SPANNUNGEN:Artists Between the 21st and 28th of June, 2020, the artists will play eight concerts, each evening, with-out audience. Those programs will be broadcasted at various dates in the future by the broadcast stations as well

a known and an unknown clarinet quintet - Robert Fusch & Johannes Brahms

The young and internationally well known German clarinet player Sebastian Manz combined his efforts together with the The Danish String Quartet (an international highly applauded String Quartet from Scandinavia) to re-discover the Clarinet Quintet from the Brahms contemporary and friend Robert Fuchs. The Fuchs quintet shows up on eye level with the wellknown Brahms quintet and demands high profession to execute. The two quintets are now available on CD by

50 years CAMERATA BERN - a new CD release

Under the leadership of the violinist ANTJE WEITHAAS (since 2009) the orchestra recorded classical arrangements of Beethoven's String Quartet op. 95 and the famous Kreutzer Sonata. Founded in 1962 with the idea to perform as a small, flexible ensemble without conductor, the CAMERATA BERN developed rapidly to a worldwide wellspoken chamber orchestra. A long list of wellknown musical celebrities helped over the years to develop this orchestra from Berne (Switzerland)

20 Years of the Piano trio TRIO JEAN PAUL

“Whoever dares to deal with Schubert inevitably embarks on a borderline experience. Time stretches to the uttermost, almost beyond human measure. The music, in essence, tells us about our own lives, but it seems to be pointing beyond life’s limits. Here we have life in full bud, bursting to the fullest; daring explorations and danceable élan coexist with otherworldly beauty and rapturous contemplation. All of this is held together by

CHOPIN – Jubilarian 2010 – his 200th anniversary - on a contemporary fortepi …

“Of all Chopin’s works, I find that the two Ballades featured here (op.23 & op.52) and the twenty-four Preludes are some of his most impressive pieces for solo piano. The order chosen here reflects the way I experience these works: The Ballade in G minor literally tells a story – with eloquence, rhetoric and associations of ideas. But it ends in chaos and catastrophe. That drama is followed by a

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