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16.11.11 - YMC Europe GmbH

Versatile (U)HPLC-hybrid columns, now also in C8!

With YMC-TriArt challenging pH-stability and high temperatures are no longer a limitation to your work. Above all due to its unique particle composition a balanced hydrophibicty and silanol activity ... mehr

16.11.11 - YMC Europe GmbH

IEX columns for material screening and method development

Are you sure your column has been packed the best possible way? Until now the extremely efficient YMC-BioPro IEX phases have only been available as bulk media. Still it was introduced into many scree... mehr

14.04.11 - YMC Europe GmbH

The YMC HG-series: High Quality low price silica material

Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? Better quality at better price? It is possible with the new YMC HG-grade series of silica based materials! These new phases combine the trusted select... mehr

22.02.11 - YMC Europe GmbH

Easy handling with Kronlab Pilot columns

Advanced service and cleaning for Kronlab glass Pilot columns As a long-time specialist in the field of glass Pilot columns for lab and production separations, Kronlab specialists are continuously in... mehr

28.10.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

FAT for binary prep. HPLC-System

Recently YMC has assembled two systems for the purification of interferon at their facilities in Dinslaken. The customer took the opportunity to inspect and test the systems in the factory before ship... mehr

28.10.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

Preparative Chiral Purifications with YMC*Gel Chiral NEA

• For NP, RP, SMB and SFC applications • Bonded phases: Easy handling, suitable for all solvents • 5 and 10 µm particles for predictable scale-up • Reversal of elution order by selecting (... mehr

30.09.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

Pilot columns made to measure!

It does not matter if it’s tall or short, fat or thin - Pilot columns are increasingly being manufactured to customers’ demands. Kronlab routinely develops and manufactures lab-scale glass column... mehr

30.09.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

YMC-Triart Prep - Application Note: Separation of structurally similar peptides at pH ≥ 7

Reversed phase chromatography is undoubtedly the most powerful method for peptide purification. In order to improve the cost effectiveness of industrial scale peptide purifications, YMC has developed ... mehr

30.09.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

New brochure "YMC Phases for Biochromatography"

The new HPLC brochure “YMC Phases for Biochromatography” is available now! It contains current applications for biomolecules using various separation mechanisms including IEX, SEC, RP and HILIC . ... mehr

26.07.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

Regulatory Support File for YMC-BioPro now available

A further milestone for YMC-BioPro IEX materials has been reached. The Regulatory Support File (RSF) for these high performance IEX resins has been finalized and is now available. The RSF provides de... mehr

15.01.10 - YMC Europe GmbH

Scalable and pH stable: New C8 and C18 hybrid phases

YMC is introducing a new concept in hybrid stationary phases named YMC Triart for C8 and C18 preparative scale materials. This multilayered hybrid particle succeeds where even modern materials often f... mehr

28.12.09 - YMC Europe GmbH

Facing the challenge of efficiency in bio-pharmaceutical industry

With continuously increasing volumetric productivity in fermentation processes, new stationary phases can help to overcome shortcomings in downstream processing. In order to address this YMC has devel... mehr

28.12.09 - YMC Europe GmbH

New hybrid material in HPLC: YMC-Triart C18

With YMC-Triart challenging pH-Stability and high temperatures are no longer a limitation to your work. Above all due to its unique particle composition a balanced hydrophibicty and silanol activity ... mehr

11.12.09 - YMC Europe GmbH

Ion Exchange Media for High Resolution Purifications of Biomolecules

YMC-BioPro Q30 and S30 are high performance ion exchange resins designed for the purification of proteins, peptides, antibodies and oligonucleotides in laboratory and industrial scale. They are based ... mehr

11.12.09 - YMC Europe GmbH

The Bio-Chromatographers’ wish

Simply high dynamic binding capacities (DBC’s) are no longer sufficient. High DBC, at high flow rates with close to 100% recovery, across a wide range of molecular weights, this is what chromatograp... mehr

03.12.09 - YMC Europe GmbH

Melamine in pet-food

Melamine (sometimes confused with the plant and animal compound, melanine or another compound, melanin) is an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of plastic products. Despite that, tests showe... mehr

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