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Back to School Means Home Staging Career for Mom

(UNITED STATES) September 11, 2012 - This is the season when children are heading back to school and moms are all of the sudden finding they actually have several free hours in the day. Staging Diva Debra Gould advises mothers on the Home Staging Business Report blog to take advantage of the down time and start their own home staging business to bring the focus back to their talents

Staging Diva Explains How Introverts Tap into Creativity

(UNITED STATES) August 21, 2012 – Many home stagers are introverts according to home staging expert Debra Gould. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould discusses the effect of introversion on creativity. “I’ve asked thousands of my home stager followers on Facebook and Twitter whether they consider themselves introverts or extroverts and found that most of us describe ourselves as introverts,” Gould writes. “We can certainly behave like extroverts when

Staging Diva Provides Detailed Look at Color Consultations

(UNITED STATES) July 17, 2012 – Color consultations can be a great source of income for home stagers says home staging expert Debra Gould, also known as The Staging Diva. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould shared a behind the scenes look at two color consultations she recently did for Toronto-area homeowners. “When I’m choosing colors for home staging, I don’t really care too much about what the client

Staging Diva Shares Secrets for Marketing to Real Estate Agents

(UNITED STATES) July 3, 2012 – According to Staging Diva Debra Gould, home stagers often become frustrated in their home staging marketing efforts to real estate agents. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould gives five key reasons why agents should consider hiring home stagers. “Most real estate agents are making very little money right now and they’re not willing to spend any more than is absolutely necessary on a

Home Stagers Encouraged to Take Risks and Embrace Mistakes

(UNITED STATES) June 26, 2012 – A career in home staging can be particularly appealing to perfectionists, according to Staging Diva Debra Gould. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould discusses how striving for perfection can hold home stagers back and keep them from realizing their full potential. “Since I’ve been a home stager for 10 years and teaching others for nearly as long, I know that home staging appeals

Expert Home Stager Cautions Against Blogging Risks

A blog’s location on the web is just as important as the actual content within it, according to Staging Diva Debra Gould. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould provides advice for avoiding some of the risks associated with blogging. “Many home stagers who are new to blogging start out with a free blog on, or,” explains Gould, founder of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training

Staging Diva Warns Home Stagers Against Accumulating Debt for Furniture Inventor …

(UNITED STATES) June 5, 2012 – In order to attract clients, many new home stagers assume they must purchase and maintain their own home staging furniture. On her blog, the Home Staging Business Report, home staging expert Debra Gould tells a cautionary tale about a home stager named Kimberly who accumulated $100,000 in debt after purchasing furniture for her clients’ homes. Gould, founder of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training

Staging Diva Advises Home Stagers to Demonstrate Expertise to Real Estate Agents

(UNITED STATES) May 29, 2012 – According to home staging expert Debra Gould, one marketing technique that home stagers can use to promote their services is to introduce themselves to real estate agents at open houses. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould discusses how home stagers can demonstrate their expertise to agents during these events. After meeting the real estate agent responsible for the open house and explaining the

New Home Stagers Receive Encouragement from Staging Diva

(UNITED STATES) May 22, 2012 – Running a business is not all tea and roses—it takes work for home stagers and all types of entrepreneurs, says Staging Diva Debra Gould. On the Home Staging Business Report blog, Gould provides advice and encouragement for home stagers who may be struggling during their early years in business. “It’s important to remind yourself why you became a home stager in the first place and

Home Stagers Urged to Take Stock of Accomplishments

(UNITED STATES) April 24, 2012 – Staging Diva Debra Gould encourages home stagers and other entrepreneurs to celebrate their business accomplishments on a regular basis. On the Home Staging Business Report blog Gould writes: “I can tell you from experience that it’s important to celebrate your victories and recognize how far you’ve come. Otherwise it begins to always feel like ‘work’ instead of the joy of doing what you love.” Since 2005,

Home Stagers Exhibit Creativity Early in Life, Expert Says

(UNITED STATES) February 7, 2012 – Expert home stager Debra Gould describes on her blog, the Home Staging Business Report, how she has had an interest in home decorating since she was a child. Gould’s readers also commented about their creative ventures as children, many believing that they were born to be home stagers all along. “I’ve been addicted to decorating since I was a kid,” says Gould, who founded the

Home Staging Graduates Draw Attention from Media

(UNITED STATES) January 31, 2012 – Three home stagers, all graduates of the Staging Diva Training Program, were recently featured by the Chicago Tribune and other media outlets. They had previously completed a home staging training program that was founded by The Staging Diva, Debra Gould. “Being featured in the media provides a significant boost to your credibility as a home staging expert in your market,” says Gould. “Do not underestimate

Expert Home Stager Provides Advice for Staging the Dining Room

(UNITED STATES) January 10, 2012 – It is a common mistake for home stagers to “over stage” their clients’ homes, which can distract buyers and sometimes even insult their intelligence. The dining room table is one of the areas where this occurs most often. Home staging expert Debra Gould discusses various options for staging this tricky spot on the Home Staging Business Report blog. “Silly home staging tricks can often backfire

Home Staging Can Help Move Short Sale Properties

(UNITED STATES) January 3, 2012 – Short sales have become much more common in North America with home values down significantly in many areas. In the Home Staging Business Report, expert home stager and entrepreneur Debra Gould explains how homeowners can get better results from their short sale with the help of home staging. “A short sale occurs when a lender agrees to allow a homeowner to sell a home for

Expert Home Stager Provides Confidence-Boosting Tips

(UNITED STATES) December 14, 2011 – Lack of confidence often holds back home stagers and other new business owners from their full potential. Home staging expert Debra Gould recently provided readers of the Home Staging Business Report with steps they could take to boost their confidence. “Take control of your home staging business by organizing your marketing efforts,” writes Debra Gould. “If you’re spinning in circles and not sure what to

Staging Diva Urges Aspiring Home Stagers to Make the Leap into Entrepreneurship

(UNITED STATES) November 29, 2011 – Early in her career, Debra Gould realized that working for someone else was not for her. While employed with three different companies, Gould had to deal with a number of challenges from her bosses, including anger issues, sexual harassment and alcoholism. She was determined to become her own boss by the time she was 30—a goal she can proudly say she achieved. Gould shares

Debra Gould Named as Finalist in Stevie Awards for Women in Business

(UNITED STATES) October 26, 2011 – Debra Gould, founder of Staging Diva®, was named a Finalist in the 8th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Gould is chosen as a Finalist in four categories, including Best Entrepreneur – Service Businesses with Up to 100 Employees, Best Canadian Entrepreneur, Blog of the Year for the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Report, and Mentor or Coach of the Year. The Stevie Awards

Search Engines Take Months to Rank Home Staging Websites

(UNITED STATES) October 10, 2011 – Home stagers often expect their new home staging websites to be listed on the first two pages of Google within a few days. But there are only a few coveted spots on those pages, and there are thousands of websites competing for them. Home staging expert Debra Gould recently described to readers of the Home Staging Business Report the process Google uses to rank

Home Stager Reports That First Client Meeting Came Naturally

(UNITED STATES) September 26, 2011 – When Staging Diva Graduate Susan O’Connor left her corporate job to build her home staging business, she took a calculated risk not knowing how things would turn out. After finishing her first home staging client consultation, she contacted her trainer and mentor Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, to share her story with new home stagers. To spread the good news, Gould recently published O’Connor’s

Home Stagers Advised to Invest in High-Quality Equipment

(UNITED STATES) August 2, 2011 – New home stagers are often reluctant to invest their limited startup funds in quality equipment and training. But according to Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, these stagers are only holding their businesses back. “When starting a business, it’s important to invest in the proper tools. Fortunately, a home staging business is inexpensive to start up,” Gould explains. “There are very few overhead expenses to worry

Struggling Home Stagers Receive Encouragement from Staging Diva

(UNITED STATES) July 25, 2011 – Thousands of people have faced continual rejections as they set out to achieve their goals, yet they continued to persevere until they found success. As examples, in 5 years’ time, James Dyson developed 5,126 prototypes before he succeeded in inventing the first bagless vacuum cleaner. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen endured 130 rejections before their first Chicken Soup For The Soul® book was published.

Debra Gould Provides Tips for Scheduling Home Staging Consultations

(UNITED STATES) July 5, 2011 – Many home stagers worry about finishing one home staging consultation with enough time to get to their next scheduled consultation. Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, discusses strategies for eliminating this stress altogether in the Home Staging Business Report. Gould, founder of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program, explains: “I used to race around like a mad woman trying to fit 10 home staging

Home Staging Course Boosts Sales for Professional Organizer

(UNITED STATES) May 18, 2011 – To broaden her service offerings, Beth DeLozier-Hayes, a Houston-based professional organizer and image consultant, signed up for home staging training through the Staging Diva Program. After completing the training course, DeLozier-Hayes, president of Tres Chic Designs, tripled her income by making home staging services available to her clients. “Beth wrote to let me know she staged four homes last month and that every home she

Home Stager Helps Client Sell Stagnant Property

(UNITED STATES) May 9, 2011 – Staging Diva Graduate, Holly Battaglia, recently did a home staging consult for a house that had been listed on the market for seven months. Before she was called in, there had been 65 showings and a price drop of $40,000, but zero offers. The home was vacant and in poor condition with outdated paint colors, damaged molding and mismatched carpets. “The home required more attention

Home Stager Economy Report Released by Staging Diva

(UNITED STATES) May 3, 2011 – Debra Gould, also known as The Staging Diva®, originally released her special report called “Can I grow a home staging business in a depressed economy?” in 2009. Thousands of stagers have downloaded their own free copy since then to learn how the home staging industry has been affected by the downturn in the real estate market. This report has inspired many home stagers despite difficult

Paint Color Specialist Uses Home Staging Services to Grow Business

(UNITED STATES) April 29, 2011 – Staging Diva, Debra Gould, loves hearing from Graduates of her program like Pamela Sholty of Fresno, California, who have left behind jobs they despised to reinvent themselves as home stagers. Sholty is known locally, as “The Color Coach of the Central Valley.” She’d always considered color and design to be her first loves but she hasn’t always managed to earn a living from her passion. Gould

Home Staging Website CheckUps now Offered by Staging Diva

(UNITED STATES) November 15, 2010 – Many home stagers continue to underestimate the importance of an effective website and how it can help them make more money. Staging Diva, Debra Gould, believes that’s a dangerous mindset to have in today’s business climate with most people starting their search for any type of service with Google. Gould is offering a new service for home stagers to find out why their websites aren’tworking

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