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New Software Solution for Automatic Point Cloud Generation and 3D Modelling from …

GTA Geoinformatik GmbH presents new 3D software solutions at COM.GEO 2012 in Washington D.C. Fully automated generation of very dense 3D point clouds and Digital Surface Models (DSM) from stereo aerial images (nadir and oblique) seems to become more and more important. Most efficiently this is done using semi global matching (SGM) algorithms. With the software release tridicon® PointCloud GTA offers a new tool that produces accurate point clouds for

Breakthrough in Automatic Analysis of Aerial Images with Computer Stereo Vision

GTA Geoinformatik GmbH presents revolutionary new technology for automatic 3D object reconstruction without help of any 2D map data at CeBIT 2012 At this years CeBIT in Hannover dated 06th to 10th March GTA for the first time presents a prototype of a new tridicon® software version, that enables the detection of 3D objects like buildings without the need for 2D vector data (e. g. building outlines). The only source

New Possibilities in Digitizing Aerial Images - Enhance Safety and Usability of …

Most larger municipalities or government agencies as well as many privately owned companies from the geodata sector own a large archive of aerial imagery on film. These archives contain a value of many ten thousands of dollars which is hardly used or recognized. Today's scanning technology together with up to date software tools and data storage systems make possible a much higher scanning resolution than only few years ago. Where

High-Quality 3D Modelling Using Georeferenced Photography

Production of georeferenced digital 3D landmarks from terrestrial photography using the software suite tridicon® 3D LANDMARK Digital 3D city models become very popular. Internet maps and car navigation are much more user-friendly when using 3D visualisation. Many municipalities use 3D city models for applications in town and environmental planning, for noise control management, for solar panel assessments or for marketing purposes. New technologies like 3D printing allow the fast and cost-efficient

New Generation of tridicon® CityDiscoverer Released

New Experience in Jointly Analysing 3D City Models and 2D GIS Data from Diverse Sources The new generation of the cutting edge 3D analysis software tridicon® CityDiscoverer combines the virtues of the current CityDiscoverer with a completely new user experience and more intuitive handling. Combining 2D and 3D data from different sources, visualizing and analysing them in a joint project becomes just as easy as putting together an office presentation. To achieve

GTA offers special rates for tridicon® 3D software solution

Software for the automatic generation of 3D city models available at very competitive prices GTA Geoinformatik GmbH will present its full range of new pathbreaking software solutions for automatic creation and utilization of 3D city models at Nuremberg from the 27th to the 29th of September 2011 (Hall 7A, booth G45). tridicon® 3D software automatically generates high-quality 3D buildings in LOD 2 from LiDAR point clouds, stereo aerial or satellite imagery. The

Calculation of solar potential using aerial imagery and tridicon SOLAR

New software paves the way for the use of renewable energies on roof areas. tridicon SOLAR generates planning instrument automatically. Part of the top issue “renewable energies” is the search for new locations where solar panels using photovoltaics technology or solar thermal power will be efficient. Municipalities, energy suppliers, investors and citizens need a planning instrument that visualizes the solar potential of roof areas taking into account exposition, slope and shadowing.

GTA offers technology to equip real-world 3D city models with 3D facades

Collaboration with Swiss Procedural Inc. brings leading 3D technologies together. GTA adds CityEngine to production toolchain of 3D city maps. GTA and Procedural provide a solution to model large databases of real-world building data with more 3D detail. Special focus is set to add depth to the facade as well as details to the roof. CityEngine imports 3D buildings generated automatically with GTA’s software solution tridicon 3D, transfers detailed tridicon

Automatic generation of 3D city models at the CeBIT 2011

tridicon 3D uses stereo aerial imagery or LiDAR data to generate 3D city models. From March 1st until 5th at the CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany, GTA Geoinformatik GmbH proudly presents its new software solution tridiconTM 3D for the automatic generation of 3D city models. In an automatic process tridiconTM 3D delivers high quality models in level of detail 2 (LOD 2) from stereo aerial imagery. Other suitable data sources

German world leaders: GTA Geoinformatik GmbH belongs to top 3 worldwide

German world leaders: GTA Geoinformatik GmbH belongs to top 3 worldwide with tridiconTM 3D software in digital photogrammetry and the generation of 3D city models. At the end of January the publication of the “Lexicon of German world leaders 2010” was celebrated in Schwäbisch Hall. Considered as a world leader is a company that managed to belong to the top 3 in its business sector. GTA Geoinformatik GmbH as a medium–size

Tested in mass production and now new on the market: software for automatic prod …

In 2010 the German company GTA produced with inhouse developed the software tridicon 3D more than 180 3D European city models in level of detail 2 (LOD 2) with a total area of more than 5.000 square kilometres. tridicon 3D delivers high quality models from stereo aerial imagery. Other suitable data sources are LiDAR data (airborne laserscanning) and stereo satellite imagery. Furthermore a digital terrain model and building footprints are

Geoinformatics company licences 150 European 3D city maps for navigation

GTA Geoinformatik GmbH (Germany) has delivered the first bundle of 150 European 3D city maps to customers dealing in navigation services. The 3D city maps are high-quality, detailed data in level of detail 2 (LOD 2) with generalised roof and wall textures and a very large coverage with an average of 30 sqkm per city. The 150 3D city maps were produced automatically from aerial imagery using the software tridiconTM

GTA builds large commercial data base for 3D maps in Europe

Navigation industry and drivers rely increasingly on three-dimensional devices GTA Geoinformatik GmbH (GTA) in Neubrandenburg, Germany, produces 3D city maps of 900 European cities, building one of the largest commercial data bases with three-dimensional city maps. Background is an increasing demand in the navigation industry. About half of all new devices are already 3D compatible, though suitable and available modern 3D city maps are scarce. The branch expects that 95

Mecklenburg geoinformatics company announces breakthrough success in 3D technolo …

Fully automated production now unrivalled fast and low priced GTA Geoinformatik GmbH (GTA) in Neubrandenburg succeeds with an important breakthrough in the fully automated production of 3D models from aerial images. The new software solution tridicon™ ROOF makes the production of true to original digital 3D city models which are highly detailed possible. Hightech technology reduces production time and costs of complete threedimensional city maps substantially. With adequate computing capacity a

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