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64-bit Applications arrive in Virtual TimeClock 19

Fresno, CA - June 27, 2019 - Today's release of Virtual TimeClock 19 delivers 64-bit versions of Redcort Software's popular employee time clock applications. Virtual TimeClock's new 64-bit apps remain familiar to users while ensuring compatibility with the latest computers and tablets running macOS and Microsoft Windows. Virtual TimeClock 19 adds support for HiDPI displays, Dark Mode for MacOS, and a new Kiosk Mode for increased security of centralized time

Virtual TimeClock 16 Helps Employers Simplify Labor Compliance

New time clock software release helps employers control payroll costs and more easily comply with increasing government labor regulations. Clovis, CA – May 23, 2016 – Employers have a powerful new ally in the face of growing labor regulations with today’s release of Virtual TimeClock 16 from Redcort Software Inc. This major update to their popular time clock software helps companies eliminate unwanted overtime and reduce labor costs

Virtual TimeClock 14 Turns Any Computer Into An Employee Time Clock

New time clock software release optimized for notebooks, tablets, and touch screens with new administrative tools to more easily manage employee time and attendance FRESNO, CA - March 20, 2014 – Managing employee time and attendance is flexible and elegant with the new Virtual TimeClock 14 release available today from Redcort Software Inc. Virtual TimeClock 14 provides a streamlined and modernized user experience that makes using Virtual TimeClock easier than ever.

Virtual TimeClock Simplifies Employee Overtime Tracking

FRESNO, CA - September 19, 2013 - Managing employee time and attendance is faster and easier with the new Virtual TimeClock software release available today from Redcort Software Inc. Virtual TimeClock '13 Release 2 saves busy employers time and money with enhanced overtime, importing and overnight shift handling features. Over a dozen new reporting enhancements provide powerful new ways to easily summarize worker activities, hours and overtime. "Virtual TimeClock makes it

Virtual TimeClock ’13 Makes Timecard Management a Breeze

Time clock software release integrates time saving payroll management tools, secure PDF reporting, and new daily or monthly employee leave accrual options. FRESNO, CA – January 15, 2013 – Employers wanting to save time processing employee hours for payroll will appreciate the new management tools in today’s release of Virtual TimeClock ’13 from Redcort Software. An all new Report Preview integrates and simplifies employee timecard editing, formatting, and printing. All

Virtual TimeClock Integrates with ADP for Fast, Accurate Payroll

New Virtual TimeClock software release integrates seamlessly with ADP Pay eXpert® payroll in addition to a dozen time clock user enhancements. FRESNO, CA - October 9, 2012 – Employers who rely on ADP payroll processing have an economical new time clock solution with today’s new Virtual TimeClock release from Redcort Software, Inc. Time saving ADP payroll integration and a dozen program enhancements in the new Virtual TimeClock ’12 Release 2

Free Employee Timesheet Templates From Redcort Software

Redcort Software provides free employee time sheets to help workers easily report hours and overtime. FRESNO, CA – June 9, 2011 – Redcort Software is providing free employee timesheet templates to help workers record their regular hours and overtime. The templates are available in several popular document formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Apple Pages, so time cards can be easily customized for any business. “For 25 years, we've been helping employers

Free Employee Time & Attendance Resources

Employee time clock software publisher now hosts free time and attendance tools for small businesses. FRESNO, CA – November 18, 2010 – Redcort Software has released new free online resources that provide businesses with handy reference tools. Resources include overtime rules for each state and calendars with the dates of common business and federal holidays. These free time and and attendance resources join Redcort’s free time card calculator that provides employees

Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration Makes Payday Easier

FRESNO, CA - August 24, 2010 – Businesses of every size now have a time saving, reliable way to go from time clock to paycheck with the new Virtual TimeClock software released today by Redcort Software. Virtual TimeClock Pro brings payroll integration with leading payroll service providers, including SurePayroll, Paychex Online, Paychex Preview, PayChoice, AccountEdge, and CheckMark Payroll. “Payroll just got a lot easier,” said Mr. Calvin Steinhoff, Vice President of

Free Timecard Calculator from Redcort Software

FRESNO, CA – March 5, 2010 – Redcort Software has released a free web based timecard calculator that provides a convenient weekly timesheet for totaling employee hours. The free timecard calculator from the publishers of Virtual Time Clock software for Mac and Windows PC computers provides employees with an easy way to total daily and weekly hours. “In our 20 years of publishing time clock software, we regularly get inquiries from

Virtual TimeClock '10 Helps Businesses Reduce Employee Payroll Costs

FRESNO, CA - January 19, 2010 - Business owners can reduce payroll costs using powerful new employee time clock features in the new version of Virtual TimeClock from Redcort Software. With new break and lunch time tracking capabilities, Virtual TimeClock '10 delivers valuable features to help employers better manage employee payroll costs. Using Virtual TimeClock software saves employers valuable time and money. Accurately tracking worker breaks and lunches can lower

Virtual TimeClock ’09 Release 3 Adds Notes to Employee Timecards

New release offers timecard notes, Snow Leopard and Windows 7 support, and dozens of time clock software enhancements. Fresno, CA - 10/29/2009 - Virtual TimeClock '09 Release 3 was announced today by Redcort Software, publisher of employee time clock software for PC and Mac computers. Virtual TimeClock '09 Release 3 is available in both Pro and Network Editions. The new Virtual TimeClock software release brings the ability to add notes to

Virtual TimeClock 2009 Roadmap: Helping Businesses Navigate a Challenging Econom …

Fresno, CA USA (December 9, 2008) – Redcort Software today released details on their upcoming Virtual TimeClock 2009 software release with special year-end pricing. Virtual TimeClock software for Windows and Macintosh computers helps small to medium size businesses easily manage their employee hours and overtime costs. "Our customers have asked us to make Virtual TimeClock scale with their businesses both in terms of growth and economic changes, and we take those

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