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26.03.09 - ADVANSA

ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ Sponsored Raid Team Wins Second Consecutive Victory In Cordoba

Andalusia 14-15 March 2009: Among 70 teams Buff® ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ has won the III Raid Sierras Subbéticas, being the second consecutive victory of the year. The team – formed by Fran López... mehr

17.03.09 - ADVANSA

Countdown startet for the Super Jump

Michel Fournier (65), a former colonel of the French Army has announced for end of August 2009 his next attempt of the amazing free-fall Super Jump from space in a special suit made with Thermolite® ... mehr

17.03.09 - ADVANSA

Bruno Banani goes green with BIOPHYL™

Innovator underwear manufacturer Bruno Banani goes green with BIOPHYL™, using a new product from Advansa, Europe's polyester fibre leader. BIOPHYL™ is the last in technology and sustainable ecolog... mehr

17.03.09 - ADVANSA

BUFF® ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™: Winner Of Huairasinchi

Ecuador – 21st to 23rd February: The 7th edition of the adventure race in Ecuador Huairasinchi ended with the great success of the BUFF® ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ Team who completed the race of 332 k... mehr

05.12.08 - ADVANSA

ADVANSA´s innovations at Performance Days

ADVANSA, the largest polyester manufacturer operating in the Europe, Middle East and Africa, is presenting its innovations at Performance Days, the first European Roadshow, specialized on functional f... mehr

03.12.08 - ADVANSA

Coolmax®/Buff® Extreme Raid Team wins Orient Raid at Lake Salagou

Sunday 12th October - Lake of Salagou. Around 50 km from Montpellier, (France); the Orient Raid started with 65 teams in the adventure and 35 teams in the elite circuit. Being in the elite circuit, Bu... mehr

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