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Text Analysis Tool Helps Brownfield Software Projects

Development in large, intransparent software projects, often called Brownfields, requires many text searches for analysis. New search tool provides a GUI optimized for that. STUTTGART, Germany. Depeche View is a text search tool with a new GUI concept, optimized for research of existing code. It displays thousands of text files in a single window, just as if they were one large text. This way, switching between files is no longer necessary,

Windows/Linux File Exchange: A Simple Approach

Copying files between computers can be difficult for many reasons, especially across operating systems. New freeware tool provides a simple solution. Whenever two computers are connected, file exchange can be difficult, due to missing shared folders, admin rights, DNS servers or other technical reasons. The free Swiss File Knife (SFK) provides a solution through it's integrated HTTP and FTP servers. The tool requires no installation, and therefore no administration rights. It can

Source Code Research Accelerated

Software development is mainly copy and modify of existing source code, especially from Open Source projects. New windows tool provides a user interface optimized for search and copy. When analyzing source code, a single search often does not find the best result for a query. The search term must be modified, or a different word is tried - and then the search is repeated. This leads to hundreds of repeated searches

Software Development Costs Depend On Text Search Speed

Software project costs can be reduced by optimizing full text search within source code. Todays IDEs are not efficient on that. New freeware tool provides an optimized user interface and search engine. STUTTGART, Germany. Vincent Stahl, computer artist and software developer, released Depeche View 1.3.8, a text search tool that can search thousands of text files in realtime. The new release provides improved usability, especially for novice users. As it is today,

Depeche View - New text search tool loads all files into one window

Depeche View is a text browser that loads and views thousands of text files in one window, searching words by typing them, instantly and across all files. STUTTGART, Germany. Vincent Stahl, computer artist and software developer, has released Depeche View 1.3.6, a text browser for Windows and Linux (WINE). "Speed is made from many little steps", says the author, "like loading all text files from a directory tree into memory, and

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