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Brosix Version 3.2 Offers Improved Contact Management

Brosix Personal users can now manage their contact lists easily with the latest version of this instant messaging software. One of Brosix version 3.2 instant messenger’s latest features is now included on the personal version of the software, which is free to all users who are using a Mac, Windows, or Linux operation system. The Brosix engineers strive to continue to develop both the Public and Enterprise versions of their software,

Brosix Version 3.2 Allows Managers to View Employee Desk Time

The Brosix Administrative Panel allows managers to view employees’ time spent at their desks. For many companies, the ability to see when employees are at their desks or not can help gauge productivity and manage lunch breaks can be extremely useful. However, many supervisors don’t want to be walking by all employees’ desks to monitor their activity. Fortunately, Brosix offers a “Manage Away Time” feature, which allows supervisors to manage

Introducing Improved Audio in Brosix Version 3.2

Enhanced audio quality in the latest version of Brosix improved the video chat experience. The Brosix programming developers and executive staff are pleased to announce improved Audio Quality for the video chat feature of Brosix Instant Messenger for work and personal use. The enhanced audio feature will be made available for both versions of Brosix, Personal and Enterprise. “We wanted to make sure that our users were having the best experience

Brosix announces recent release of Version 3.2

The new version of Brosix provides current and new customers with improved features and functionality. Brosix continues its commitment to providing customers and clients with one of the most well-supported enterprise instant messengers by offering regular updates as needed on a routine basis. Some of the new features included in version 3.2 of Brosix Instant Messenger are high quality video (640x480) and improved echo cancellation which dramatically improves audio quality. Version

Brosix Unique Import/Export Users Feature Now Available

The Import/Export Users Feature saves time and makes instant messaging network administrators more efficient. The Import/Export Users feature for Brosix Enterprise clients is now available, making it easier than ever for instant messaging network administrators to add or remove several network users at one time. To access this feature, Brosix administrators need to go to the “Users” tab and then click on the Import/Export setting. From there, it’s easy to upload users’

Brosix Private Network Feature Combats Growing Corporate Privacy Fears

Brosix’s private network feature is now available to Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger users to protect company privacy. Brosix’s Private Network feature is just one of the many Brosix Enterprise attributes that are solely available to enterprise customers. The Private Network feature was created to give customers peace of mind when it comes to the growing concern of online privacy, especially when it comes to confidential files and information. The rising cost of

Brosix Features Control Allows Admins Greater User Management

Brosix Features Control is unique attribute to the enterprise only version of Brosix Instant Messenger. The enterprise only version of Brosix gives customers a private instant messaging network that works on an encrypted server. Only users that are given access to the instant messaging network are allowed to use it. Each Brosix Enterprise network has a designated administrator, who has the ability to manage users, read user activity logs, set welcome

Brosix’s Users Activity Log Helps Administrator Supervise Users

Brosix Instant Messenger has several unique features that it offers it’s personal and enterprise clients, including Screenshot, Co-Browse, and more. One of the most unique features that Brosix offers its enterprise clients is the Users Activity Log, which isn’t available in the personal (free) version. The Users Activity Log allows Brosix network administrators at the company level to monitor employee or user activities on Brosix Instant Messenger. Because this is required

Brosix Screen Shot for Screen Sharing

Brosix Screen Shot allows users to send a screen shot of their desktop with one click. With the help of the Brosix Instant Messaging platform it is easier than ever to send a desktop screenshot to a colleague. One click of the mouse is all that is needed to save the current screen and send it to a network contact. During the work process, sharing screenshots is very common. Some users resort

Brosix Now Available On Android

Brosix brings their award-winning instant messaging program to Android-powered smartphones. June 29, 2011 — Brosix has now published a mobile version of their popular secure instant messaging software. Brosix for Android allows customers to log into their Brosix account from their Android-powered phone and chat with their online contacts. “Brosix for Android supports only text chat for now, and we know our users will appreciate using Brosix on the go to

Brosix Releases Web-Based Instant Messaging Client

Brosix can now be run without downloading a program in internet browsers. May 16, 2011 — Brosix has now announced a web, online version of their popular Brosix Instant Messaging program. This program allows Brosix users to log into their account and contact their IM friends and colleagues without downloading Brosix Instant Messenger. Even though this web version of Brosix isn’t a downloadable program, it still has the same high level of

Brosix is a Three-Time Winner in The IM Awards

Brosix wins in 2 categories and places in others on the 2011 annual contest. New York, March 21, 2011 — Brosix again takes home recognition and the top spots for two categories this year in the IM awards-- Best Business IM and Best IM Feature for Brosix Screen Sharing. In the past two years, Brosix has won Best Feature-- once for Brosix Screenshot in 2010 and once for Brosix Whiteboard

Brosix Instant Messenger Releases Version 3.1 Beta

Brosix are elated to announce the release of the Beta version of Brosix 3.1. This new version has many improvements and new features that weren’t previously available with older versions of the award-winning enterprise instant messaging program. Some of the improvements include changes in the user interface to make Brosix easier to use, and new features that make Brosix simply one of the best corporate instant messengers available today. “Besides

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