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Turkish Student Network heading for Open Social?

The social student network studentSN is thinking about joining the cause of OpenSocial, Google's initiative of implementing a common API into the main bulk of social networks. As CEO Ibrahim Tarlig points out, this might be one step towards a more broader audience, as synergy effects are to be expected. At the moment technicians of the berlin-based network try to figure out how much change and work has to be put - Micropartnering and Monetization

Berlin, 08-09-08 - In the last few years it has always been difficult for social networks to monetize themselves. Most of the time plans to make money out of the network failed due to its users discontent with advertisement and their unwillingness to micropay for extra features. The developments of adblockers or free apps with the same service as seen in facebook are just some of many examples for counteractive - All over Istanbul

Berlin, 05-25-08 - As studentSN is going to get itself into shape these days, there are some more campaigns going on in Istanbul, Turkey. Right this week 20 students recruited by studentSN are going to ambush Marmara University with tons of flyers, stickers and t-shirts in order to claim some attention for the social network. The 50k students strong university is going to be the victim of some guerilla tactics right – The student Social Network has got some surprises for its user …

Berlin, 03-13-08 - One week from now studentSN is going to release some brand new features again. In the next round of the renewal of your student social network there are going to be three major updates including events, mailbox filters and browsable profiles. The possibility to post events is going to close the gap between groups and statements, meaning the users will finally be able to point others to upcoming

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