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Developing a research-driven multicultural communications strategy

What's this webinar about? Ethnolink is Australia's leading multicultural communications agency - and we're excited to share with you our approach to developing a research-driven multicultural communications strategy. Join us for our next webinar on Thursday 6th October, 2 PM (AEDT) / 11 AM (AWST). In this 1-hour course... CEO, Costa Vasili, Multicultural Communications Adviser, Rachael Coulthard and Project Manager, Joey Chan will explore: Ethnolink's community-led approach to multicultural research; Qualitative and quantitative multicultural research methods
08-24-2022 | Arts & Culture

How to craft effective multicultural communications campaigns

Creating a multicultural communications strategy across different channels can be challenging. You may have to consider the nuances of digital versus print distribution. Or how different communities approach and engage with information. So how can you create, execute and distribute a successful multicultural communications campaign across cultures, languages and communication platforms? In this 1-hour course... Ethnolink's CEO & Founder, Costa Vasili and Senior Translation Strategist, Cloé Bru explore 3 well-executed multicultural communications campaigns.

How to involve multicultural communities in your next translation project

What's this webinar about? Have you heard of community checking? It's the process of engaging members of your target community to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement on a translated text - a great way to involve multicultural communities in your translations. But, there are also other ways that you can involve multicultural communities in your next translation project. In this 1-hour course... Explore Ethnolink's community checking process, and other ways to involve multicultural communities

Ethnolink launches Ethnolink Education, Australia's first online multicultural c …

In an Australian-first, leading multicultural communications agency, Ethnolink, has launched Ethnolink Education, an online multicultural communications training platform for communications and community-sector professionals, made available entirely for free. At launch, Ethnolink Education includes 14 hours of on-demand video training, on topics relevant to communicating with Australia's Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities including writing for translation, website translation, community engagement, video translation, and multilingual government communications. Having worked on multicultural communications campaigns

What COVID-19 has taught us about CALD communication

What’s this webinar about? At Ethnolink, our language professionals found that the language industry changed because of COVID-19. The silver lining of the pandemic was that people were finally becoming more aware of the importance of language. Governments and organisations were starting to realise just how much translation is needed. The pandemic, after all, doesn’t discriminate by culture, language or ethnicity. In this webinar, we’ll be talking about the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of

Ethnolink inspires Monash University’s next generation of translators

Yesterday, our team at Ethnolink spoke to Monash University’s Masters of Interpreting and Translation Studies students. Among those who spoke at the presentation were our CEO, Costa Vasili, and multicultural communications experts from across all branches of our organisation, Cloe, Rachael, and Bethany. Each member of our presentation team comes from different language backgrounds and has a different role within our company. As such, they each have their own unique perspective on

Ethnolink Shares Expert Multicultural Health Communications Advice

Last week, our resident multicultural communications expert, Rachael Coulthard, shared her expert advice with Bachelor of Human Nutrition students at Flinders University as part of their ‘public communications in nutrition’ studies. Karissa Deutrom, director of Dieticians Do Media and a teacher of Human Nutrition has long been a supporter of Ethnolink, and reached out to give Rachael an opportunity to share her advice about communicating health information to diverse audiences. “I was
07-27-2021 | Arts & Culture

Culture Explored Podcast featuring on Global Chat Radio

Ethnolink is excited to announce that our podcast, Culture Explored, is now being broadcast on Global Chat Radio. Global Chat Radio is an online-based radio station based in Perth, broadcasting for multi-cultural communities in Western Australia. “We’re very grateful to Tim Benson at Global Chat Radio for giving Ethnolink the opportunity to increase the exposure of Culture Explored. We look forward to continuing to work together and sharing more stories of culture

Free Webinar: Best Practice Tips for Multilingual Websites

On Tuesday 18th May, Ethnolink CEO and Founder, Costa Vasili, will be hosting a free webinar on Best Practice Tips for Multilingual Websites. During the webinar, Costa will be sharing his best practice tips for translating websites including: > the different approaches to translating websites and their pros and cons > how to translate a website without breaking the bank > the technical challenges faced when implementing translated text in a website > the

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