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Ed Zimbardi: Revolutionizing the Tech Landscape with Vision and Leadership

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, certain individuals rise above the rest as architects of progress, and Ed Zimbardi undoubtedly occupies this prestigious echelon. An innovator, and thought leader, Zimbardi's profound influence has left an indelible mark on the tech landscape, redefining industries, shaping trends, and setting an inspiring example for aspiring visionaries. Cultivating Innovation through Foresight Zimbardi's journey commenced with an innate curiosity that evolved into a passion for innovation. His
12-21-2022 | Arts & Culture

Deson Teninchy releases his new music album: "First Supper"

Artist: Deson Teninchy Release: First Supper Genre: Hip-Hop Label: Estate Entertainment Brooklyn, NY, recording artist, composer, performer, producer, and street poet Deson Teninchy's latest album titled "First Supper" has been officially released through Estate Entertainment and has already demonstrated the initial signs of impact within the entertainment industry. According to the label's representative, Nicole White, while this album is intended to be construed as somewhat unorthodox by hip-hop aficionados, the artist's and label's goal was

Andrea Pimpini's song with Romi Gariglio is announced: One of the most beautiful …

Andrea Pimpini relaunches one of his latest songs, "Sitting on the Clouds" (ONErpm), and does so using one of the most beautiful emerging international voices, the voice of the wonderful Romi Gariglio. The song is available for pre-save: "It's my favorite song. It has a simple but profound text. Sitting on the Clouds sums up what I feel in everyday life. Italy is a beautiful country from the point of view
12-01-2021 | Arts & Culture


Today, singer and songwriter Andrea Pimpini, announces his new album “I’ll Stay By The Window”. It will be released on December 24th! Pre-Save the new album here: 6 new songs, all in English, which inaugurates Andrea Pimpini's first international album. “I’m very proud of the work that has been done. This year, Billboard has positioned me at the top of its chart. I have received a lot of support from people all

Different Types of Insurance You Should Not Go Without

It is important that you have a good understanding of the different types of insurance that are available. You must understand that the insurance policies that you choose for your home or auto will impact the way that you will be insured in the future. Many times, people make the mistake of simply choosing the first type of policy that they come across. While this may seem like a good
03-23-2021 | Arts & Culture

Andrea Pimpini publishes his new album: "Vai e non pensare"

The Italian singer, songwriter, and producer ANDREA PIMPINI has released his new album “VAI E NON PENSARE” (OneRPM / Warner Music Group). Listen here: The album is available everywhere now and includes 12 new songs characterized by a strong pop-rock charge, by the unmistakable voice of Andrea Pimpini, and by the simple but at the same time deep lyrics. “We need hope – Said Andrea – “Vai e non pensare” is hope.
11-10-2020 | Arts & Culture

Buggzy Hoffa Releases new song “Pray On”

Brookly rapper Buggzy Hoffa releases new single “Pray On”, that addresses the pandemic, the election, racial tensions and everyday life in America. Buggzy Hoffa recently signed to Hip Hop Veteran, Pioneer, and Heavyweight Eric B (of Eric B & Rakim fame and Blue Bloods) Eric B Music Group/Sony and decided to go in another direction from his chart ranking singles in Firehose (peaking at #23) and current single that is

Resiliencez: Trading signals and analytics for traders

Trading signals, analytics for traders and investors worldwide using top level artificial intelligence expert systems – This is Resiliencez "Trading signals, analytics for traders and investors worldwide using top level artificial intelligence expert systems – This is Resiliencez" * What is Resiliencez and what’s your mission? Resiliencez is a software company in Singapore dealing specifically with trading signals, analytics for traders and investors worldwide using top level artificial intelligence expert systems. We are
07-21-2020 | Arts & Culture

Marc Marut and his song against COVID-19

Marc Marut, former child star of the cult thriller movie "The Paperboy" (1994) and series such as "Goosebumps" and "Road to Avonlea" has now become a rock star and has a new hit song out called "Fuck You COVID-19!" His mission? To cheer up the world during this pandemic! And what better way than having his fans unite from all over the world and make a music video? You can

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