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FutureBridge Identifies Three Insect Sources Primed to the Food and Beverage Ind …

UTRECHT, The Netherlands — April 5, 2021 — Insect proteins have struggled with global adoption, despite their promise and historical usage among a large sub-section of the world. We could witness a shift in this regional imbalance as insect protein has a unique potential to address critical issues in the food and beverage industry.“Seventy percent of the world’s agricultural land is already directly or indirectly dedicated to meat production,” said

FutureBridge: Solid-State Battery for Mobility - a Reality by 2025

A goldrush of research publications, patenting activity, funding, and investments in 2020 unveils the pioneers’ race to accelerate roadmaps for the game-changing battery technology for Mobility, finds FutureBridge UTRECHT, The Netherlands - February 22, 2021 - Low-cost solid-state batteries (SSBs) with high cycle-life present strong potential to power future electrified and sustainable mobility once manufactured at scale. Solid-State batteries promise a leap forward, compared to incremental gains from Lithium-ion batteries, with

FutureBridge: Funding for Cultured Meat Companies up 266% in 2020

“While barriers to commercialization remain, there are signs cell-based meat may soon be a reality in the marketplace.” – says FutureBridge UTRECHT, The Netherlands — February 5, 2021 — Even at the height of the pandemic, 2020 was a good year for cultured meat companies, with investments hitting record levels and the first regulatory approval in Singapore for the U.S. start-up, Eat Just. In the last decade, dozens of start-ups have sought

FutureBridge: Our Top 5 Technology Trends for 2021 unveil the New Normal for the …

The pandemic has pushed consumers to not only expect better-tasting and healthier food but also consider a brand's sustainability efforts towards a greener planet, says FutureBridge UTRECHT, The Netherlands — November 19, 2020 — The novel coronavirus has changed how we shop, where we shop, and what we consume. Consumers have adapted to a new normal, creating and shifting trends that will presumably outlast the current pandemic, according to FutureBridge. The pandemic

FutureBridge: Funding for Alternative Protein Companies up 135% in 2020H1

UTRECHT, The Netherlands — Oct 22, 2020 — Amidst the ongoing pandemic, alternative protein sales have hit record levels, with product launches skyrocketing, including under flagship brands. Based on FutureBridge’s research, this record-setting trend is matched by the investments in alternative protein start-ups. FutureBridge reports that global alternative protein start-ups received over $1.4 billion in funding in the first half of 2020, a 135% increase compared with the same period last year.

FutureBridge: Three Emerging Solutions Challenge the High Cost of Alternative Sw …

UTRECHT, The Netherlands — August 06, 2020 — Most global food & beverage companies are now placing sugar reduction at the forefront of product innovation. This trend is a response to growing consumer demand for a healthier lifestyle through more natural, nutritious products, especially with obesity identified as significant comorbidity linked to severe illness from COVID-19. FutureBridge’s ( three-year-long review of global sugar reduction innovations highlighted three technologies hitting key

FutureBridge: Carmaker LeaderBoard Unveils Future Winners & Laggards in Electrif …

The LeaderBoard reveals the leading carmakers with a forward-looking strategy, technology competence, and market position. UTRECHT, The Netherlands - June 2, 2020 - The next decade will see intensifying competition in the electrified vehicle market. Established players fight new entrants for new revenues, pioneering technology, and brand loyalty. Players need a deep understanding of peers' competencies to ensure investments in the right technology. FutureBridge ( today unveiled its "Carmaker Electro-Mobility LeaderBoard

FutureBridge: Research reveals four next-generation proteins best-positioned to …

There is a need for manufacturers to start looking beyond wheat, soy and pea to allow for a more diverse palate of crops to work with - says FutureBridge Utrecht, The Netherlands, April 21, 2020: Consumer demand for a healthier and more sustainable diet continues to drive new plant protein products onto retail shelves. The global plant-based protein market will reach $10.8B by 2022, supported by a CAGR of 6.7%. But growing

FutureBridge: Humanization underpins six technology trends to unleash "Mobility …

FutureBridge: Humanization underpins six technology trends to unleash "Mobility 2030" The 2020s will see humanized virtual assistants catering to passenger "well-being" while technology catalysts such as solid-state batteries, solid-state lidars and data-centric will fuel new mobility business models, says FutureBridge. UTRECHT, The Netherlands -- February 18, 2020 -- The 2020s will see transformative technologies overcome existing techno-commercial roadblocks to unleash "Mobility 2030", the next era in Connected, Automated, Shared and Electrified mobility,

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