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No (e-)waste of time: Why fixing the Apple Watch makes sense

The global smartwatch market keeps growing, and the Apple Watch continues to be the most popular one. It’s a trend the world’s largest online repair community iFixit can confirm: In the UK, the Apple Watch is the 13th most visited device for repair guides on 13.7 million smartwatches were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2020, and more than half of them were Apple Watches. Apple just released its
03-24-2020 | Health & Medicine

Online community iFixit is crowdsourcing repair information for hospital equipme …

Medical teams around the world do a heroic job these days--and to be able to, they are heavily dependent on medical devices. It's absolutely crucial to keep those devices intact during their heavy utilization. In order to help ensuring that, iFixit is building an online resource for repair and maintenance information on medical equipment. Ventilators are among the most needed machines right now, and there's a lack of them everywhere in

It's Teardown o'Clock for the Xiaomi Mi Watch

Smartwatches are en vogue. The Apple Watch has made itself comfortable on the throne of clever clocks, but other manufacturers have read the signs of the times, too--and often, their products are inspired by Apple's design. So it is with the Mi Watch: It's Xiaomi's first contribution to the smartwatch market. It's been only available in Asia since it was released last November, but Xiaomi says, it's coming to Europe

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