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08-31-2007 | Arts & Culture

Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Returns to Find the World’s Best Spanish Speaki …

One of the most original freestyle rap battles in the world –Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos—will host U.S. qualifying competitions in New York this September to definitively crown the country’s best Latin freestyle MC. Anyone interested in registering for the battle should log on to Last year’s competition brought down the house. Nearly 100 emcees registered for the battle but only one would walk away with the

The Only Spanish Hip Hop MC Battle Returns

As the original Producers of the Redbull Batalla De Los Gallos – NY Qualifier for three years, Perrealo has had the success of bringing together the best the Genre has to offer in MC Battles. Having had over 65 MC\'s participate in the 2006 Qualifier, Perrealo has come to be known as the cream of the crop when it comes to Latin MC Battles. Surpassing the

Spanglish! The Latin Hip Hop Market, does it have a place for it?

As Americans we all know that the United States is the largest melting pot in the entire world, that we have every language spoken through out the globe right here in our own America. Now the thing is this, if we have so many diverse cultures and languages being spoken why do we have a problem in allowing them on the Air? Young Latin Americans speak predominantly a

Do They Know Latin Hip Hop? The Latin Billboard Mistake

This year's Latin Billboard Awards were at their best, we can not deny that Latin Music has made a huge impact within the last two years and many are reaping its benefits. But as so many things must come to an end and a new beginning give way to bigger and better things; we see that many are still not properly schooled in what is happening around us.

What is Latin Hip Hop? The Misconception

There seems to be a huge confusion about what Latin Hip Hop is! We are faced with not understanding the music, which is fast becoming the next Genre to come into its own within the Latin market. The question is do we consider an artist who is Spanish a Latin Hip Hop artist just because of their country of origin? The misconception is great when it comes

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