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It used to be challenging to build a secure system from the ground up. Developers now have an "easy button" to overcome that challenge. DornerWorks' Secure Microkernel Virtual Machine (VM) Composer helps teams deploy virtualized high-assurance systems with ease. VM Composer is a cutting-edge modeling tool that simplifies the process of building secure systems, removing the obstacles and enabling teams to focus on growing their business. With the drag-and-drop interface, non-experts

DornerWorks Named Detroit Free Press Top Workplace For 2022

DornerWorks has been named a Top Workplace in the Detroit Free Press list of Top 100 Work Places for 2022 based on positive responses from team members. Only 200 companies made this year's list - being named a Top Work Place is a tremendous honor, as each is nominated by their own employees. "Our culture has been built over the 22 years of DornerWorks existence through the ideas and initiatives of our

An Accelerated and Configurable Path to Launching Products Connected through App …

HomeKitLights improves on Apple's HomeKit user experience for IoT-enabled devices and demonstrates expertise companies can use to reach Apple MFi certification. GRAND RAPIDS, MI, April 20 - Innovators that want to better their customers lives by connecting their products through a mobile app can tap into a rapidly growing market by integrating their products with popular management apps like Apple HomeKit. But the path to that market can be challenging, especially

Embedded System Security Solutions Expanded with New Commits To Open Source seL4 …

A robust data security solution is worth all you can’t afford to lose. Leading developers in aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial markets are launching innovative and secure new products leveraging cost-effective open source solutions. They know there is an alternative to costly proprietary systems, and they are protecting their IP and reputation with engineering guidance from DornerWorks. The seL4 microkernel is a cost-effective, open source option that delivers software security backed by

Army CMS SW Runs on Sierra Nevada Corp. Ruggedized Tablet Enabled by Virtuosity …

On the front lines of battle, it's important to know who's on your side. One of the most powerful weapons modern warfighters have today is information, and Sierra Nevada Corporation's ultra-wideband wireless network is helping modern warfighters make safer, better-informed decisions. They're doing it all with the help of DornerWorks Virtuosity® OA (Open Architecture) OSS, a cost-effective virtualized development platform. Virtuosity OA is certified to the Open Group FACETM Technical Standard, making

A Future-Facing Framework That Maps Out Multicore Architecture Isolation and Par …

Multi-core processing platforms, isolation, and partitioning aren’t the first thing most people think of when they’re flying through the air at 30,000 feet, and that’s exactly the way it should be. When a passenger in business class orders a decaf coffee from the console on the seat in front of him, that demand on the passenger plane’s processing capacity shouldn’t interfere with the navigation system in the cockpit. In traditional system

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