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Successful kick-off for the 360°lab

The 360° lab started with a great kick-off on Wednesday. 30 participants from science and the economy came together at the Berlin UFA Lab in order to connect during the four workshops focussing on 360° content. For two days the areas of entertainment, education, marketing and medical inspired new ideas, visions and contacts with much energy and fun. The result is an impressive range of new perspectives for the 360° idea. An inspiring

New network invites institutions and companies to debate about 360° projections

Getting closer to the Holodeck – The Fraunhofer Institute, the Cornelsen publishing house,, UFA Lab and many other players from Berlin and the region have come together in the innovation forum 360°lab and are inviting to open theme forums. Initiator of this development laboratory is the Berlin based company Zendome. It is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research as part of the innovation initiative "Entrepreneurial Regions”.

How to use Wrap-Marketing for new interactive ways of event marketing

Soccer, Golf and other Sports are still responsible for the largest part of sponsoring turnover with German companies – this is the result of a new study by Ipsos, TNS Sport commissioned by the Pilot media GmbH. All in all however, the study also found out that the economic crisis lead to sponsoring budgets being reduced by 10 per cent. At the same time, EventKlima looked at the market for

Awarded Temporary Architecture

On the 15h of December the publisher “Süddeutsche Zeitung Verlag onpact GmbH” hosted the German Awards for Three Dimensionality in Munich. The young Berlin company ZENDOME, manufacturer of Mobile Event Architecture made from Geodesic Structures, was there. In the competition for the German Three Dimensionality Award (DP3D) “Goldene Flame 2008”, the Berlin company Zendome was nominated for the Berlin Design Dome. Together with the partners Hidden Fortress, Coordination Berlin and Create

Temporary Architecture for James Bond Premier Event

Mobile Event Architecture by the Berlin company ZENDOME supports the German Premier of the 22nd James Bond film on 3rd November 2008. The Berlin company ZENDOME provides mobile architecture for the premier the James Bond film “A Quantum of Solace”, on 3rd November 2008, the most important film adventure of the year. Sony Pictures presents the German premier at the Potsdamer Platz where Daniel Craig brings glamour to the capital as

‘Observatory, Air-Port-City, 2008’

The exhibition ‘Psycho Buildings. Artists Take on Architecture’ in the summer of 2008, marks the 40th birthday of the Hayward Gallery. Opened by the Queen in 1968, it today belongs to one of Europe´s largest cultural centres as part of the South Bank Centre on the South Bank of the Thames. Even back then it had more of a high security prison feeling than an art location due to the

The ‘Berlin Design Dome’ is on air

It is no secret. Berlin is in. The city ranks third behind London and Paris in terms of most popular city holidays. It was awarded ‘City of Design’ by the UNESCO in 2006 and its creative economy starts international trends. With the goal of establishing Berlin as international and sustainable city of design, the young companies Coordination Berlin, Hidden Fortress German Branch, System 180 and the Zendome GmbH together with the

„Can safety and aesthetic be combined for events without compromises?”

Maximum safety for the publicity of events is one of the most important goals for organizers and tent manufacturers. Especially considering the ever increasing strong winds and other extreme weathers, this will become more even important. In the area of wind loads the introduction of the new DIN norm will have great consequences on all tent systems. This is why ZENDOME, the Berlin manufacturer of geodesic space, has decided to

Dress for Charity - Kolt dates Zendome

A chain of inspirations: the Berlin local Walter Bauersfeld developed geodesic structures and domes in the 20ies. The 50ies see the continuation of these ideas in the US by Richard Buckminster Fuller. And in the 21st century in Berlin Zendome uses the idea of these geodesic structures to create communicative spaces. The Berlin fashion label Kolt has now taken Zendome as inspiration and has created an urban wear line that

Cultural tip with Zendome

Our cultural tip for this autumn: A must is the international exhibition “Vom Funken zum Pixel” (from the spark to the pixel) that is currently on display at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. You can see contemporary art that works with digital and interactive electronic media. Until 14th January 2008 you can discover energy in form of fire, electricity, light and pixels, dive into multimedia Installations, generate electricity and discover ean ntire countryside. When

ZENDOME will now also enchant your home

ZENDOME prefers 60° to the right angle and manufactures geodesic domes for the event business. The young company is part of the Berlin creative trade and has now extended its product portfolio: it has heard your request and now brings the ZENDOME design to your exclusive house and garden. The result: the ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition. 20m² of beautiful space just to feel good and relax. The small, fine but none the

ZENDOME - first steps in Spain

To speak with the translated voice of Berlin composer Frederick Loewe: It greens so green when Spains blossoms are seen. Not quite the right colour, but red is much more imposing anyway. Under the blazing Spanish sun the ZENDOME team has constructed a ZENDOME.150M with a very special membrane for the Open-Air-Festival Festimad in Madrid. You can watch the geodesic workout here on our site. The fast motion shows how the

The World Premiere of portable full dome (360°) projection

This innovation has been developed through the cooperation of Sky-Skan Europe, based in Munich, and the company ZENDOME in Berlin. Sky-Skan, a global leader in planetarium technologies, develops integrated full dome dome projection systems for fixed or portable installations, ZENDOME develops portable, sphere-shaped communication structures made from highly stable geodesic structures. The combined result of the implementation of creative ideas: a breathtaking and heart-touching planetarium had its World Premiere at

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