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Cider Is Wine Launches with London Wine Fair Stand

8 confirmed producers from 6 different countries set to exhibit, placing Cider in its home territory – wine. Cider Is Wine, the not-for-profit trade alliance, is hosting these 8 different producers from around the world to showcase cider’s credentials at the 39th London Wine Fair when those ciders are produced in the same manner as wine. In a first show of its kind, the participating producers all craft their ciders from 100%

Choose Cider – Choose 100% Apples Cider Is Wine Adds Another Producer

Pilton Cider, the leading Somerset ‘keeved’ cider maker, is pleased to announce it has joined the Cider is Wine quality cider alliance. Pilton ciders are made from 100% whole fruit harvested around the village of Pilton in Somerset using the art of keeving, a traditional English method of retaining natural sweetness in ciders. Unlike wine which, by law, must be made from 100% freshly-pressed grapes, UK-made ciders may contain as little

Gospel Green, the UK’s Premier Sparkling Cider, joins Cider is Wine

Gospel Green, a fine English sparkling cider produced on the Blackmoor Estate, has announced that they are joining forces with new non-profit organisation Cider is Wine (CiW). Following on from the boom in craft producers over the last few years, the initiative aims to improve the profile of artisanal cider and its makers across the UK and promote cider as something that can be understood, discussed, and enjoyed in the same

First producer member for Cider is Wine

During its first week of launch, Cider is Wine, a new quality standard for cider, has announced its first member: Brannland Cider from Sweden. Andreas Sundgren CEO of Brannland Ciders, said: “Brannland is delighted to join Cider is Wine as we continue the drive for cider to be seen as a high quality drink in its own right and to be able to sit on shelves alongside reputable winemakers. Brannland Ciders have


CIDER IS WINE’ – A NEW QUALITY STANDARD FOR CIDER A NOT-FOR-PROFIT, PROTOCOL-BASED, INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE Is there any reason why cider should not be seen as, consumed as and purchased as, the finest wine propositions found on the retail shelves, on restaurant menus and behind the bars of the UK and, indeed other countries around the globe? The British love of cider has created a market worth around £2.8 billion, representing some