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Look! Typany is Blooming in Your Hand

Do you love to dance? Yes? Come on give me your hands! You are not alone now, Typany will dance with you. Wherever and whenever you are, no matter what you want to dance, Typany will appear in front of you with magic. As a well know integrated Keyboard App, Typany now collaborates with LIKE, seeking a new way to engage with users. LIKE is a breakthrough social video platform

Why can Typany Keyboard get Featured in Google Play Store?

What a Special Day! Typany Keyboard was featured by Google Play. We know that getting successfully submitted in the Google Play is very often a tough task. But getting featured is even harder. Since 2018, about 184k new apps released in the Google Play every month. Let us tell you our personal getting-featured experience. In order to give yourself a fighting chance for getting featured in the Google Play, you

Give Donnie Baby a Good Night Kiss Please

In the past few days, Donald Trump was mocked on social media after his ‘disgraceful performance’ during the Helsinki Summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It’s bizarre to say because Putin is younger, but this looks more like a father and son issue for Trump where he admires Putin as “strong and powerful” and Trump wishes to be like him and wants his approval for everything. It is how Trump

Built-in AI Assistant on Your Fingertips - TiPi is Here!

Who is TiPi? Good question! Tipi is a Built-in AI Personal Assistant on Typany Keyboard. TiPi is fulfilling multiple roles, it is your weather reporter, your tour guide, your sports commentator, and your friends. However, it is not a superhero that will do anything for you. You could completely maintain your personal space and autonomy. TiPi will just appear when you need some help so that you can type faster

Android Users Can Finally Send ARmoji Now!

A talking dog, a winking bear and a smiling frog, all of the AR animal emoji will be launched soon at Typany Keyboard Now. When you speak, or change your eyes expression, or shake your head, the ARmoji will do the exact same. But most of all, it is very easy to share. Once you’ve created your ARmoji, it can be saved as videos in your album or directly accessible

FIFA World Cup 2018 is Coming! Vote to Win Your Favorite Home Jersey!

Ole, ole, ole! Are you ready for watching the FIFA World Cup 2018? Are you excited? Wait! There is a big surprise for all of you guys! As the first match start today, our most anticipated activity begins now! Form today, download Typany Keyboard to join our competition, you will have a chance to win the big prize! Fill in your contact details first, vote for your favorite team, share

All the cool kids should know this...

Easily got tired by the same old default font that you are using every day? Try out our new Font feature which allows you to fresh your input by choosing from a variety of fonts that we provide from our database. Use them to fancy your chatting right now! Everybody wants to be different and Typany definitely can reflect the best aspect of you. Wanna stand out from all of your

The sweetest Ramadan you have ever dreamed

Ramadan is all about family, love, and forgiveness. Regarding the fasting in the month of Ramadan, it surely develops in a person the real spirit of social belonging, of unity and brotherhood, and of equality before God. It makes you rethink the importance of your life and learn to appreciate the surroundings. And above all, it helps us to cultivate the sincere love. We learn to appreciate and do it

When BTS and A.R.M.Y change the world of pop music

Yep, that’s right! With the jaw-dropping dynamic performance in this year’s Billboard Music Awards, BTS has stated their position in the world’s pop music industry. From Backstreet Boys to NSYNC to One Direction, BTS has finally become one of the most favorable boy bands in the world history. Take a seat America, it’s global pop’s music to shine this time! The success of BTS cannot but give credits to

Typany Lao Keyboard has officially launched

Dear friends in Laos, we have a tremendous news for you! TYPANY LAO KEYBOARD HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! No matter you are native Lao speaker or merely fascinated by the unique and mysterious culture heritage of the country, this is exactly the right time to download our newly updated Typany Lao Keyboard and start to talk with your Lao friends! For those who are not familiar with what we offer, no worries

How to make your day in Ramadan unique

As-salaamu alaikum! The month of Ramadan is almost upon us. It is the time for spiritual reflection and devoting ourselves to worship and pray to Allah. We have launched an exclusive Ramadan offer on themes and stickers. Here are four creative ways to observe Ramadan with family and friends using Typany Keyboard! 1 Change keyboard theme to the Ramadan Exclusive Edition 2 Set the keyboard theme with the photos of your family

How diversity changes our world

The incidences happened on last week at Philadelphia and LA Starbucks have already grabbed the world’s attention. Undoubtedly, for Starbuck high executives it is one of the harshest times. Known for its inclusion and treasury of diversity, Starbuck was praised in the past about its core value. However, incidences like these do worth us to rethink about the true meaning of diversity — as an international enterprise, what is exactly the most

5 Ways to celebrate #Songkran #สงกรานต์ Festival^^

No matter whether you are from Southeast Asia or not, Songkran Festival is definitely one of the most important festival to celebrate its unique tradition and the best time to emerge yourself into exotic culture! Quick intro here: what is Songkran Festival and why it is so influential? Songkran festival, AKA Thai New Year's Day is 13 April every year, but the holiday period extends to 15April. Keeping with the Buddhist solar

Keyboard App TYPANY and BIGO LIVE Are Just the Beginning

TYPANY, a well-known keyboard app which supports more than 100 languages, now collaborates with BIGO LIVE, are recently seeking a series of strategic partnership together. In the light of the newest business plan, both sides have decided to conduct a co-branding campaign. As two of the most admired global companies, both the built-in keyboard and live broadcast have been well received by users worldwide. Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of this crossover

Smartphone Keyboard App From Typany Offers Cebuan and Javanese Speakers An Unriv …

For Immediate Release San Francisco, CA, USA, March 21, 2018 Smartphones are globally ubiquitous, and while local customizations are available from stock, support for the vast array of world languages can be a major problem. Typany Keyboard, an app for Android and Apple phones, has focused on bridging language barriers by ensuring speakers of less-common languages are able to make best use of their phones. Two examples are Cebuan, spoken by around

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