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18.12.17 - Accentro GmbH

Expert opinion: Berlins housing policy not in accordance with state constitution

The highly on tenants focused housing policy of Berlin’s senate conflicts with the mission statement of the state constitution. That’s the conclusion of a legal opinion of Prof. Dr. jur. Steffen ... mehr

11.12.17 - Accentro GmbH

The majority of tenants do not see the possibilty to afford a home

More than half of German tenants would prefer living in homes – while most of them believe that they are not able to afford it. Those are the results of a survey of the ING-DiBa, that was conducted ... mehr

04.12.17 - Accentro GmbH

Eastern German real estate market gets more and more attractive

A current survey about real estate markets states positive evidence for numerous cities located in Eastern German states. According to the housing market report Eastern Germany 2017 from the TAG Immob... mehr

27.11.17 - Accentro GmbH

Investments in homes very popular - however less people tend to buy

Majoritarian German savers think that self-used real estates are the best instrument to wealth creation. 54 percent support this opinion as a representative survey from the German Savings Banks Associ... mehr

20.11.17 - Accentro GmbH

Expert opinion finds current housing policy ineffective

What measures to take to curb the runaway rents and prices in Germany’s major cities has been subject to political debate for some time now. In its latest expert opinion, the IW German Economic Inst... mehr

13.11.17 - Accentro GmbH

Berlin needs 20,000 new flats annually

No less than 194,000 new flats will need to be raised in Berlin between now and 2030 to cover the city’s housing demand. But so far, construction areas for only 179,000 new flats have been zoned. Th... mehr

07.11.17 - Accentro GmbH

Biggest price hike in construction costs since 2008

While the construction costs for residential buildings have been going up steadily for years, they climbed faster in August than at any other time in nearly a decade. According to figures released by ... mehr

30.10.17 - Accentro GmbH

Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin score top spots in city ranking

Among Germany’s five most auspicious cities, three are located in the eastern part of the country – Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin. Or so the outcome of the latest city ranking by the HWWI Hamburg In... mehr

23.10.17 - Accentro GmbH

Risk-return ranking: Germany's class B citites outperform the metropolises

The parameters for investments in residential real estate are often much more attractive in the so-called Class B cities of Germany than in the country’s leading metropolises. This is the upshot of ... mehr

16.10.17 - Accentro GmbH

Berlin's residential property market has been outperforming since 2006

Residential real estate worth 5.64 billion euros changed hands in Berlin in 2016. This is the upshot of the latest ACCENTRO Homeownership Report that was presented on 13. September. It suggests that r... mehr

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