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Press Releases from Avancon SA (7 total)

Conveyor systems in Logistics, exceptional clean and sleek.

Avancon SA in Switzerland has built together with its License Partner and System Integrator Hyundai LS/Asetec in South Korea a modern and exceptional example of a typical Logistics and Distribution Cen-ter. The final customer is the largest wholesale pharmaceutical and medical device distributor in South Korea, the Company Geo Young. They serve more than 250 multi-national and domestic pharmaceutical and medical device companies, distributing to more than 11,000 pharmacies, hospi-tals, and

Exceptional idea for sorting and distributing small packages

In China are many postal distribution centers. Most of them have a lot of small packages to handle and to sort, because the internet business is exploding in China. Here the Chinese partner of Avancon developed a brilliant idea to solve this problem by installing a fast and easy sorter, which is equipped with the Avancon OTU-tables and sorts very fast all kind of small items and packs. "There are some

Avancon builds the Samsung Distribution Center for small units

Together with the South Korean system integrator Asetec Co.Kr, a specialist for electronic control systems, "Pick-to-Light" and communication with higher-level BUS / IT systems, Avancon built the Samsung shipping center for small units-like the new Galaxy Note 10 -and simultaneously for larger boxes and for other products. The requirements for this sorting and distribution system were among others: a very short delivery time, the system had to fit into a

New concept for an absolutely safe conveyor technology

This modern conveyor system is produced and marketed by Avancon SA, Switzerland and was developed by Dieter Specht, the co-founder of the Interroll Group. Through a special experience he has changed his mind from being a roller producer to a developer of a very clever and outstanding designed System, which is foremost focused on the safety- aspects. The American Administration for Occupation, Safety and Health (OSHA) reported 25 serious accidents

How can one roller-corpus offer thousand solutions?

With great experience and passion Dieter Specht, the co-founder of the Interroll-Group has invented the roller again. It is a roller-corpus of polyamide or with tires of polyurethane for conveying 80 % of all goods, which are daily transported around the world. This incomparable roller-concept offers many combinations besides a safe and protected installation in a new advanced and attractive conveyor-design. The production manager looked at the roller. It was made

One element for all directions

With the new and versatile OTU (the Omni-directional Transfer Unit) from Avancon one determinates the transporting direction. Similar to the railway track, all goods are guided into different directions by moving in line of a natural curve or a crossing with OTU. These new key elements allow to build easily any size of crossings or diverters in conveyors systems with versatile OTU-bricks. But it is also possible to build crossover

New, cost-saving controller for conveyor system

The Swiss company Avancon SA has launched a conveyor system, which allows customers to save costs for controlling and programming. It controls itself, even very large and complex material handling systems in logistics centers. The key economic advantages are that a control cabinet or cable ducts are not necessary. Integration into a higher bus / IT topology is incredibly easy. “Automation” is related to DIN V 19233 „Equipping a facility so

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