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Successful upgrade of Continental Electronics shortwave transmitter using RFmond …

Hanover, Kajang, 18.01.2024 - In late 2023 RFmondial got the task to replace a malfunctioning Transradio DMOD3, which was feeding a Continental Electronics shortwave transmitter located at Kajang site. This traditional Malaysian site can be heard since the 1970's all around the world and it stands out with its massive antenna masts located south of Kuala Lumpur. The upgrade of the transmitter was necessary, as Transradio is not on the market

DRM Multichannel is now part of RFmondial's modulator series LV

Hanover, 16.10.2023 - For many years, RFmondial has advanced the ITU digital radio standard Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and provided high quality transmission equipment including modulators. With the latest developments, a cost effective and spectrum efficient method has been integrated in RFmondial's modulator line LV, namely DRM multichannel. The great advantage of the digital radio standard DRM is its flexibility, which leads to cost efficient implementations for all broadcasters. For DRM

RFmondial extends radio monitoring platform with DAB, DRM, FM, AM, EDI and MDI

Hanover, 14.09.2023 - For many years, RFmondial has proven to deliver high performance measurement and monitoring equipment for digital radio standards DAB and DRM. With the latest developments, analogue standards FM and AM can be included into the measurement devices. The system can decode up to 4 RF inputs and an unlimited

BBC and Encompass have been successfully enabled by RFmondial for the DRM educat …

Hanover, London 06.12.2022 - BBC and Encompass have been transmitting DRM for testing the distribution of audio, text and graphics in parts of the world where the inter-net is not available. The broadcast has been transmitted via a shortwave RIZ transmitter, which has been upgraded by RFmondial's DRM Exciter LVe to be capable of performing DRM as best as possible. The upgrade of the RIZ transmitter was necessary, as RIZ

RFmondial has successfully tested alternative distribution using DAB rebroadcast …

Hanover, 02.09.2022 - RFmondial has successfully carried out a field test in Hanover under real conditions as part of the development of solutions for alternative distribution to DAB+ transmitters in the event of a disaster. In the event of a failure of the distribution link (modulation lines) to digital radio transmit-ters (DAB+), a stable radio broadcasting provision to the population must be guaran-teed. As recent events have shown in the event

RFmondial emphasising the need to update the RF-SE-Series due to ended Flash Pla …

Adobe Flash has been for a very long time the leadership technology for interactive web applications. RFmondial decided to use Adobe Flash of its “DRM/AM Monitoring Receiver Product Line RF-SE”, as at the time of development, it was the only web technology which could support its advanced local and remote user interface. As open standards like HTML5 have matured over the past years and now provide many of the capabilities and

RFmondial demonstrates multiplexed DRM at IBC 2019

Hannover, 12.09.2019 – RFmondial demonstrates its advanced multiplexed DRM modulation for the FM band, that allows broadcasters to transmit multiple DRM channels on one physical transmitter. The newest member of RFmondial’s successful LV-series of DRM modulators and exciters allows the parallel generation and transmission of up to six pure digital DRM channels, or in combined analog and digital „Simulcast” mode, one traditional analog FM channel and up to four DRM channels. „The

RFmondial launches new DAB products at IBC 2019

Hannover, 06.09.2019 – RFmondial introduces the latest major release of the professional ContentServer Version R7 in its products as well as the feature upgrade incl. a fresh GUI and data service monitoring for its RF-DAB meas-urement and monitoring receiver. The new DAB/DRM ContentServer R7 enables broadcasters to put audio content and attractive data services on air with ease while benefitting from the latest standard up-grades and a range of new

RFmondial Equipment for DAB+ Regular Operation in Austria

Hannover, 02.07.2018 – RFmondial equips RTG Radio Technikum GmbH with a complete integrated system solution for DAB+ Broadcast, Monitoring and Logging for its first DAB+ regular operation in Vienna. Beginning of April, the platform operator RTG Radio Technikum started the DAB+ regular operation called CityMUX in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Therewith RTG ensures the broadcasting of digital radio signals for all radio listeners in Vienna and surrounding area and

RFmondial is launching DAB+ Monitoring Receiver and Logging Solution

Hannover, 15.08.2017 – RFmondial presents a complete solution for DAB+ Monitoring and Logging for the broadcasting industry, including the DAB-Monitoring Receiver RF-DAB and the DAB-logging system RFarchiver. Both units will be presented at IBC in Amsterdam in September. RF-DAB is a professional DAB monitoring receiver for transmitter, content and field monitoring. It features parallel full ensemble decoding of complete multiplexes including access of all audio and data services, as well as

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