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Plant Hydrocolloids Market is Booming by Emergence of Pectin in Dairy

Emerging markets for food processing such as Latin America and APEJ will create notable demand for plant hydrocolloids. Brazil is observing exponential growth in dairy alternatives using plant hydrocolloids. Due to increase in the consumer demand along with strong non-vegan demographics, the Brazilian market for plant hydrocolloids is anticipated to grow exponentially in the following years. The manufacturers of Latin America are stepping up their efforts in producing and selling plant-based products
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

Growing Number Of Chronic Wounds, Is Expected To Boost The Demand For Wound Irri …

According to the latest market report published by Fact MR, titled 'Global Wound Irrigation Solution Market: Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review: 2018- 2028', the global wound irrigation solution market is expected to expand at a significant CAGR during the forecast period 2018-2028. The wound irrigation solution market is segmented based on product type, end user and region. On the basis of product type, the wound irrigation solution market has
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

DNA Polymerase Market Is Expected To Be Driven By Research & Developmental Activ …

The increasing number of research and development activities is one of the key factors driving the significant growth of the high-fidelity DNA polymerase market. Other factors such as an increase in the number of research laboratories, increased public awareness, technological advancements, and so on are expected to drive the growth of the high-fidelity DNA polymerase market. The maturation of the substantial associations alongside their resources such as development, price, and customer

Increased Reliance On The Virtual Space Is Expected To Have A Momentous Influenc …

Fact.MR states the global sales of big data market are expected to surpass US$ 279 Bn by registering a CAGR of 14.3% in the forecast period 2022-2032. Governments across countries, including China, India, the U.S., U.K. and others are increasing digital infrastructure investments for developing robust data centers. Public-private partnerships are driving digital infrastructure growth at a much faster pace. For instance, the U.K. government announced more than US$ 1
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

Healthcare Automation Market To Reach a Valuation Of US$ 88.9 Bn By The End Of 2 …

In 2020, the global healthcare automation market was estimated to be worth US$ 36.9 billion. The healthcare automation market is expected to grow at an 8.4% CAGR to reach a market valuation of US$ 88.9 billion by the end of 2031. Read Report Overview: Valuable information and forecast statistics covered in the Healthcare Automation Market report will help to exist and potential new market players to craft long-term strategies as well

Demand For Wear Resistant Steel Plates, Creating An Absolute $ Opportunity Of US …

The "Survey of Wear Resistant Steel Plate Market report aims to give precise information on the major elements impacting market growth and future prospects. This research is a valuable resource for key stakeholders such as policymakers, end-user industries, investors, and opinion leaders. The Wear Resistant Steel Plate Market Survey is a comprehensive examination of numerous elements such as Wear Resistant Steel Plate production capacity analysis, demand, product developments, income generation, and

Global Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market Is Predicted To Expand A CAGR Of 4.6% …

The comprehensive Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market research analyses market growth variables on both macroeconomic and microeconomic levels. Another important aspect of the paper is the regulatory framework that is determining the future of the global market. The research study evaluates new application areas, pricing, and potential investment opportunities in the global market. Furthermore, the study gives a complete analysis of how market dynamics will alter in the years following the

Electric Lawn Mower Sales to Surpass 10 Million Units, Owing to Electrification …

Electric lawn mowers are catching the imagination of a rapidly growing 'environmentally-conscious' demographic. Demand is also positively influenced by significant upgrades in battery power and precision cutting. On the coattails of these factors, global sales are likely to surpass 10 million units in 2019, equating a market value in the vicinity of US$ 9 Bn. Demand for electric lawn mowers - subdued in the past due to low battery life and
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

Medical Device Technologies Demand Is Likely To Surge At A 3% CAGR By 2031

Medical device technology demand was valued at US$ 470.32 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a Y-o-Y rate of 4.6% in 2022, reaching US$ 491.95 billion. From 2022 to 2032, the industry is expected to grow at a 3% CAGR, reaching a valuation of US$ 663 billion. Read Report Overview: Medical Device Technologies Market: Competition Analysis Multiple medical device manufacturers compete for collaboration with hospitals, clinics, and research organisations

Demand for Airport Catering Trucks to Surpass 3 Billion Units by 2028; Increasin …

The airport catering truck market continues to witness steady growth, as growing demand for aircraft ground support creates sustained opportunities for stakeholders. Airport authorities and airline companies continue to invest in infrastructure development, which in turn is augmenting demand for airport catering trucks around the globe, finds a new study. Driven by increasing development of airports across developed and emerging economies, the airport catering trucks market is likely to expand at a CAGR

Digital Workplace Market Value To Reach US$ 250.2 Billion By 2032

In FY 2021, digital workplace demand was valued at US$ 27.33 billion, rising to US$ 33.41 billion in 2022. The market is expected to increase at a staggering 22.3% value CAGR from 2022 to 2032, culminating at a valuation of US$ 250.2 Billion. The Digital Workplace solutions provide cost-effective technical support and help to avoid downtime caused by the implementation of digital workplace solutions. Furthermore, these solutions assist organisations in maintaining

Sales Of Air Springs Are Expected To Grow Strongly 2022 | Fact.MR

Traditional combination spring and shock systems, along with anti-roll bars, have dominated automotive suspension systems. The system has been discovered to be a cost-effective solution to vehicle responsiveness, drivability, and ride comfort issues. Electronic and air springs, on the other hand, have grown in importance in suspension systems since the introduction of driver assistance systems. This Air Springs for Railways, Trucks and Buses Market report comes with little company outline, earnings

Global Lacquer Demand to Reach 7 Million Tons in 2018, Steady Shift from Solvent …

As applications in furniture, automotive, and architectural industries create sustained growth opportunities. The shift from solvent-based to water-based lacquers will become more palpable in the next decade, as a combination of environmental compliance and end-user consciousness induces changes in manufacturing and uptake. The long-term outlook on lacquer market remains bullish, with novel applications in cosmetics likely to complement demand, finds a new research study by Fact.MR. The report finds that nitrocellulose

Global Rice Protein Market Is Projected To Create An Absolute Opportunity Of Ove …

The comprehensive rice protein market study focuses on the macroeconomic and microeconomic drivers of market growth. Another major focus of the article is the regulatory framework that is influencing the global market's future. The research report also evaluates the worldwide market's potential investment opportunities, new application areas, and pricing structure. The report also offers an in-depth examination of how market dynamics will evolve in the years following the forecast period.

Control Valve Market Is Expected To Reach A Valuation Of Over US$ 17 Billion By …

In 2020, the global control valve industry will be worth more than $5 billion. Automation in control valves is a major factor driving control valve sales. Furthermore, rising demand from end-user industries such as the oil and gas industry, healthcare, and wastewater management is accelerating control valve sales. Thus, over the forecast period, the control valves market will be worth more than US$ 17 billion, growing more than threefold by the
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

Global Market For Intraoperative MRI Equipment Will Expand At A CAGR Of 7.5% By …

Doctors could only use pre- and post-operative images as part of typical image-guided approaches while performing neurosurgical or maxillofacial surgeries. The advancement of intraoperative MRI techniques allowed doctors and surgeons to analyse images during surgery rather than referring to them preoperatively or postoperatively, altering the landscape of diagnosis-guided surgery. Advanced intraoperative MRI technology is being developed to assist doctors in better visualising patients and reducing the risk of doing operations
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

Revenues From Treatment And Management Of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Worldw …

With the rise in emphasis on prevention and treatment of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), a serious ailment that leads to blindness despite repeated treatment, the requirement for vitreoretinal centers has gained importance worldwide. Prevention of PVR development at early stage RRD for preserving visual function in patients has become a primary agenda among medical researchers and clinicians. A recent Fact.MR analysis envisages the proliferative vitreoretinopathy market to reflect a modest 4.0%

High Power Connectors Market To Reach US$ 8.3 Billion By The End Of 2032

The global high power connectors market is expected to exceed US$ 4.6 billion in 2022 and grow at a CAGR of 6.1% to US$ 8.3 billion by the end of 2032. At the end of 2021, sales of high power connectors accounted for nearly 7% of the global power connectors market. This study on the global High Power Connectors Market has product-, material-, and country-specific data, along with market size valuation
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

The European Market For Laboratory Information Management Systems Is Projected T …

Fact.MR's report on the Laboratory Information Management System Market provides forecast details and a comprehensive outlook on the evolution of the landscape. It provides historical data from 2013 to 2019, estimated data for 2020, and forecast data up to 2025, in terms of revenue and volume. Increasing prevalence of diseases across the globe is generating huge demand for advanced healthcare system. As a result, more and more technologically advanced medical devices

Global Sales Of Aluminum Foil Packaging Is Likely To Increase At Above 4% CAGR T …

Newly published Fact.MR data establishes that the aluminum foil packaging market is expected to register a CAGR exceeding 4%, reaching US$ 55 Bn by the end of the 2021-2031 assessment period. According to the study, aluminum foil packaging revenues will expand 1.5x during the aforementioned forecast period. An effective alternative to plastic-based packaging coupled with robust structural properties is driving market growth. Read Report Overview- Key Takeaways from the Market Study Aluminum

Automotive Lubricants Sales is Poised To Flourish At A CAGR Of 3.1% by 2032 - Fa …

The global automotive lubricants market is expected to be worth US$ 79.23 billion in fiscal year 2022, up from US$ 76.82 billion in fiscal year 2021. The industry increased by 3% year on year over the last year. Automotive lubricants sales are expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2022 to 2032, reaching a value of US$ 108 billion by the end of 2032. The Fact.MR study report on the

Vehicle Monitoring Systems Is Estimated To Reach Us$78.35 Billion By 2032 ; Due …

The market for vehicle monitoring systems is anticipated to expand gradually from 2022 to 2032 at a CAGR of 13.7%. The market cap is anticipated to be around US$ 21.7 billion in 2022. The global market for vehicle monitoring systems is estimated to reach US$78.35 billion by 2032 due to the explosive growth in demand. Read Report Overview: Prominent Key Players Of The Vehicle tracking system Market Survey Report: • Verizon • Cartrack • Geotab Inc. • CalAmp • Tom Tom International B.V. • Teltonika • ORBCOMM

Worldwide Sales Of Pickled Herrings Are Projected To Increase At A Steady CAGR O …

Pickled Herring Market Analysis By Sauce Type (Wine Sauce, Cream Sauce, Home Style Swedish Style, Mustard Dill Sauce, Cajun Sauce & Others) By Cut Type (Bites, Roll Mops & Fillets) By Buyer Type (Individuals & Commercial/HoReCa) By Sales Channel & Region - Insights 2022 to 2032 The global pickled herring market has reached US$ 3.5 billion in 2022, registering Y-o-Y growth of 3.5%. Worldwide sales of pickled herrings are projected to

Worldwide Demand For Next Generation Stevia Is Estimated To Rise At An Impressiv …

Next Generation Stevia Market Analysis, By Form (Liquid, Powder), By Application (Bakery, Confectionery Cereal-based Products, Dairy Products, Beverages, Nutraceuticals/ Pharmaceuticals) - Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032 The global next generation stevia market stands at US$ 747.4 million in 2022 and is projected to surge past a market valuation of US$ 1.84 billion by the end of 2032, with worldwide demand estimated to rise at an impressive CAGR of 9.4% across
10-07-2022 | Health & Medicine

Demand For Bleeding Disorders Treatment Has Projected To Increase At A CAGR Of 6 …

Bleeding Disorders Treatment Market Analysis by Type (Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B), by Drug Class (Plasma-derived Coagulation Factor Concentrates, Recombinant Coagulation Factor Concentrates, Fibrin Sealants), by Region - Global Forecast 2027 The global bleeding disorders treatment market reached a valuation of US$ 12.7 Bn in 2020, and this industry is expected to rise at a high CAGR of 6.7% to reach US$ 19.9 Bn by the end of 2027. To remain 'ahead' of

Demand For Enterprise Video Is Grow At An Impressive 10.93% CAGR Through 2032

Enterprise Video Market Analysis, 2022 to 2032, by Solution (Enterprise Video Conferencing, Content Management, and Webcasting), by Service (Integration & Deployment, Managed Service, and Professional Service), by Deployment (Cloud & On Premise), by Application, Technique, Size, End-Use, and Region In 2022, it is projected that the global market for enterprise video would be worth US$17.3 billion. The market is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 10.93% during the projected period

Sales of Deodorant Aerosol Sprays Is Expected to Rise up to a Market Valuation o …

During the forecast period 2022-2032, the deodorants and antiperspirants market is expected to grow at a value of 5.1% CAGR, according to Fact.MR. By the year 2032, the global market for deodorants and antiperspirants is expected to rise up to a market valuation of US$ 44.5 Billion. Personal care products such as deodorant and antiperspirant are used to decrease or eliminate sweat and body odor. These products contain a range

Cocoa Extract Market Size Is Expected To Reach A US$ 11.24 Billion By 2032

Cocoa Extract Market By Product Form (Powder, Liquid), By Nature (Organic, Conventional), By End Use (Food & Beverages, Compounds, Bakery, Confectionery, Infant Formulas, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics & Personal Care) & Region - Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032 The global cocoa extract market size is estimated at US$ 7.91 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a US$ 11.24 billion by 2032, increasing at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2022
10-07-2022 | Sports

Kiteboarding Equipment Market Growing at A CAGR of 14.7% From 2022-2032

The New Report "Kiteboarding Equipment Market" published by Fact.MR, covers the competitive landscape analysis and its growth prospects over the coming years. An in-depth study of some new and prominent industry trends, analysis of engagement, and regional analysis that is very detailed have been included in the report of the Kiteboarding Equipment market for the analysis period of 2022 - 2032. To remain 'ahead' of your competitors, request for a sample:

Smartwatches Market Grows at CAGR 17.8% Rate in Relation to Risks of Getting COV …

The New Report "Smartwatches Market" published by Fact.MR, covers the competitive landscape analysis and its growth prospects over the coming years. An in-depth study of some new and prominent industry trends, analysis of engagement, and regional analysis that is very detailed have been included in the report of the Smartwatches market for the analysis period of 2022 - 2032. For more insights into the Market, Request a Sample of this Report:
10-06-2022 | Health & Medicine

Stroke Post Processing Software Market Competition Forecast and Opportunities by …

The New Report "Stroke Post Processing Software Market" published by Fact.MR, covers the competitive landscape analysis and its growth prospects over the coming years. An in-depth study of some new and prominent industry trends, analysis of engagement, and regional analysis that is very detailed have been included in the report of the Stroke Post Processing Software market for the analysis period of 2022 - 2032. Get Sample Copy With Impact Analysis

Cocoa Liquor Market Expected to Grow at US$ 6.2 Bn in Revenue by 2032

The New Report "Cocoa Liquor Market" published by Fact.MR, covers the competitive landscape analysis and its growth prospects over the coming years. An in-depth study of some new and prominent industry trends, analysis of engagement, and regional analysis that is very detailed have been included in the report of the Cocoa Liquor market for the analysis period of 2022 - 2032. To remain 'ahead' of your competitors, request for a sample:
10-06-2022 | Health & Medicine

Benzodiazepine Drugs Market Expected to Grow US$ 3.1 billion by 2032

The global benzodiazepine drugs market is worth US$ 2.35 billion in 2022 and is forecasted to progress at a CAGR of 2.8% to reach a market size of US$ 3.1 billion by the end of 2032. Sales of benzodiazepine drugs are directly reliant on mental disorders, and North America is set to be the most favorable regional market for benzodiazepine drug manufacturers over the coming years. To remain 'ahead' of your competitors,

Craft Beer Market Worth US$ 174.68 Bn by end of 2032

The global craft beer market was estimated to have a valuation of US$ 76.3 Bn in 2020 and have reached US$ 81.64 Bn in 2021. The market is going to witness a steady CAGR rate of 6.9%, during the forecast period 2022-2032. By the end of 2032, this market is expected to project a global valuation of US$ 174.68 Bn To remain 'ahead' of your competitors, request for a sample:

Global Niobium Hydride Market Is Forecast To Grow To US$ 67 Million By 2032

The global niobium hydride market reached a valuation of US$ 38 million at the end of 2021 and is forecast to grow to US$ 67 million by 2032, expanding at a high CAGR of 5.4%. Stronger downstream demand, rising consumer spending, and increased business investments are likely to benefit niobium hydride suppliers. Despite an economic slowdown, the global hydrogen industry is poised to witness significant growth over the coming years. Ramped-up production

Surging Sales of Cost-Effective UAVs Positively Driving Anti-Drone Market, Revea …

As per the latest market analysis by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, the global anti-drone market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 7.4 billion by the end of 2032 while expanding at an impressive CAGR of 20.9% over the assessment period. Drone neutralization equipment promises notable growth and a dynamic shift in the anti-drone market. Moreover, the emergence of cost-effective and open-source UAVs with new advanced

Integration of Smart Sensors to Support Vacuum Pump Market Growth in United Stat …

The United States vacuum pump market is estimated at US$ 1.8 billion in 2022, and is predicted to register impressive growth at 6.6% CAGR through 2032. The market registered yearly growth at 4.7% during 2017-2021, as per detailed analysis by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider. Manufacturers of vacuum pumps are launching systems with smart sensors that allow for the recording and saving of operating data. These kinds of innovations are

Epilator Consumption Across The World Is Anticipated To Increase At A CAGR Of 5. …

The global epilators market stands at US$ 406.8 million in 2022 and is estimated to reach a market valuation of US$ 695 million by the end of 2032. Worldwide consumption of epilators is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2022 and 2032. As aesthetic awareness among people increases, it is expected to drive demand for hair removal devices, since having smooth hairless skin is aseptically pleasing as per

Worldwide Sales Of Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Estimated To Reach US$ 9.06 B …

Worldwide sales of noise cancelling headphones currently account for a market value of US$ 5.2 billion and are estimated to reach US$ 9.06 billion by the end of 2032. Between 2022 and 2032, the global noise cancelling headphones market is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 5.7%. Noise cancelling earphones and ANC earbuds have gained significant popularity over recent years as smartphone proliferation has increased at a rampant pace, subsequently

Global Tamper-Proof Fasteners Market Is Forecast To Reach A Market Valuation Of …

The global tamper-proof fasteners market is estimated at US$ 2.14 billion in 2022 and is forecast to reach a market valuation of US$ 3.95 billion by 2032, expanding at a noteworthy CAGR of 6.3% between 2022 and 2032. North America leads the global market for tamper-proof fasteners holding 34.5% market share in 2022. Tamperproof screws & nuts are utilized in various end-use industries such as industrial & manufacturing, aerospace & defense, automotive,

U.S. Drone Market Is Projected To Reach A Market Valuation Of US$ 82.9 Billion B …

250 Pages US Drone Market Survey by Fact MR, A Leading Business and Competitive Intelligence Provider Latest industry analysis by Fact MR, predicts sales of US Drone to swell at propelled CAGR through 2031, as automotive sales gradually recover across the world. The report is intended at presenting insights into hidden growth opportunities and challenges. It also offers recommendations to help businesses to prep for unforeseen challenges. The market intelligence study therefore

Global Market For Wound Healing Films Is Expected To Progress At A CAGR Of 4.8% …

The global wound healing films market has reached a valuation of US$ 674 million and is forecast to climb to US$ 1.08 billion by the end of 2032, expanding at a steady CAGR of 4.8% over the decade. Increasing demand for customized wound treatment solutions is anticipated to drive market growth substantially. Gradual realization of the benefits associated with wound healing films will attract more individuals towards these products, especially transparent
07-19-2022 | Health & Medicine

Growing Geriatric Population To Further Boost The Bioabsorbable Stents Market By …

The global bioabsorbable stents market is predicted to witness a moderate growth rate of 9.6% during the forecast years 2022 to 2032. The net worth of the bioabsorbable stents market share is expected to be valued at around US$ 1 Billion by the year 2032, growing from a mere US$ 372 Million recorded in the year 2021. The growing prevalence of cardiovascular disease is sighted to be the leading cause of heart-related mortality

Global Automotive Soft Trim Interior Market Size Is Further Set To Expand At A C …

The global automotive soft trim interior market size stands at US$ 5.16 billion in 2022 and is further set to expand at a CAGR of 4.3% to reach a market valuation of US$ 7.87 billion by 2032. Interior components comprising different fabrics, leathers, plastic composites, and other organic or synthetic materials are referred to as 'soft trim'. A majority of these soft trims are used in car interiors to provide visual

Metal Cleaning Chemicals Market Growing At A CAGR Of 3.5% From 2022 To 2032

According to a report published by Fact.MR, the global metal cleaning chemicals market is growing at a moderate pace, and is anticipated to record a CAGR of 3.4% from 2020 to 2030. One of the crucial drivers influencing the growth of the metal cleaning chemicals market is the rise in demand for aqueous metal cleaners from end-use industries requiring maintenance for their machinery. On the other side, several studies have

Global Shortwave Infrared Market Is Projected To Expand At A CAGR Of 7.1% By 203 …

The global shortwave infrared market is projected to increase from a valuation of US$ 180 million in 2022 to US$ 357 million by 2032-end, expanding at a CAGR of 7.1%, Because of its unique characteristics, shortwave infrared technology has been employed for a long time in many industrial applications, including civil, military, industrial manufacturing, and other uses. These include electronic board inspection, identification & sorting, produce inspection, surveillance, solar cell inspection,

Europe And Asia Pacific Is Likely To Be The Key Growth Markets For Marine Fender

Marine fenders protect ships and berth structures from damage. These fenders give protection to the port and vessels against a collision with other vessels. The global marine fender market is driven primarily by high demand for minimum test and inspection procedures, along with greater focus on infrastructure development. Market players are working on innovative pneumatic fenders that solve the challenging problem of crude oil transfer between vessels. If a spill occurs, a
07-19-2022 | Sports

Growing Number Of Recreational Users In Water Sports To Amplify Electric Surfboa …

As per industry analysis by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, the global electric surfboard market is estimated to reach a valuation of US$ 83.4 Mn in 2022, and expand at a promising CAGR of 6.9% by value over the assessment period of 2022 to 2032. Rising participation in sports activities is likely to provide long-term benefits for electric surfboard manufacturers. According to research conducted by Fact.MR, in the United States,

Demand For Styrene Butadiene Rubber Is Projected To Increase At A Steady CAGR Of …

The styrene butadiene rubber market study projects the market to top a valuation of US$ 16 billion by 2032, up from the current market worth of US$ 9.8 billion. Consumption of styrene butadiene rubber is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2022 to 2032, as this new research by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, suggests. Rising sales of vehicles and expansion of the automotive industry on a global

Pyromellitic Dianhydride (PMDA) Compound Consumption Is Anticipated To Touch 65. …

The global dianhydride market size is expected to be valued at US$ 1.2 Bn in 2032, registering a CAGR of 6.1% between 2022 and 2032. As per the report, demand for dianhydride stood at US$ 631.1 Mn in 2021 and it is set to record high growth of nearly US$ 666.2 Mn in 2022. High demand for resins in the e-commerce, food & beverage, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industries for packaging of goods is likely to push sales

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