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Press Releases from Dispatx Art Collective (9 total)

Emanuel Licha - It's Like Being in a Movie

We are pleased to announce a further addition to the Eminent Domain collection currently published in Show: Emanuel Licha’s It’s Like Being in a Movie. This project, developed online in Make, explores the ritual systemisation of violence and destruction, particularly through modern media. The assumed persona of the War Tourist is an amorphous spokesperson for the unsettling combination of war, disaster and tourism, a coupling of event and response that

Dispatx | Eminent Domain - New Collection

Eminent Domain examines notions of blockage, recourse and resistance that can emerge in diverse contexts – and what it can mean when these manifestations are channelled into artistic product. The seventh collection of Dispatx Art Collective includes works developed by visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and performance artists. The collection, which can be seen in Show (, includes works developed online as part of the site as well as submissions of

Dispatx Inaugurate Commissions Program for New Original Work

(Barcelona, 27/04/2007) Dispatx Art Collective announced today the inauguration of a commissions program for the creation of original work. The inaugural commission award consists of two commissions of between 750 and 2000 euros in the categories of Photography and Sculpture. From 2004, Dispatx Art Collective ( has worked with emerging and established artists investigating the creative method – the organising process that translates creative vision into creative output. Dispatx is

Call for Proposals | Appropriation in Creative Practice

(Barcelona, 21/04/2007) Dispatx Art Collective ( is now accepting proposals for full-length collaborative projects related to the theme in exploration, Appropriation in Creative Practice. Contemporary artists regularly appeal to theory and philosophy as justification, premise, or point of departure. More recently some artists have begun to incorporate theoretical texts as a material for their work. This treatment of philosophy, as if it were cardboard or paint, questions perceived boundaries and

Space2: A Psychocartography of Conceived Presence

(Oslo, 03.04.2007) Following the success of the installation Space2 at ROM for Art + Architecture, its new location is now at Euklides (Pilestredet 75C, Oslo). Space2 is the continued development of Transcendence, developed by the Norwegian architectural laboratory SERENDIPIT:US (Eli Goldstein & Kjersti Wikstrøm) at Dispatx Art Collective ( During 2 simultaneous journeys in Berlin and New York, an archive of experience (atlas of emotion) was established. Through conceiving presence, the

New Edition | Improvised Maps

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the sixth edition of Dispatx, which coincides with a complete redesign of the website. Curating and developing works from poets, photographers, painters and writers, for this edition we once again present an extremely diverse set of responses to the notion of Improvised Maps. These works - which can be seen in Show ( - include a dozen projects developed online over the

Dispatx : Eminent Domain | Call for Proposals

In old English law, eminent domain refers to the power of the state to take private property without the owner’s consent. Since the mid-19th century it has been employed as part of large-scale development projects and urban renewal – controversial practices that can be extremely destructive for local communities. The policy is often implemented when there is a perceived obstruction blocking the progress of a particular project and powers of

Contemporary Art & Literature for a Socialised Internet

Dispatx ( provides the tools of a socialised internet for the development, organisation and presentation of contemporary art and literature. Over the last month Dispatx has received more than one hundred posts relating to the theme of Improvised Maps. The site functions as a rigorous concept-space for the exploration of ideas based on specific themes, and provides a window on the progress of selected projects and the methods of individual artists.

Call for project proposals

Dispatx Art Collective ( is actively seeking proposals for collaborative projects related to the theme in development : Improvised Maps. This theme explores correlation and closely relates to the creative method - the organising process which translates creative vision into creative output. Correlation refers to shared forms: corresponding properties and operations within distinct structures. Mapping can be considered as a translation procedure between these shared forms, connecting data elements and suggesting isomorphic

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