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The Dangers Lurking Within Your Refrigerator

David McCarthy claims that few people under the age of 35 have sufficient food hygiene knowledge when using their refrigerator. Placing the blame squarely upon education departments that have stopped cookery and domestic science lessons in the name of political correctness and gender equality. He also gives a short list of tips that will enable all readers to view their food storage habits in a different light. - The summary should arouse

Do You Take 20 Tablespoons of Sugar in Your Coffee?

One of the biggest problems that weight watchers face is to reduce their intake of sugar. Yet many never dream of looking at the sugar content of soda's (soft drinks, carbonated waters, fizzy drinks.) The sugar content of most cans of soda exceeds 20 tablespoons making it the dieters biggest enemy according to an article recently published by David McCarthy. Sydney, Australia - 11 Jan 2006 We all understand that 20 plus

Unborn Babies are Affected by Iodine Deficiency

The headline should capture your ideal readers' attention and include your best keyword. The World Health Organization is becoming increasingly alarmed by the increase in Iodine Deficiency worldwide. In most parts of the world mothers-to-be have insufficient iodine levels to pass on the the child whilst in the womb and breast feeding. This results in a lowered IQ in the children. The cure costs a few cents each month and it doesn't

Poor Digestion is Becoming a Major Problem

Sydney, Australia. 12/12/2005 Poor digestion is affecting an ever increasing number of people that have allowed the fast pace of life to take precedence over their health. Indigestion is rampant and is a warning of the development of more serious health issues. The sale of off the shelf cures for this problem is soaring and that is great news for the makers and re-sellers of these products: Many

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